The first half of today’s episode was so cute but it seemed like it didn’t transition well to the second half. I wanted more cute beach scenes, not office politics.
I’m confused about a few things:
1. Why did the chauffer try to kill Do Min Ik if he was only sent to get the USB? Was he actually trying to kill him?
2. Why did Gal Hee’s siblings crash her date with Min Ik? At first I thought they might be trying to get Min Ik and Gal Hee to spend the night together but they ended up all staying together.
3. Why did Do Min Ik withdraw his CEO application?

I wish I was Gi Dae Ju. Everyone wanted to give him free stuff today 😄


    1) He was never trying to kill him. Do Min Ik getting injured was purely an accident.
    2) I think they were just trying to take advantage a little (maybe get some free food, lol) and also be a little bit nosy. That’s apparently something siblings do, although I wouldn’t know as I’m an only child. It was kind of annoying to watch for me personally, but dramas seem to really enjoy writing nosy siblings, so what can you do?
    3) He withdrew his application in exchange for the secretaries getting the chance to defend themselves and bargain for better treatment at the company/permanent employment. Which I’m not sure I trust his uncle to follow through on, but at least Do Min Ik is attempting to make a selfless gesture. I can appreciate that.

    I think we probably all wished we were Dae Ju this episode, lol. Free buildings for everybody!


    I didn’t get the post-sex/morning-after scenes I wanted from Dae-Ju and Veronica today but their entire exchange basically proved they’re both rabbits. Haha The sex was so good she wanted to give him a building?! Dae-Ju also refused the car because biking strengthens his thighs?! I died. 🀣🀣🀣