I am officially on Team TA (Wooyoung) after episode 10 of Gangnam Beauty.

Previously I couldn’t make up my mind thanks to Cha Eunwoo’s robotic acting as Kyungseok and TA’s inactiveness in pursuing Mirae. But then in this episode, TA reassured Mirae that it’s alright that she underwent cosmetic surgery before: “So what? People fix their faces to become pretty. Now you are pretty and that’s great, isn’t it?” I melted into a puddle immediately and am sold. 😍😍

I know this drama is probably trying to promote “loving the inner beauty of people” and obviously, TA isn’t gonna get the girl. But all I am saying is Mirae really needed such validation – to feel confident about her beauty and that it is not wrong to pursue beauty and happiness through cosmetic surgery. Afterall, life in plastic is fantastic! 😝