#Extraordinary You ep 7-8 / 13-14/15-16 thoughts:
1. Kim Hye-yoon and Ro-woon’s beauty amplified 10000x in historical costumes!
2. My first thought after realizing that Joo-da might not be the nice candy we know is PROTECT DO-HWA.
3. I prefer the sweet Haru over the cold one but Im happy to watch him expressing different emotion like anger and frustration.
4. Everytime Baek-kyung acts mean towards Dan-oh, all I think is he’s so going to regret it.
5. Dried Squid Fairy doesnt really like Haru and Baek Kyung doesnt he? I had this thought that maybe in the Flower manhwa like in Secret, Dan-oh and Baek-kyung are the couple while Haru has forbidden feelings for Dan-oh. But then maybe Dan-oh and Haru gained self-awareness and fell in love with each other thus messing up the story really bad and the story ended in tragedy. Fairy fears that history will repeat itself.


    So the writer felt bad at the tragic ending of Flower manhwa so she created the spin-off Secret where it’s a romcom and DO and BK are supporting characters. She added some drama to their relationship but eventually was going to give them a happy ending but Haru somehow found his way to Secret manhwa to be with DO and starts messing up again the story. DO and BK are the couple intended by the writer (fake/stage) but DO and HR in their real selves (shadow persona) is the true OTP.


    I honestly got shiver when Ju-da looked at Sae-mi with that dangerous glint in her eyes. What have you awakened, Do-hwa?? I need to protect this boy.