It’s been 2 years (and 1 day) since TheEastLight released this bop. With every song they impressed me by trying new genres and new concepts. It’s hard to believe that sleek and stylish Real Man came out just months after I Got You which was their cutest concept ever. They were 15-18 when Real Man first came out and their 17-20 now. A lot has changed. The group has disbanded, Eunsung is in the military, Seokcheol and Seunghyun formed an EDM duo, Junwook became a composer, Sagang performs sometimes at his school, and Woojin has disappeared from the public eye. But no matter what they will always be my babies and I will always support them and wish I could have done more to protect them 💔
I know it’s impossible but sometimes I still hope that one day they will all get back together but no matter what, I hope that they are happy 💛