I cannot help but love any character played by Chae Soo Bin. I should have disliked her in Strongest Deliveryman, but I couldn’t. I should have my reservations in Fox Bride Star, but I can’t help but feel for her.

I may not always agree with the way she does things, but I fully appreciate the sentiment behind her actions. It’s hard to feel like you have to prove yourself all the time, and even harder when you somehow just keep messing up due to bad judgment, even if you’re trying your best.

I hope we get to see her learn from her swoonsome mentor and improve at her job! (And I hope her character growth isn’t completely disregarded. Writer-nim, I am watching you).


    my exact sentiment!


    I’m also in the minority that didn’t hate her strong delivery man character. She was an outright bitch sometimes (well, most times) in the drama but I couldn’t hate her. Her behavior made sense to me. It didn’t excuse her being a dick but I understood her. Her character wasn’t just unlikable for no reason – she was realistic to her circumstances. I feel the same way about Yeo Reum. At first I didn’t like her but the longer I watched, the better I understood her. Yes, she’s a validation seeker and yes, she’s also hotheaded, and has a knack for only hearing what she wants to hear but there seems to be a reason for it. Which means there’s room for her to grow. She’s clearly flawed and slightly incompetent at her job but ‘nice and hardworking candies’ can be boring so I’m all for a flawed heroine with room for growth.
    I didn’t intent to write something this long 😅


    CSB is just one of those actresses where I don’t think I’ll ever hate her characters. I sympathized with their situations in Strongest Deliveryman and Sassy Go Go even though her characters were not always the best people . I def need to check out Star Fox Airport!