Since writer-nim decided to torpedo the MinHoYoung, as captain, I have taken it upon myself to salvage my ship and make sure it sets sail. This will be the collaborative MinHoYoung fanfic post 🙂


    Writers: @raonah @bammsie @isthatacorner @paperclip @cloggie (@cloggie has agreed to write our poems, so if any poems need writing, please @ her)
    If anyone else is interested in writing, let me know 🙂
    Readers: @yongsital @neener (they expressed interest in reading it so I’m tagging them)
    Welcome to the APAD collaborative fanfic 🎉🎉🎉 The rules are Minho must have good character growth, the Minhoyoung must sail, Namwoo and gator must end up together, and keep it PG. I was thinking that one person can write a paragraph or two and then the next person in the list of writers will write the next paragraph or two of the story. There will be a time limit of 48 hours, so if you can’t complete your paragraphs in 48 hours, the next writer will continue the story. If you want to skip a turn, just post that you are skipping your turn.
    Do you think we should put a limit on how long the fanfic will go for? We could do everyone gets a certain number of turns or we could do it for two weeks or a month? Or should we stop it when we feel like the Minhoyoung has gotten to a good place?


    Since it was my idea, I’ll go first (sorry in advance for my super cringey, horrible writing) 🙂 We’ll start at the end of ep 10 (the beach date)
    As Minho watched Boyoung watching the fireworks, he was happy to see her finally smiling again after being rejected by Dr. Ye.
    He knew that now wasn’t the right time to confess but soon it would be. The only question was how. He wanted something really special and personal that would show how well he knew her and how much he valued her. The only problem was, he had no idea what that could be. He decided to stick close to her the next few days to see if he could find out if there was something she really wanted.

    The next day, he listened carefully for the sound of Boyoung’s apartment door opening. He heard the irritating squeaking noise that her door made and casually walked outside. But it was Yoonjoo leaving to go shopping.
    “Good morning Minho”
    “Good morning Teacher”
    “Where are you going?”
    “Don’t worry Minho. You don’t have to tell me. See you later!”
    And with a cheery wave she walked away.
    Just before he could go back inside, the door opened again and this time BoYoung came out.
    “Boyoung! Where are you going?”
    “To the bookstore.”
    “Really? I’ll come with you.”
    Boyoung stared at him in surprise.
    “Why? You don’t even read.”
    “Well, um, … I need to get a book for my friend’s birthday. He loves to read.”
    “Ok. Hurry up”
    Minho smiled and walked with her to the bookstore.


    @cloggie paperclip decided to skip her turn because today is BTS comeback. Were you interested in writing the next part or are you only interested in writing poems when they’re needed? 🙂


    As he let go, he realized there was something still in his hand. He was afraid to look but the blank spot on Namwoo’s shirt confirmed his worst fears. He had accidentally broken the last few threads that were holding gator onto NamWoo’s shirt! Namwoo stared at him in horror. “My gator!” He cried before grabbing gator from Minho’s hands and storming off to the only place in the dorm where he could be alone: the bathroom. “Namwoo! I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. It was an accident. Honest.” There was no response.
    “I’ll buy you a new shirt.”
    “I don’t need a new shirt from YOU.”
    “Fine, I’ll fix this shirt then. Come out and give me your shirt and I’ll put gator back on it”
    “No, you’ll probably ruin it.” Namwoo said through his tears.
    Minho pounded on the door. “Just come out and I’ll fix it.”
    Just then the doorbell rang. Minho reluctantly went to answer it. He was surprised to see Boyoung standing there looking concerned.
    “Oh. Hi Boyoung! What’s up?” He said casually.
    “I heard a lot of yelling and was wondering what was going on.”
    Just then Namwoo came out of the bathroom, wiping the tears from his eyes and sobbed “He tore off my gator!” Boyoung looked at the empty spot on Namwoo’s shirt and noticed how Minho was carefully hiding something in his hand. She looked at Minho in shock. “How could you?!” “It was an accident” he mumbled, feeling embarassed to have BoYoung see him in such a bad light.
    Turning to Namwoo, Boyoung said comfortingly, “Don’t worry Namwoo, I can sew that back on for you in about five minutes. Let me just go get my sewing kit” Namwoo lit up. “Really?? Thank you so much Boyoung!” As Boyoung went to go get her sewing kit, Minho said to Namwoo, “Are we good now?” Namwoo just glared and stomped off.

    When Boyoung came back with her sewing kit both boys watched her meticulously sew gator back on to Namwoo’s precious shirt. As she sewed she asked them, “So, how did this happen?” “Well, we were having a little discussion” Minho replied cautiously thinking back to what had started the fight: his confession poem! “Seems like more than just a discussion! What was it about?” Namwoo smirked and started to respond…


      😂😂 oh no!


      Ah, poor gator had to suffer. πŸ˜€


      “It would be SO. EASY.” Nam Woo thought to himself. Min Ho was his friend but the man…he just didn’t get it. He didn’t get how selfish and self centered he could be. “We-ell….” He sang songed still smirking in Min Ho’s direction.

      “NAM WOO LIKES SOMEONE!” Min Ho interrupted, screeching for his life.

      “You do?” Bo Young asked, lowering the shirt to her lap. “Who is it? Is it someone from the hospital? Should I guess?” Before she started naming anyone. Bo Young tilted her head back and waved her fingers at her eyes.

      “Seriously?’ Nam Woo asked, momentarily distracted from revenge plots.

      “She is our CryBaby Bo Young, after all.” Min Ho all but sighed

      “Hey! Be careful of the gator!” Nam Woo cried out, reaching out to grab Bo Young’s hand from waving his shirt–with its partially sewn gator–like a flag.

      “Who is it?” Bo Young asked after her tears subsided. “Can I help with the confession?”

      “I like her a lot, so I wrote her a poem.” Nam Woo almost rolled his eyes at the way Min Ho’s eyes popped out. “And Min Ho was making fun of me. Now that he’s been reading the poetry books that you bought him he thinks he’s some kind of expert.”

      “Min-Ho!” Bo Young paused in her sewing once again to turn towards Min-Ho. “You have? Really? Which one was your favorite?”

