Beanie level: Unemployed slacker in a sparkly tracksuit

And now that I have finished drawing, shared it 9 times, gone canyoning, gained some impressive bruises, and cleared my notifs, I can FINALLY share this. Which I have wanted to share for some time now.

Meaning if you have heard of these infamous things but weren’t around for them, or seen some but not others, or want to reread them so you get my jokes, or like archiving things (like I do), fear not, they are all in one place and you can now access them and their history to your heart’s content. There’s actually more than just the sh☠️tposts too, because as we all know, I write a LOT, thus for extra perusal there’s also 2019 drama rant archive.
So without further ado



MEMORIES OF THE ALHAMBRA (where it all began…)




VAGABOND (inc. 2019 Final Sh☠️tpost Drawing)


(Sh☠️tposting one offs, live reacts, rants, reviews, episode commentaries and essays- 2019 ONLY)





AND if you don’t want to bookmark this yourself, or you want to save it in a different way, here is the MASTER ARCHIVE aka this post as a Google Doc:


It feels weird posting an explanation for my picture.
Basically all my sh☠️tposts are connected to each other and also to Greater Melonia lore and I have an insane attention to detail which is probably also related to why I like history and ancient languages and the level up algorithm so much… and why I am good at what I am good at. Also I’m crazy. ^-^


Okay so some of you had questions and I was planning to do this anyway.
As it’s my “Final 2019” Shβ˜…tpost as it were, both for Vagabond and the whole year, a lot of it is just random because that’s what a shβ˜…tpost is.
In the comments below, working top to bottom, left to right, is a list of what is happening in this picture. Picture is reposted for your convenience.


    1. “MEANWHILE IN THE GHOST REALM”- because technically magic horse, Cha Dal Geon AND I are all dead in Shβ˜…tpost Lore currently… so…

    2. The Royal Melonia Awards: Something I actually want to do *Sp0iler Alert* but haven’t yet so it’s foreshadowing and could also be a dig at the award ceremonies of last year, both on db and not.

    3. The fish, carrot and lazer unicorn awards: BECAUSE the fish cult (see The Secret Lyfe of My Secretary), carrot boy (see Arthdal shβ˜…tposts), and lazer unicorn (see Vagabond shβ˜…tposts and comments) were three of my best memes this year.

    4. FREE PLATONIC HIGH FIVES – is from Vagabond, Suzy and LSG had these really awkward cringey something tension filled high fives.

    5. WOLF CHILDREN ORGAN DONORS- a reference to Kill It – the forgotten shβ˜…tposted drama, and the weird glowing eyes of the protagonist and organ donor plot.

    6. Honestly maybe my favourite although I can’t pick, is… a Crowned Clown (The Crowned Clown, literally)… strapped to a Molotov cocktail made from a soju bottle.
    The irony is that it has been thrown into the restaurant and will promptly blow me, LSG, the entire picture and Subway to smithereens; I, the artist, am blowing it up but it, TCC, is also blowing me up. An accurate representation of my feelings about that show.
    Honestly I am so much better at meta than anything that came out last year. Extraordinary You WISHES it were me.

    7. It was thrown through a window aka it was… *defenestrated*

    8. Lee Seung Gi is dressed as Ares, aka the Greek god of War (hence the Helenistic helmet and spear)- because his tattoo is the one he had in Vagabond and it says god of War in really bad Chinese and yaknow he was invincible in Vagabond… like a god.
    Ares, not the Chinese god of War, deliberately, because nobody cares about accuracy do they now, especially not the Vagabond writers…

    9. He’s eating chicken because Vagabond Chicken (see VAGABOND).

    10. In a Subway because a) nonsensicalness is a common factor in both Vagabond AND my shβ˜…tposts and b) dramaland meta.

    11. The table is covered in Sake bottles (if you look at the labels and bottle styles closely, they are specifically not Soju) because I said (see this thread: that a write up off the past year would have to happen after three (or five) bottles of sake… this picture IS my write up for the last year… and well… there I am, passed out after the sake.
    Also as another dig at TCC- I drink sake, but it is relegated to a mere cheap soju πŸ˜› (because sake is better than soju)

    12. Magic Horse is there because he’s Magic Horse and he has to be.
    #magichorseforpresident2020 (Aka the best meme of last year, see ARTHDAL but also everywhere)

    13. Magic Horse is drinking a milkshake because he can.
    And because last time he was drinking a coconut cocktail so… keeping with the drinks theme.
    Maybe this one has Bailey’s in it: he deserves it.


