KDrama Review of “Flower Boy Next Door” (#26)
3 out of 5 stars on DramaFeer
How much I enjoyed it: 7/10
How I rate it: 6/10
When I think of a word to describe this drama the first one that comes to mind is “fluffy”. This drama is full of laugh-out-loud antics and memorable characters. Yet, despite its rather simple tale of love and self-discovery, it also has powerful themes of self-esteem, overcoming past hurts, standing up for oneself, and choosing to live a life of opportunity no matter the risk. Park Shin Hye plays the reclusive, quiet writer, whilst Yoon Si Yoon is an energetic and playful video game designer. The two are such a contrast you wonder how they could ever make a pair, but in the end it’s the lessons that they teach one another that brings them together. The supporting cast is fun and warm. Sure, the cinematography isn’t anything to rave about and the story is rather ordinary, but the plot ends like a cute and happy present wrapped in the most joyful wrapping paper with the perfect little bow.
Watched: July/August 2017