      Min-Ho cautiously looked towards Nam Woo. This was an excellent opportunity to embarrass him in front of Bo Young and he hadn’t taken it? After the Gator –well, Min Ho was sure that Nam Woo would relish this moment. But instead the other man was rolling his eyes and backing into the bedroom as Bo Young’s attention was diverted. “I really liked….” he began, and offered a poem that he had enjoyed very much. ” I know that its just a kids poem but I thought…”

      Nam Woo quietly shut the door behind him. He could have RUINED Min Ho right then. Min Ho would have deserved the devastation. But—Nam Woo remembered when he was young and wealthy. 10 years ago, before his family lost everything he himself had been much worse than Min Ho was on his very worst days. Min Ho was wealthy but he was a genuinely good guy. Nam Woo the wealthy would never offer to pay for meals and entertainment (as heavy handed and clumsy as the offers always were) as often as Min-Ho did. Once he restored his families honor and name and bank account he intended on being as nice as Bo Young and as humble as…well, someone he hadn’t met yet. All of his friends were kind of full of themselves. Maybe as humble as Bo Young. As nice and as humble as Bo Young.

      Nam Woo sat at Min-Ho’s computer and pulled up a job search site. Min-Ho was right. He did like someone. His heart still yearned for his first love but they were both too poor to make it work. He planned on working his hardest and getting a full time job at their hospital after their training was over, but just in case that didn’t happen it never hurt to be on the look out for work. There were so many hospitals in the area. Surely one of them would be in need of


        a young good looking doctor.

        An hour or so later, Min Ho drifted into the bedroom, all smiles.

        “I thought you were going to bust me for sure! But, Bo Young said that it doesn’t matter how awful the poem is as long as its from the heart. She told me some of her favorite poems. Did you know she doesn’t like poems that rhyme? I’m going to rewrite this. Its from my heart, but I want her to like it too, you know?” Min Ho plopped onto his bed, and pulled a pillow to his heart. He couldn’t hide his smile if he wanted to. “Are you listening? What are you doing?” He rolled over into a sitting up position on the bed. “Are you looking for a job? I could get you one at…”

        “STOP! Listen to me. I don’t want your job and Bo Young doesn’t like you so DON’T GIVE HER THAT POEM.”

        Min Ho’s smile slowly faded. “I was just trying to help. You’re looking for a job. My family owns a hospital and you’re being a jerk and trying to keep me from Bo Young?” He was standing now, hands clenching and unclenching at his sides. If the gator were in front of him? He’d rip it apart. Not just off the shirt but literally rip the gator apart.

        “She doesn’t like you. She likes Ye. Everyone knows she likes Ye. But you’re so self centered that you don’t even care! If you confess you’re just going to make her feel bad and reject you!”

        “Why are you doing this? Are you still pissed about the gator? I said I was sorry!”

        “You’re my friend. I don’t want your job. I don’t want any handouts. Do you think my old rich friends didn’t offer us handouts? But do you know what happens to those handouts if you disagree? If you stop being friends? The handout gets taken back. You never feel safe…”


        “You’re my best friend. I don’t want a job to come between that…!”
        “I want to GIVE you a job BECAUSE you’re my best friend!”
        “You’re not even listening to me…!”
        “Listen to me. Don’t confess yet. Keep being her friend. Let her get over Ye and when she’s really, ALL THE WAY over him she’ll see that you’ve been there the whole time…”

        Min Ho glared and stormed towards the door. “Dont take my job. Don’t be my friend. Call me a jerk. I don’t care anymore!”

        Sorry so long, guys. …


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      Hi isa 🙂 There hasn’t been a post after yours. It looks like paperclip has forfeited her turn. So I will be writing the next segment. I’ll try to write it in the next few hours 🙂


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        One another note- Apparently the pd confessed that Minho was the main lead but they changed the story line because Dr.Ye got more popular with the audience..


    Following @isthatacorner

    Minho had to get out, take a walk to clear his head and think things through. He needed to assess what he had with Boyoung. Namwoo had a point (ugh, bestfriends really do know best). Boyoung was still hurt from her one sided crush and wasn’t ready to be in a relationship right now. This was no race to win her hand, by declaring himself the best suitor. And he knew what he wanted was to walk with her, side by side, laughing and healing each other. He couldn’t stand to be selfish to her. She deserved the right and respect to come to him, to meet his feelings, when and if she wanted to, and if so at her pace.

    Meanwhile, Boyoung couldn’t sleep either. She was at her favourite spot where she went to to introspect, her swing set in the park. She knew she had just sewed a fabric animal back onto a grown man’s shirt, because he was hyper ventilating. Ordinarily this would be a funny situation. But it made her sad. Tears welled up in her eyes. She knew what it was like to be uprooted from one’s way of life, to give up on a future that was almost certain and the struggle to come to terms with it. She too clung on to her poetry and couldn’t abandon it. She was happy that Namwoo had Minho for a friend. He was so upset he had torn off the alligator from Namwoo’s shirt, anxiously checking every other second to see if she was restoring it. Minho had always indulged Namwoo, being discreetly supportive, he lifted his spirits by joking around and egged him to live in the now. Come to think of it he had been doing something similar for her too, all along. He had made a long trip to the beach to cheer her up, lent her his shoulder to cry on, brought her food when he knew she hadn’t eaten, pacified her with little gifts hidden in his jacket for her to find after an awful day. She had written him off as an immature child. She had even wrongly accused him once before, in college. But now she could see, that then he let her hate him rather that be hurt over him, by removing himself from her life. He was right to reject her then, they din’t know each other at all. Now she was a little glad that he was there, and was somebody she could lean on. Now she could really see him. Like really. There he was, in front of her, across the park with dew and stray flower petals in his hair.
    β€œWhat are you doing up so late, Boyoung ah?”, said Shin Minho. Was her imagination was getting more vivid by the day?
    β€œActually, good timing. I had something to ask you.”…


    Minho’s heart started racing. What could Boyoung want to ask him? Did she want to ask him out on a date? Then he wouldn’t have to worry about confessing. Was she going to ask if he liked her? If she did, what should he respond? Should he tell her the truth or wait like Namwoo had suggested?
    “Minho! What’s wrong? Are you feeling okay?”
    “Yeah, I’m fine. Why?” Minho responded, trying to keep his voice steady.
    “I asked you if you remembered to restock the bandages at work but you got this weird look on your face and didn’t answer.”
    “Yeah, I restocked it. You know how I am, totally responsible.”
    Boyoung laughed. Responsible was the last word she would associate with a slacker like Minho. He may have become a good friend but he still was a slacker at school and at work.
    Minho took the swing next to her and pretended to be offended at Boyoung’s laughter.
    After Boyoung’s laughter faded away, Minho searched frantically for something to talk about. He didn’t want to leave Boyoung and go back to the dorm after his most recent spat with Namwoo. Just as the awkwardness was about to be too much to handle, Boyoung broke the silence.
    “Thanks again for taking me to the beach that day. You, Namwoo, and Jooyong really helped cheer me up when Dr. Ye…” Boyoung trailed off at the painful memory of Dr. Ye’s rejection.
    Minho coughed. “It was fun. We should do it again sometime.” Next time, without Namwoo and Jooyong, he thought to himself.
    The silence was overpowering as Minho waited for a response.
    “Yeah, that would be nice.” Boyoung smiled at him.
    Minho’s heart was doing backflips but externally, he maintained his calm facade. “Cool. Well, I better go. I have some things to take care of.” Like not bursting of happiness in front of Boyoung. “See ya.”
    Boyoung smiled again and said, “Ok. See you tomorrow!”


