brief thoughts on episodes one and two of “a piece of your mind” or “ban wi ban”!

i never post, but chae soobin is back. CHAE SOOBIN IS BACK.

there might be (really light) spoilers below for the first two episodes, but not really too big!

chae soobin is back! my best baby! the brightest light in the universe!

i love her character in this. seo woo is cheerful and smart and kind, but not in a “im different from everyone else and therefore better” kind of way. she’s a very normal person. who is slightly lonely, but not melodramatically so, and seems like she’s still looking for a place to belong. how relatable.

she’s the normal person who somehow ends up entwined in what seems to be like a melodrama with the three other main characters. the melodrama has nothing to do with her, but she becomes involved by accident anyway.

i love her. she’s adorable and she just wants the best for everyone. she feels refreshingly normal and kind and bright. and is the friend all of the melodramatic characters seem to need.

other than that, the melodrama between the other characters is only vaguely interesting to me when seowoo is involved. i don’t care when she’s not there. it’s so moody and melodramatic, and i can’t be this invested in people’s mysterious tragedy and sadness if i barely know them. yet.

but i’m still enjoying this drama a lot.

my favorite line: ‘there is one phrase i could probably live three years off, if someone said it to me: “please stay, han seo woo”‘

ahh that got me. that really got me. I LOVE HER.


    I’m trying to decide just how much to tease you… 🤔 I’m trying to decide if I’m up for a melodrama right now even though I love her too.


      you dont need to hold back 🙂

      i am hoping they cool it with the mysterious melancholy and tragedy


        I hoped for that in Chocolate, so they doubled down on it. Pretty sure I’m not in the mood for another melodrama.