My current drama/variety schedule:
Sunday – New Journey to the West 5
Monday – 100 Days My Prince + The Beauty Inside
Tuesday – 100 Days My Prince + The Beauty Inside
Wednesday – Hundred Million Stars from the Sky
Thursday – Hundred Million Stars from the Sky

^ All the dramas and variety shows that I am catching right now are so interesting and compelling that having nothing to watch on Fridays and Saturdays feels so empty and bare.

Am I the only one who experiences such emptiness? Any dramas to recommend so that I can fill up the other two days of the week?


    I pace myself and usually only watch one thing a day. thus by having three airing shows I cover 6 days of the week, I often try to have a non airing drama or two on the go as well, to fill up those gaps.
    I’d recommend Where Stars Land/Fox Bride Star but it’s also a Mon/Tues drama… lol


      I can never seem to do that!!! I always want to find out the next episode as soon as possible so I catch them through livestream T_T

      I tried Where Stars Land but I can’t ever get pass the first episode 🙁


        It’s definitely different for everyone so I understand~! Haha I have definitely had to practice my self control with this method hahaha.
        Ah yeah fair enough. Hope you find something to fill the gap then!