    The next morning, Bo Young was hiding. Well, that’s not exactly what she was doing, but close enough.

    There were rumors that that the PT department was going to expand. With a renowned doctor like Dr. Ye around to lure in donations and fundraising and maybe even more patients there was talk that their little staff would have to grow. She had been poked and nudged all morning by her friends and the interns that a good thing she’s on the “Ye-line ” and that one of the new positions would definitely come to her.

    She was anxiously waiting for the day when being around Dr. Ye didn’t make her feel so awkward. So, she liked him. There’s nothing wrong with liking a person. She couldn’t help thinking back to her revelations from the night before. After rejecting her Min Ho disappeared from her life. At the time it hurt. She missed him when he wasn’t around. But she was also glad not to see him. It hurt too much. But then….if he hadn’t run away back then she would know how long this heart break would last. She tilted her head back and fanned away tears. This was work! She shouldn’t be this way at work!

    “That’s our crybaby,alright!” An arm slid around Bo Youngs neck, and tussled her hair.

    “Min—” she started, already laughing and turning towards her capture. “Namwoo! I would have thought such silly behavior would have come from Minho!”

    “Hey! I’m right here!” Minho laughed and threw a handful of towels he should have been folding towards the two.

    “Now we have to wash these all over again!”
    “Have the interns do it.”

    “You know they don’t listen to me!”
    Minho shrugged and looked towards the door. “You’d better go quick, the sleep with you guy is coming up soon.”

    “May I give you some advice?” The three stopped, frozen like school kids about to be reprimanded. “This is a hospital. Not a playground. Act like it.”

    “Wow…what’s wrong with Dr. Ye?” Chief asked he came to a stop next to a pile of towels on the floor. “The kids are sure going to miss me when I’m gone.”

    Park Shiwon looked up from where he was in an intense text conversation with his wife. “Seemed jealous to me.” He groaned and looked down again. “My wife’s numbers are even worse! ”

    “Jealous?” Yoon Joo asked. “Why? Of who?” She loved a little gossip.

    “The way MinHo and Bo Young were flirting!”

    “Flirting?!” The two in question gasped. Carefully not looking at each other.

    Bo Young clearly remembered Min Hos rejection. She would never risk her heart on him again.

    Minho looked away and tried to control his blush. Flirting? Maybe a little. But she was flirting back??

    Namwoo looked from one friend to the next and ducked down to grab a handful of towels. “Lets go,Bo Young, the pervert will be here soon.” And laundry duty would give him just enough time to figure out how she really felt about his best friend….


    After Minho had come back from his walk the night before, he had been practically glowing. Namwoo was upset about their fight earlier but he couldn’t help but ask “Hey, what are you so happy about?” “I think Boyoung likes me!” “What makes you think that?” Namwoo replied sarcastically. “We were talking about the beach trip and I said we should go again sometime and she said that would be nice!” Minho couldn’t contain his excitement. Namwoo rolled his eyes. “She was probably just being nice. What do you expect her to say: “no, that sounds awful. I’d rather get kimchi slapped than go to the beach with you”?” Minho realized there was some truth behind Namwoo’s words. Maybe Boyoung was just being nice when she said that… “You’ve got to help me Namwoo!” “Why? Help you with what?” “Help me figure out if she still likes Dr. Ye or if she is starting to like me.” Namwoo sighed. “Alright. I’ll try.” After all, even if he and Minho fought sometimes that didn’t change the fact that they were still best friends…

    In the present, Namwoo struggled to think of how to tactfully figure out if Boyoung was interested in Minho. They were getting closer and closer to the laundry room. Soon his chance would be gone. Finally, as they entered the laundry room, he decided tactful wasn’t his style anyways and blurted out “Do you like Minho?” Boyoung seemed startled. She had been telling Namwoo about this tragic poem she had read that had made her cry so much she ran out of tissues. Just the thought of it was enough to make her tear up. She was just about to start fanning her eyes with her free hand (the other arm was weighed down with laundry) when Namwoo asked his question. Boyoung paused with her hand just about to fan her eyes and thought for a second. “Of course I like him. He’s been a really good friend lately. I thought he was a total jerk after he rejected me the way he did but I think he’s matured a lot since then.” Boyoung started putting the laundry in the washer. Namwoo laughed. “That’s not what I meant. I meant do you *like* him?”
    Boyoung looked even more surprised this time. She paused even longer this time and just as she was about to say something, Dr. Park poked her head into the laundry room and said cheerily, “Namwoo! There you are! Come with me. We need you in the treatment room.” “Yes, doctor.” He answered and followed her out. Helping Minho determine if Boyoung liked him or not would have to wait until later.
    Boyoung breathed a sigh of relief after Namwoo left. She hadn’t been prepared to answer his question and was grateful for Yoonjoo’s timely interruption. But why was Namwoo asking if she liked Minho? Had Minho asked him to ask her? More importantly, what was her answer? Did she still like Minho? In dramas, people never get over their first love…but this wasn’t a drama. She would have to think about that later. Right now, she had patients to attend to. She started the laundry and headed back to the treatment area.


    Bo Young was deep in concentration for the rest of the day. She was normally very good at her job–one of the many reasons that everyone was so surprised she hadn’t managed to snag a full time position yet–but today her mind was clearly elsewhere. She called patients by the wrong name (but thankfully never worked the wrong treatment plan), she dropped things more than she ever had before. She didn’t cry once. She had even tried to make herself cry, hoping that a nice good 2 box tissue sob-fest would help to clarify the chaos in her head. Did she like Min Ho? Did she?
    She knew there was a poem out there that would help her sort out her thoughts. She had even skipped going to lunch with the group so that she could sit in the corner on the rooftop with a pen and a nice piece of paper and tried to write a poem.

