KDrama Review of “I Hear Your Voice” (#19)
5 out of 5 stars on DramaFever
How much I enjoyed it: 9/10
How I rate it: 8/10
Fantastic characters that felt so REAL… a unique and beautiful love story spanning years… universal and timeless themes of honesty, love, sacrifice, forgiveness, and rising above your tragedies… high stakes that will have you chewing all your nails off in anticipation… engaging writing that draws you in… memorable laughs and heart-wrenching tears… I loved this show! To quote a Dramabeans rating: “The noona romance to end all noona romances.” I would recommend this show to any and all viewers as one of the top KDramas in history.
P.S. Between this show and “Pinocchio” (same writer) Lee Jong-Suk has become my ultimate KDrama crush! He’s brilliantly talented and so. darn. Handsome.
Finished: January 2017