I went to Soompi to check the news on RV Wendy’s and can’t believe that there are already people trying to excuse SBS and cover for them. Some people seriously… sigh.


    This is why I don’t read the comments on soompi, no one seems to make any sense.
    It sounds like SBS knew there was a problem with the stage and didn’t want to pay money to fix it. I hope she or her company is able to sue the broadcasting company.


      The broadcasting companies has a long, well documented history of disregarding basic safety procedure and people are still quick to jump to defend them, for what reason is a total mystery for me.


        Exactly! Surely you should stand on the side of the person who has been injured not the multi million pound company! It’s ridiculous.
        I was almost thought the SBS employees are commenting on the articles to improve company image.