KDrama Review of “Radiant Office”
4 out of 5 stars on DramaFever
How much I enjoyed it: 8/10
How I rate it: 8/10
This drama was an unexpected gem for me. Every episode left me feeling happy. It feels like a little “slice of life” office story and I loved it. It’s a tale of perseverance, hope, honesty, learning, growing, and the importance of working hard for the things you care about. For a story that starts out with three young people bonding over their despair and attempted suicide, it actually is full of heart and lightness. The romance was a slow burn, but its simplicity made it all the more precious and heartwarming. It was fragile, cute, and comforting. I love this shows’ message and the bond of the diverse characters was refreshing. This show left me feeling joyful.
Watched (April – May 2017)