    14. The SIMS diamond and GAME OVER reference all the times I’ve made gaming references in my shβ˜…tposts, from Jeffrey (see MOA), to the Vagabond RPG play throughs, and LSG’s lives remaining, also ofc as a metaphor for something ENDING; my game is finished, the simulation and I broken, done, kaput, THE END.

    15. My little shβ˜…tposting skull (see HdlL shβ˜…tpost cover) is in the glowing Game Over sign.

    16. I am the jester assassin pixie queen of melonia ofc with the obligatory pink sunnies from MG, because they’re a shβ˜…tposting must now. (see Pre Melonia Lore for more)

    17. And a crown because bβ˜…tch I’m a queen duh

    18. I am holding a Tachi dripping with blood- which a Japanese sword, and is kind of like a Katana but older, from a previous era, and it’s longer and more curved. This has no reference to any drama… I just like swords and it’s a nod to the assassin part of my alter ego, and my assassin character from whose story the name β€œSicarius” comes, and who will probably, or possibly, wield a Tachi in the book I wish to write about her. Although, nobody knows that except me. *sp0iler alert?*

    19. It’s five am because I said so.
    (and because I once said I’d fight my most hated dramas in a Denny’s parking lot at 5am with the thigh bone of magic horse (back when he was still a skeleton, see: ) but also it’s just a good meta shβ˜…tposty artsy time I feel.)

    20. A Sci Fi 80s ish movie poster called ENDOSOLISTRATION and the Hotel De La Luna flying into the sun on it … I shouldn’t have to explain that one.
    (because we had to fit all 5 shows I shβ˜…tposted into this somehow )

    21. I ASSASSINATED JEFFREY FINALLY. a) a nod to my assassin title b) there was this joke in a Vagabond shβ˜…tpost I made about how Jeffrey is the cause of all my strife and agony and the cause of all bad dramas over the past year. He is my ultimate nemesis basically, the incarnation of bad writing et al. (Jeffrey is the Game from MOA, and his name comes from the MOA shβ˜…tposts for the newbies)

    22. Jeffrey is both 2019 and Medusa because… Greek mythology continuity jokes and also meta symbolism english essay schmuck

    23. I am sleeping because I am tired from fighting bad writing and Jeffrey all year and from shβ˜…tposting and from all the sake and from everything so now GOODNIGHT.


    24. Bonus
    I don’t know if anyone noticed this (or if anyone cares) but around the time of Arthdal I changed the emoji next to my username on DB to match the thing I was shβ˜…tposting. So a carrot for Arthdal, a ghost for HDLL, and finally a chicken for Vagabond (although we went through a few trials like the lucky clover before the ultimate chicken reveal)
    I also, on the off chance you didn’t know already, it’s not like it’s staring you in the face or anything, often censor swear words, such as sh☠️t, with an emoji. I started this years ago with black hearts, and the shβ˜…tposts opened up the opportunity to censor them with different things sometimes depending on the shβ˜…tpost.
    Thus: The emojis in my shβ˜…tpost write up are all related to dramas I watched this year, shβ˜…tposted this year, or Just Sic Things, and they were also used as much as possible to relate to the surrounding text.

    ☠️- the shβ˜…tposting classic
    ⚔️- The swords and sorcery quest game show that wasn’t (MOA)
    🌸- Yangcha’s flower crown (arthdal)
    🐝- Bees and I go a long way back for many reasons. Save the Bees.
    🧟- Zombie (Kingdom)
    👑- … I simply cannot think of what this one might stand for. At all.
    🖤- the other classic
    💀- I used this for a while before I settled on the skull and crossbones
    🐺- Kill It
    🐎- Oooh a horse…
    🥕- some of these should really be self explanatory
    👻- HDLL, about ghosts, and also I was the Ghost Queen during that show which you would know if you read my shβ˜…tposts and won’t if you haven’t.
    🏨- it’s a hotel
    🃏- Joker card = jester/joker, again should be self explantorY HOWEVER it’s placement in the text is PARTICULARLY perfect because I am a joke. Yes.
    🍀- LSG’s leprechaun overlord and his designated survivor’s luck at not dying in ofc Vagabond
    🐔- Bok Bok Bβ˜…tch (the Vagabond Chicken)
    🐒- LSG aka the Monkey King because I refuse to let Hwayugi be forgotten.
    🤡- The Drama that Shall Not Be Named also placement is on purpose because again, I’m a joke or a clown if you will
    🕶️- if I have to explain the sunglasses thing ONE MORE TIME jk, also placement because haha I made a pun, made you look for clues get it GET IT
    🍍- Pineapples are rad
    🍈- I am the Melon Lord


    N.B. (@maybemakne) re. Your β€œflying saucer” (although hilariously I’m sure alien abduction came up at least thrice this past year as well)
    It’s… through a window… So the milkshake is on a small table OUTSIDE the Subway, and the window is frosted along the bottom, so you can’t see the table leg/stand (or Magic Horse’s legs); you can only see the top of the table.
    There are like three layers to the drawing. LSG and I at the table with the game over sign hanging suspended in the air above my head. The window. And then outside the window.

