Guys, where can I watch the preview of Extraordinary You with english subtitles?


    Viki has it subbed.


    I don’t think there’s an eng sub out, but here’s what I caught:

    Danoh: You’re saying that Haru disappeared because of me?
    [Couldn’t catch the lines in between]
    Danoh: Even though Haru isn’t here, the world just went back to normal.
    Danoh: (crying) How could this happen?
    Kyung: Whatever that jerk did, I can just do too, right?
    Danoh: That’s something only Haru can do.
    Kyung: Your only option is to stay by my side, the way you are right now.
    Kyung: The person who can change your fate is me. He can’t change your fate.
    Danoh: You know, I’m going to die.
    Danoh: Haru?
    Danoh: Haru came back.