I’m really liking jugglers. One of the highlights of the show for me is watching the two leads talk out their misunderstandings and progress in friendship and love in a natural way. For the most part, I think that this show highlights the importance of respect between partners, both in business and in life. One of the highlights of the whole show for me was episode seven when Chi Won apologized to Yoon Yi for what he had said. That was truly a swoon worthy moment. Not to detract from that , but I have a minor complaint about episode eight. I might be wrong, but I can’t ever remember Chi Won grabbing Yoon Yi wrist and I thought that was intentional.I thought that the writer and director were intentionally avoiding the wrist grab to show how Chi Won treats Yoon Yi with respect. Chi Won’s character seems to get upset when other people disrespect Yoon Yi in this way. That is why I was really disappointed in what happens at the end of episode eight, a moment that I know was intended to be romantic. Despite that, loved both episodes this week. 💕💕