    The thing was—she didn’t associate Min Ho with poetry. She had when they were kids in college and she would leave him poetry she wrote and poetry that she was particularly fond of all over the place. She used to giggle with her friends that his face and his walk and his eyes were all poetry in motion. And like any god he needed a humble servant to worship him. She wasn’t that girl anymore. She was an adult—a woman. She didn’t worship some boy anymore.

    Or she hadn’t. Until Min Ho came back.
    And Dr. Ye showed up.

    Honestly. She wasn’t sure what happened. Min Ho and Dr. Ye aren’t the only men she’s liked in her life. Dr. Ye isn’t even the first man that she’s had feelings for since she was rejected by Min Ho. She’d gone on dates before. She had even kissed before! But…Min Ho showed up and Dr. Ye was there. And she found herself fawning all over Dr. Ye like she had when she a crush on Min Ho. No wonder Dr. Ye rejected her. She acted like an idiot whenever Min Ho was around. At least this time she hadn’t wasted her time washing his car. That memory made her groan. She washed his car UGH!

    At least that kind of settled it. She didn’t like Min Ho. But he somehow or another effected her behavior. He didn’t inspire her butterflies but he made the butterflies in her stomach drunk an do ridiculous things. That settled, she straightened up, slapped her hands together to dust them off and turned…”Um…yes?” Everyone was looking at her. Or everyone was staring at her. Including the patient on the table that she had been vigorously cleaning.

    “Young lady. I believe that my feet are clean. THANK. YOU.” It wasn’t a nice thank you. It was an, “If I had the power I would fire you, take your degree and set it on fire and then push your body onto the flames” disguised as a thank you.

    Tears sprang up immediately, (if they had showed up when she first needed them maybe she wouldn’t have spent who knows how long holding a mans leg and scrubbing his ankle!) “I’m so sorry!” She bowed in apology, tears streaming down her face as she couldn’t wave them back in. “I’m—”

    And then Min Ho was there, easy


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      charm that was so natural to him and so hard for her to pull out on demand, smoothing over the awkwardness with the patient. She had never been so distracted. She wanted to run and hide or cry harder orβ€”she wished Min Ho wasn’t there doing whatever he did to effect her emotions! Eventually the patient left and Bo Young bowed again to her colleagues and work superiors. β€œI-I…”

      β€œIts ok, Dr. Young.” Chief smiled, patting her shoulder. β€œYou’re a good doctor. You’re just having an off day. Happens to all of us.” His smile dropped, and the hand on her shoulder squeezed a bit, β€œJust don’t let whatever is going on with you effect the work again.” He smiled affectionately at his employees. β€œYou all do good work. But lets not forget why we’re here.” He saw Dr. Ye with his serious face heading towards Bo Young. With how fragile the young doctor was today and how hard she worked to get a full time position the Chief didn’t want the hard-nosed potential new chief–who was obviously uncomfortable with Bo Youngs free-wheeling emotions (or her dead obvious crush on him)–to waylay her full time position, or the confidence it took her so long to achieve. With a look towards his cohort, Shi-Won and another towards Yoo- Joon the three doctors worked a pro-sports level intervention. He and Shi-Won guided Dr. Ye back to his office each barraging him with question after question. Yoo Joon just stood in front of where Bo Young was still standing, her hand unconsciously clutching the edge of Min Ho’s white coat, tears still streaming down her face and falling to the floor where she was still bent in apology.

      Yoo Joon took the girls free hand and broke her free from Min Ho without a second look. when they were both back at their dorm, Bo Young with a pillow clutched to her chest and Yoo Joon sitting cross legged on the couch facing her, Yoo Joon attacked.

      β€œWHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU AND MIN HO?” She screamed

      β€œDon’t scream at me!”

      β€œHe swooped in to save you from that angry patient. And that last time when that man wanted to beat you up for denying his fraudulent claim—” her expression darkened and she went off on a rant about unscrupulous people who tried to make a quick buck by manipulatingβ€“β€œHe was heading towards you but was too far away when Dr. Ye stepped in!”

      β€œMin Ho tried to save me during the attack?”

      β€œOh, you didn’t know? He’s always, just there. Where ever you are. Trying to help you. I can’t believe you hadn’t noticed!” She grabbed her hand. β€œHe must like you very much to always behave in such a way!”

      β€œMin ho? Min Ho can’t like me. He rejected me in college and this isn’t a drama….I’ve gotten over him. I don’t like him.” Her face was crumpled in confusion. Neither of them noticed that the door had been ajar. Or the face in the door that had earnestly been listening to the entire conversation.


    Namwoo didn’t mean to be eavesdropping. Dr.Park had asked him to return Dr.Kim’s scheduler she had left behind at the hospital. But now he realised he could finally give Minho the answer he was looking for. Unfortunately it was bad news.
    It was unfortunate not only because his friend was going to be rejected in love, but that Minho had changed for the better, being in love. He had matured so much in the last two months. Sure he was a nice guy before, but he never had to work hard towards something or be a responsible adult. Boyoung’s caring and persevering nature really had a positive influence on him. Now, Namwoo hoped the heartbreak wouldn’t undo all the character growth Minho was experiencing.

    “YA, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE KIDDING!”, yelled Yoonjoo, startling both Boyoung and Namwoo. At that moment Minho was walking up the stairs. He heard the outburst too. Namwoo put out a hand miming him to stop there, and a finger to his lips to shush him. After a couple of seconds of being frozen in position, Minho whispered, “What are you doing? What’s happening?”. At that, Namwoo quickly ushered Minho into their flat. And, he din’t let Minho see the sneaky smile that stretched across his face. He was so glad he stayed and caught the second act of that conversation.

    “Why were you standing at their door like that? Have you become a pervert?!” Minho asked as soon as they were inside.
    “This ungrateful little…”, thought Namwoo. “I had to return Dr.Kim’s scheduler. But they were in a middle of a fight. I was there only for a few seconds. I was listening incase your name came up.”, he said instead.
    “And did it?”, Minho’s eyebrows raised up to his hairline, in expectation.
    “Nah, they were fighting over some roommate issue”, Namwoo wasn’t going to give him straight answers. Not so easily. He needed to work for it.
    But Minho looked disappointed, “Could you manage to ask her about the thing I asked you to ask her?”.
    “No, din’t get the right opportunity. Sorry.
    Anyway, what are you doing on your day off tomorrow?” Namwoo had a little plan to put into action.
    “I told you, my parents were having this charity drive at their hospital. Mum has been pestering me to volunteer. She pretty much blackmailed me into saying yes.” Minho whined, wishing he had go anywhere but to Anseong.
    “Ah right, you did tell me.” Namwoo paused a little for effect. “You know who has tomorrow off as well? The girls next door. Maybe you should ask Boyoung, after the fight tonight I am sure she’d want to get out of the house.”


