Though it has been one week since Light in Your Eyes ended, I felt I should do a tribute post for this amazing drama.

I had started it from the premiere week without knowing much about the plot.
I have been following Hye-Ja through her new life as an old lady whose youth was stolen from her. Also, seeing what she is going through as an old lady made me think about my own grandparents, I could only sympathize with her.
The show went darker and sadder, it had moments I couldn’t help myself shedding some tears. Fortunately, it also had some light and funny moments to balance the show.
Then, the big plot twist happened and I was sobbing so hard. I realized I was watching a little gem 💖

I loved how meaningful the drama was.
It made me feel so many things. I will be always grateful to The Light in Your Eyes , one of those dramas which end but it still stays with you.
Definitely one of the best of the year 💖