    After YoonJoo’s outburst of “Who do you think you are kidding?!?” She had continued, “You and Minho were totally flirting today.” Boyoung thought back to all the fun conversations she had with Minho. She thought about how Minho was always there to help her and cheer her up, how he worked hard at the hospital and did his best to make the patients’ experience comfortable. She started to tear up a little. Minho really had matured a lot since college. “Maybe you’re right.” Boyoung replied. “Maybe he does like me.” “And???” Yoonjoo replied, leaning forward excitedly. “Do you like him???” “Maaaayyybe” said Boyoung, smiling in a way that made “maybe” sound more like “yes”.
    Namwoo knew that if he could just get Boyoung and Minho alone together for any length of time, they would have to figure out how they felt about each other. And so, he suggested to Minho that he take Boyoung with him to Anseong.
    That night, as he lay in bed, Minho texted Boyoung. He tried to make it sound like it was no big deal.
    “I’m driving down to Anseong tomorrow for this charity thing at my parent’s hospital. Do you want to come with me? I could drop you off at your mom’s house.”
    Boyoung hadn’t been able to sleep. The idea that Minho liked her and realizing that she liked him again had been a little overwhelming. She was thinking back on all the cringey things she had done when she liked him before (what had possessed her to wash his car?!?) and suddenly she got the text from Minho. What could Minho have to say at this time of night? She opened his text and decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to figure out for sure if Minho actually liked her. After all, Yoonjoo had steered her wrong before with the whole Ye Line debacle. “Yes, that sounds great.” She replied. Next door, Minho’s phone pinged and he saw her response. He smiled widely and almost kicked the blankets off the bed in his excitement. He texted back, “Good. I’ll meet you out front at 7 a.m.” That night, neither of them could sleep trying to decide what to wear, how to act, and what to talk about the next day.
    After such a sleepless night, Minho got up and had a large cup of coffee with breakfast to help him stay awake while he drove. Falling asleep while driving and getting into an accident would definitely not be the way to win Boyoung. He carefully folded his poem and put it in his pocket in case the perfect time to confess arose. He had tried to write another confession poem that didn’t rhyme after learning that Boyoung liked those better but he soon realized that writing a non rhyming poem was even more diffcult than writing a normal one and gave up. He knew that Boyoung would be able to appreciate the thought behind the poem even if he wasn’t the best poet. It was 6:55 so he went down to bring the car to the front of the building and wait for Boyoung. As he walked by her door, he knocked “Boyoung! I’m going to get the car now! Meet me downstairs in five minutes!”


      “Ok! I’ll be there soon.” Boyoung replied.
      Only five minutes! Boyoung was currently freaking out. Her clothes were strewn all over the room from trying on every outfit trying to decide what the perfect outfit would be. She couldn’t wear anything too fancy. After all, she was just going to Anseong to see her mom, not going on a date. She glanced around the room again. Jeans and a blouse? No, she wore that everyday. A skirt and a shirt? No, she didn’t have any that matched since she needed to do her laundry. Finally, with one minute left, she decided on her favorite casual sun dress. It was pink with little flowers all over it and she always got compliments when she wore it. She put a matching bow in her hair, grabbed her purse, slipped her shoes on, and raced down the stairs.
      When Minho saw her, he was speechless. How did she look so pretty?! He decided to not make the same mistake this time as he had last time when he thought Boyoung looked pretty but had refused to say it and instead had said she looked ugly. So this time, he mustered up his courage and said, “Good morning Boyoung. That’s a pretty dress.” Boyoung prepared herself to hear Minho’s famous catchphrase “Just kidding” but nothing followed. “You’re kidding right?” Minho looked at her and said, “No, I’m not kidding. It is a nice dress. Why? Do you think it’s ugly? Did you plan to torture my eyes with your most hideous dress and are disappointed that your plan failed?” Minho teased. Boyoung laughed, “No, it’s just you’ve never complimented me before.” Maybe Yoonjoo was right this time. Minho did seem like he was different. Minho started the car and headed towards Anseong. On the drive, he asked Boyoung, “Have you read any good poems lately?” “Of course. I’m reading this wonderful book of poetry. There was one in particular that I really enjoyed. You might like it too. Do you want to hear it?” Boyoung had been rummaging through her purse as she spoke and suddenly pulled out a small book of poems. Minho rolled his eyes a little and laughed. Only Boyoung would carry a book of poetry in her purse. “Sure, why not? What’s it about?” “What it’s about is up to the reader. I’ll read it to you and then we can discuss it.” Boyoung started reading the poem. A few minutes later, as she neared the end, Boyoung started tearing up because naturally, she had chosen a sad poem. She finished and asked Minho, “So, what did you think?” Minho cleared his throat to get rid of the lump in his throat and blinked back the tears that had formed while she read the poem. He still wasn’t quite sure what the poem was about but he understood how it made Boyoung so emotional. “I can see why you like it so much. It’s a beautiful poem.” Boyoung launched into an explanation of what she thought it meant and Minho gave his input.


    I’m not forfeiting my round guys! Please give me one more day! I’m computerless and can’t write my section on my phone!

    Min-Ho could feel his stomach dropping. It was his poem. He wanted to confess to Bo Young–but not like this. He wasn’t sure she was completely over Dr. Ye. Nam Woo had told him just the other day that he thought it was too soon for him to confess. But, having the poem with him gave him confidence? The poem helped him to remember that he HAD changed and that falling for Bo Young had made him into a man that she could fall for. Maybe Nam-Woo was wrong. Maybe she liked him back?

    He couldn’t help it. As he walked towards the car his footsteps became slower and slower. He didn’t want to get in that car. He didn’t want to know her response to his poem. But. He also couldn’t stand there forever. At that moment Bo Young turned and looked out the window, her gaze fastening on him immediately. Her mouth dropped open, her cheeks flushed and she looked down and away.

    What did that mean? A few seconds later she looked back to where Min Ho was still standing, confused.

    “Min-ho! What are you doing? My mom is expecting me some time today!” Bo Young pushed her car door open and came to stand in front of Min Ho. “Can you hear me? Are you listening?” She tugged on his sleeve. “Min Ho?”

    And just like that they were college students again. Except this time it was Min Ho standing in front of Bo Young with his heart in his eyes and his stomach in his mouth. “Did you read it?”

    “What?” She wondered if she could pretend that she hadn’t read it. The poem…wasn’t very good. But, Min Ho wrote her a poem. Min-Ho wrote her a poem. Her eyes immediately misted. She wanted to pretend that she hadn’t. She wasn’t ready to answer him! She wasn’t ready for a confession! Ok. She may like him back but there were still so many things to think about! She didn’t have a full time job! If she started dating him would he think that she was doing it to get a job at his family hospital? She wanted to succeed on her own not because of her boyfriend. She worked really, really hard at her job. She would spend the rest of her life wondering if she had only ever got a job because his family offered her one!
    But…what if they didn’t off her one? What effect would that have on their relationship? What if his family didn’t like her? What if it was like some horrible drama and his family didn’t think that she and her family was good enough for him? Would he break up with her? Bo Young pressed a hand to her stomach and waved tears at her eyes. They werent even dating but the thought of breaking up made her stomach feel upset. She pressed her hand more firmly against her stomach and clutched his wrist with the other, doubling over slightly.

    “Bo Young! Are you ok?”

    “I-I’m fine…” She looked up at his worried face. He was worried about her. Her hand slid down, her fingers brushing against his wrist, sliding over the back of his hand and laced with his. Her head came down on his chest as she pushed her hand more firmly against her stomach. Was this the right thing


      to do? She liked him but she was still so scared! She wasn’t this scared when she confessed to him when they were kids. She wasn’t this scared when she confessed to Dr. Ye.

      Min-Ho didn’t believe her. Was his poem so bad that it seriously made her sick? He squeezed her fingers and knelt in front of her. “Whats going on with your stomach?” He didn’t want to let go of her fingers–was this her answer? He let go of her fingers and placed his hands on either side of her waist, looking up and into her eyes to see if it was ok for him to touch her and do a brief examination. Bo Youngs fingers fluttered from from where he let them go and pressed against his shoulders before landing briefly on his hair–he looked up again, his gaze shifting from concerned about her upset stomach to hopeful–she pressed her fingers to her lips. She took a step back. And then several more until she was in front of the car again. “I’m fine, Min-Ho!” she trilled brightly. “Lets go!” She opened the door and quickly sat down. She watched as he slowly stood up again and walked back to the drivers side. She watched as he lowered himself in, swung his legs in, shut the door and turn to face her. She whipped her head around to look out the window. She felt his hand hovering above hers.

      “Bo Young…I like you.” She could hear him take a deep breath and turned more fully in her seat to face the window. “Bo Young–I like you a lot. I love you.” She nodded that she heard him and for once, when the tears came, it wasn’t a production. They just slid down her cheeks. “I want–” He cleared his throat, his hand moved away and she could hear the car start and feel it moving. He cleared his throat again. “I wanted to tell you that.” His voice faded in and out, loud and soft.

      “Can I answer later? I don’t feel very well.”

      Min-Ho felt sick. He pressed his hand to his stomach and wished he could be the one crying right now. She must feel so badly. Here she was trapped in a car with a man she hated. He wanted to drive as fast as he could so they could both get away from each other, but there were tears in his eyes. And just great. He was on his way to his family benefit. They weren’t the most soothing people on the planet. Even though he knew it was a stupid thought but a part of him had hoped to introduce his family to Bo Young. Even if it wasn’t as his girlfriend she was someone to him and they should know her. “Ah. Take your time.” He cleared his throat a third time. Since she was still looking out the window he rubbed his hands hurriedly over his eyes. “I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable, Bo Young. I just—wanted you to know. You don’t have to keep the poem….I know you don’t like poetry that rhymes.”A fourth clearing of the throat, “I just thought, you like poetry so much and you said it didn’t have to be very good as long as it came from the heart—”
      “Your poem is good! Min-Ho, its a very good poem!”
      “So, its just me who’s not…”
      “Can we not talk anymore?”


    Comment was deleted


    β€œI mean β€˜cause don’t you – β€œSit down.”


    β€œBe quiet and sit down, Minho!”

    Minho glanced at her, slightly bewildered.

    β€œWe’re… in a car.”

    β€œAh. Yes. But listen to me! I couldn’t hate you, you understand? But I just.. just. I don’t know! I don’t.. Sometimes I wish I could return to the time where seeing you just filled me with rage, and I could pollack you and be done with it.”


    Bo Young swiped at her wet cheeks, having been so caught up in the moment that she failed to register her tears before they fell.

    Her head spun to the point of dizziness, and she tugged blindly at the car door until it opened. β€œUm..I’m gonna.. I have to take a walk.”


    Minho wasn’t sure what had just happened. He and Boyoung had been debating about whether she hated him or not when Boyoung had suddenly gotten out of the car and walked off sobbing. Where had she gone? Was she planning on walking home? They had already been driving for quite a while… Maybe if he waited a few minutes she would come back? He glanced at his watch. He needed to leave soon if he was going to have time to drop Boyoung off and get to his parent’s charity drive on time. He wanted to give Boyoung the alone time she wanted but he also couldn’t leave her here, miles from home. He got out of the car and went in the direction she had gone. Soon, he saw a little park. Boyoung had to be there. She always went to the park by the dorms when she wanted to think. Yup. There she was in her pink floral dress on the swing set. She hadn’t seen him yet but suddenly she hopped off the swing and…started marching even further away. “Boyoungah! Where are you going?” Boyoung looked around confused. Where was she going? She had been so lost in thought that for a second she had thought she was at her park right outside her dorm but this wasn’t her park… “Come on! I’m going to be late for my parent’s charity drive. We can work out our problems later but right now we need to go.” Boyoung blushed bright red. How long had she kept Minho waiting? Why did she always let her emotions get the best of her? “I’m sorry for making you wait. Let’s go.” She apologized, not quite able to meet his eyes.
    They returned to the car in awkward silence and continued their journey. Not wanting to talk to Minho until her feelings were more clear, she decided to text her mom that she was coming to visit today. A few minutes later, her phone buzzed in response: “My daughter, I’m sorry but I’m not at home today. I’m visiting my friend in Busan.” Boyoung started to tear up again. Today wasn’t going at all how she had planned. She had wanted to have a nice drive with Minho to figure out her feelings and go visit her mom. But now she was more confused than ever about Minho and her mom wasn’t there to go visit. What should she do? All her hometown friends had moved away to go to college or get good jobs so she didn’t have anyone else to go visit…
    Minho interrupted her panicked thoughts. “So how do I get to your mom’s house?” “Ummm. Well… Actually, my mom just texted me that she’s not home today…” “So should I drop you off somewhere else?” “There’s no one else I can visit. All my old friends moved away…” Minho paused and thought for a minute. It might be really awkward but it looked like there was no other option. “Do you want to come to my parent’s charity drive with me?” Boyoung’s eyes opened wide. Did this mean she would meet his parents?! Today?!? Looking like this???


    “Excuse me? Miss? Hello!”
    Startled, Bo Young looked up from where she was re-reading her poem. It summed up exactly how she was feeling at the moment. “Ye-e-s?” She asked slowly, staring at the handsome man in front of her.
    “You’ve been standing in this corner for such a long time, I had to come and see if I could steal you away.” His grin was nice—but smarmy. He had cute dimples that she was a sucker for…but…
    “Um, I don’t need stealing away. I was working on something…” She trailed off uncertainly. She didn’t want to explain to this handsome stranger what she was working on. That was normal. Just hanging out in the corner of the fanciest shindig she’d ever been too (uninvited OF COURSE) and she was in the corner working on poetry.
    “Was it a poem?” Another voice, a feminine and pretty voice chimed in. Bo Young whipped her head to the side. She couldn’t believe it! Her old friend who had been lucky enough to go to school for poetry and recently was on the best sellers list. Bo Young’s eyes immediately filled with tears
    “Bo Young, you still cry at the drop of an eyelash?” The other woman laughed, opening her arms just in time for Bo Young to launch herself in them.
    “What are you doing here? I’ve missed you so much! Your book was so good! I read it all the time and the poem…” She launched into her favorite poem of the collection. The author, laughing and slightly embarrassed, leaned away so that she could wipe away the other woman’s tears. Bo Young was always the more talented of the two. She truly believed that educational background or not there was no reason Bo Young shouldn’t try to get a book of poems published herself. “ Is is a poem? Can I read it?” She plucked the phone from her friends hands and read once eagerly, again more slowly and a third time to enjoy the language and meaning. “You’re in love?” She asked, “Bo Young! Tell me everything!”
    “Why are you here? I was just wanting someone to talk to and now here you are!” She chocked back a sob.
    “Oh, my publishing house donates to this charity. The family does really good work with the poor. Especially children. I support the cause so when my publisher asked for people to donate time and talent to the charity–here I am. I’m not sure what anyone will want with a poet, but.” She gave a shrug. “What are you doing here?
    “My…” She stumbled over the word, “friend?” She cleared her throat, “Minho is a son of the family. He was supposed to drop me off at my moms house before he came but she’s busy today.”
    “MInho? Which…?” The author went on tip toe looking at the various people milling in the space before the event officially started.
    “Oh, he’s that one.” Bo Young pointed–she hadn’t even needed to look around to find Min Ho. Her heart just knew Is this love?
    “He’s very cute. I always forget that there’s another son in the family. They don’t talk about him much.” Bo Young suddenly thought back to a waffle birthday cake. Min Ho had looked so happy then. Even after


      how shabbily his family had treated him. They hadn’t even remembered his birthday! And now there he was standing just a part at the tail end of the receiving line as his family greeted all of their guests. Rejected by the woman he loved and reminded that his own family didn’t care for him either. Bo Young physically felt her heart cracking. What a terrible day he must be having. And there he is still smiling, although knowing him as well as she does now she sees the tenseness in his shoulders and the way he’s gritting his teeth.
      “He’s handsome, isn’t he? What does he do?” Bo Young turned startled eyes to her friend. “He’s Minho. He’s a doctor at the hospital I work at.” Handsome? She wanted to growl out that Minho was hers but she had just rejected him. Even though her heart wanted him. It was too fast! “He’s a really good person.”
      The author turned her sharp eyes to her old friend. She looked briefly at her own date–the handsome stranger who had first approached Bo Young–and motioned for him to give them some space. It didn’t take much poking at all before Bo Young was quietly sobbing into her old friends shoulder and telling her everything her crush on Min Ho when they were in college, his rejection and ignoring of her after. His coming to her hospital and her rejection a the hands of Dr. Ye and how now she didn’t know her own heart anymore.

      Min Ho hated gatherings like these. He understood their importance to the community and the hospital and the family. He understood that to his family he fell way down the list of important things. It didn’t matter how hard he tried (and succeeded!) he would never be as amazing as his older brother. After the receiving line they would go–as a family– to the stage in front and officially greet everyone one last time and kick the event off. Min Ho was tempted–oh so tempted–to just leave after the event got started. He glowered at the man in the corner chatting with Bo Young. She would obviously be fine. He could go to that club he had been wanting to go to, meet a girl who actually liked HIM. And maybe, for once, he wouldn’t be second place. Second to Dr. Ye in Bo Youngs eyes. Second to his brother in his parents and the community’s eyes. He wanted to drink and drink and drink until he completely blotted this horrible day from his memory. But, he had to be at the hospital the next day and he didn’t want to go completely hung over and….

      Bo Young.

      She was counting on him to get her home safely. Min Ho sighed. Maybe she’d hit it off with handsome over there and not need a ride home tonight. Maybe she’d hit it off with him and want to spend the whole ride home talking about how amazing he was. Because Min Ho was just her friend. Of course she’d tell him all about a new crush. He watched as Bo Young smiled up at the stranger and abruptly turned away. One drink wouldn’t hurt. Something so that he didn’t hurt so much….


    After officially kicking off the event with his family, Minho knew they wouldn’t care where he went until they needed him to be part of the closing at the end where they would pretend to be a happy family. He wandered off in search of something to drink, preferrably beer or soju. As he walked, he thought over the events of this horrible day: Boyoung had read his poem (which he seriously regretted writing now) and had basically rejected him when he confessed. Why? Why had all of this happened? Namwoo! It had been Namwoo’s *brilliant* idea for Minho to bring Boyoung with him. He found an empty waiting room and pulled out his phone to call up Namwoo and give him a piece of his mind.
    “Hey Minho, how’s it going with Boyoung?” Namwoo sounded like he was only just waking up.
    “It’s awful! Why did you tell me to bring her with me? She found my poem and read it-”
    “She read your poem?!?!” Namwoo burst out laughing. “What did she say?”
    “She didn’t really say anything. She seemed sick to her stomach and then I confessed and she started talking nonsense and crying and walked off.”
    “Woah! You confessed?!?” Namwoo was shocked. Minho had actually confessed? Minho who was always joking about everything had made a sincere confession to Boyoung?! “So did she reject you or not?”
    “I don’t know. She asked if she could answer *later*. Whatever that means.”
    “That’s good! If she totally hated you, she would’ve rejected you right away! This means there’s still hope!”
    “I hope you’re right… Well what should I do now?”
    “Ok Minho. Here’s what you’ve got to do…”


    Minho clinched his teeth and took a deep breath through his nose. “No!” He shouted (much to loudly) into his phone. “Do you honestly think I want advice from you right now? Bo Young has already met someone new. She’s flirting with some guy right in front of me!” He spotted a waited passing by with glasses of something that looked alcoholic and flagged him over. “I’m done with Bo Young!” He plucked a glass from the waiter and downed it–Soju–he grabbed another shot and went in search of a bottle of beer. “I’m going to go out to a club–whether you agree to go with me or not!—and find a girl who actually likes me! I’m a good guy, you know! And I may not be as impressive a doctor as my stupid brother, but I AM a doctor!” He pushed his way into the kitchen and headed towards the fridge. “Someone will want me.” He cracked open the bottle, reached for a nearby glass and made a soju bomb. He was only allowing himself these two drinks–he was still supposed to drive Bo Young home tonight, after all. “And! And…” He slurped half his drink, the other half spilling down his shirt front, “damn it! I’m cute! Girls are always calling me cute! Bo Young used to think I was cute. Someone else will too.” He threw both glasses into the sink, wincing a bit when they broke, and headed back into the party. “All of this to say, I don’t care what she thinks anymore!” With that, Minho clicked his phone off and walked right out the door of the charity event. His parents, Bo Young, Nam Woo? He was sick of them all.


    Side story: Nam Woo

    With Min-ho and Bo-Young in Anseong and the radiology boys out clubbing, Nam-Woo had found himself alone in the apartment that evening, eating ramen and trying (unsuccessfully) to study sling therapy in the event Dr. Ye ever asked him to assist him again. His thoughts kept drifting to his first love, and how hard she must be struggling to get her family out of debt, working multiple jobs, and still not making ends meet. His hear broke at their last conversation, how ashamed she was that she was still struggling, while by all outward appearances he was pursuing his dream of physical therapy and looking more accomplished than she. β€œIf only she knew that my family is in debt, and went into bankruptcy 10 years ago.” He kept going back and forth with the intention of commiserating with her, but his logical brain kept telling him that this was no way to restart a relationship, in misery. But he was miserable without her, knowing that she was so close by, but he loved her too much to make her carry his burdens as well. And so, between ramen slurps and sling procedures, he sat slumped over the coffee table, wallowing in his own misery.
    Until he remembered Bo-young and her immutable happiness and zest for life. β€œWhat would Bo-young do?” he would sometimes tell himself during physical therapy sessions with especially difficult patients. This could apply to his daily life too, right? With that, he decided to call Min-ho to see what they were doing and if Bo-young could give him some advice about his ex-girlfriend. He couldn’t believe he had not thought of it earlier. She had to give up her dream of being a poet and took the sensible route of being a physical therapist for the money too. She was struggling, but always seemed to have a plan for her future. Maybe she could help him plan his own future as well! He was practically shaking as he saw that Min-ho had called him at the exact moment he thought of calling him! It must be fate, he thought. But Min-Ho was in no mood to talk to Bo-Young, let alone ask her to talk to him. Furthermore, Bo-Young had read Min-ho’s poem??? AND he confessed??? This conversation was not the conversation he thought he’d be having with Min-ho, but he needed to talk to Bo-young! β€œOk, Min-ho, here’s what you’ve got to do…”
    Nam-Woo’s mouth was still gaping open when Min-Ho’s rant concluded and the other end of the conversation went dead. He couldn’t even get a word in edgewise. β€œWell, what a punk!” he exclaimed. β€œIf he would have let me speak, I was also going to tell him to stay by her side so she wouldn’t have to interact with his horrible family! I see now that it is he that she should steer clear of.” He stuffed the phone in his pocket and slouched down in his chair. β€œWell, that was pointless. I have other things to worry about rather than his love life, mainly my love life!” With that Nam-Woo was determined to win back his first love from the dire financial demons that…


    Minho got in his car and slammed the door. He yelled at his brand new Samsung phone “Where’s the nearest bar?!” He wanted to drown his sorrows in soju and forget this day ever happened. His phone responded in its crisp, robotic voice. But just then, Boyoung came running out looking bewildered. She tried to get in but the car doors were locked. She tapped lightly on the window. “Minho! Are we leaving already? It seems like the event isn’t over yet.” “No, I’m just taking a break” he growled through clenched teeth. “You can go back to flirting with that guy. I’ll be back later.” And with that, he stepped on the gas and blasted out of the parkinglot leaving Boyoung stunned. What had happened to put him in such a foul mood? Had his family done something? Why had he thought she was flirting? Anyways, it was obvious he didn’t want her around right now so Boyoung headed back into the party to catch up with her old friend.
    Meanwhile Minho sped down the road not paying attention to the other cars on the road… *BOOM!* A large white truck t-boned him as he was going through an intersection. The door caved in. The airbags deployed. The windshield shattered. Glass flew through the air. The car rolled over and landed upside down. And Minho hung suspended in the driver’s seat with blood dripping from the gash in his head.
    At the party, BoYoung came back in to continue her conversation with HyeYoung. “What happened to MinHo?” “I’m not sure. He seemed upset about something and took off. Said something about “taking a break”. He’ll be back later though and until then I want to hear all about what it was like writing and publishing your own book!” With no further encouragement, HyeYoung leaned forward in excitement to tell BoYoung about every case of inspiration, writer’s block, and hassles with the publishing company. Time flew by and BoYoung heard in the background the closing of the event. She glanced towards the stage but didn’t see him. He should’ve been back by now… HyeYoung’s boyfriend returned and pried her away from BoYoung. HyeYoung turned back with a word of encouragement. “BoYoungah! You really should write your own book of poetry! You were always the most talented one in our school! If you have any questions about publishing, just give me a call!” BoYoung just laughed. “It was great catching up with you!”
    BoYoung pulled out her phone. Maybe Minho had texted her. No, there were no new messages. She looked at the poem she had written earlier. As she was looking at it, MinHo’s mom approached her. “You came with MinHo, didn’t you?” BoYoung nodded. “Well he’s not coming back. Here’s some money for a taxi to get you home.” “What do you mean he’s not coming back? He said he would be back in just a little bit.” “Well, like the screw-up that he is, he got into an accident. If he had just stayed here like he was supposed to, this wouldn’t have happened. He ruined the whole event.” “An accident?!?! What? How? When?!? Is he okay?!?!”