    (Also no the lazer unicorn is just a thing I came up with on a whim to make fun of Vagabond’s ridiculous action scenarios. If anything it comes from way back in the day when I played the arcade game Metal Slug and you could get a one off lazer gun in each game to help you get points/beat the boss. Like how else would you break into the Blue House. Duh. see: Vagabond shβ˜…tpost episode 5+6)


    Comment was deleted




HUES Part 2 aka Sic likes mucking around on photoshop too much for her own good./


HUES Part 1 aka How many different coloured sunglasses does Sic REALLY own.


Look in this one I’m an ACTUAL actual ghost


Yeah I know this shitpost was a long time coming. I\’m sorry.


Please don\’t break dramabeans PLEASE DON\’T BREAK DRAMABEANS please don\’t break dramabeans



So for those of you who don’t know, I said that after Vagabond I would be taking a hiatus from sh☠️tposting. The reasons why are complicated and many.
However, I still wanted to send off not only Vagabond (which I’ve mostly erased from my brain already) but also the last year in general.

I post this, for all intents and purposes, exactly a year after my final Memories of Alhambra Sh⚔️tpost. (or well as far as time zones work… a year give or take 24 hrs)
And so, for this FINAL 2019 SH🌸TPOST THINGYMAWHATSIT (because despite what some of you may think, there was never a consistent pattern to them, other than I sh🧟tposted what I wanted to sh🐝tpost, however I wanted to, because I wanted to have FUN, and the rest of the viewership be darned), to wrap up the past ENTIRE year of dramas for me, myself and I, I will henceforth, sh👑tpost the past year, my past year of dramas (everything from MOA till now) and also myself. And there is a VERY SPECIAL SH🖤TPOST DRAWING, alllll the way down the bottom. If you’re very good you might get a cookie too.


– Sic decides that MOA is being fought about too much and decides to make a post that will change her life forever
– The Sh💀tpost Is Born (50 sins because you had no idea what you were getting yourself into)
-Sic names Jeffrey The Game, has a torrid affair with him and disowns Song Jae Jung for all eternity (-2)
– Sic writes 4k words on the MOA final (4 sins)
– Sic somehow watches all of First Clean passionately and wonders why or even how (1 sin)
– Sic watches My Strange Hero, finally vindicated from having wanted Jo Boa to get another lead roll for years
– Sic watches the CDRAMA When We Were Young 2018 and FOLKS, it is ALL DOWNHILL from here. The year just spirals out of control from this point forward as literally nothing will even come within an endosolistration of that show
– Sic watches The Drama That Must Not Be Named and refuses to give it anymore line space *DEATH #1* (I can’t think of a high enough number of sins crivens… let’s go with 1000000)
– Although she did write her favourite essay of the year on it so (-10 sins)
– Sic starts both Romance is Bonus Book AND Touch Your Heart and doesn’t finish either of them for no particular reason. She just doesn’t. (2 sins for Sic for not finishing these, 2 sins for TYH being stupid)
– Sic watches Top Management and To Jenny and gets the Tiramisu song permanently stuck in her head. She doesn’t complain though cos it’s a good song.
– Sic starts ALSB and then drops it… because remember how nothing else will live up to WWWY18? Yeah… (1 sin for not being WWWY18)
– Sic tries to sh🐺tpost Kill It but ends up liking it even though it was kind of a mess
– Sic writes 2k words on the Kill It final anyway (2 sins)
– Sic goes to Korea for 20 days and then forgets to write or share photos or ANYTHING ABOUT IT ON DB which I think would earn her a probational execution if she wasn’t Queen so (500 sins for having things to post and not posting them)
– Sic finally gets round to watching Kingdom IN KOREA
– Sic watches Kingdom whilst eating fried chicken (1 sin)
– Sic doesn’t finish her Kingdom review or post said ghost review (2 sins)
– Sic watches Her Private Lyfe
– Sic writes 3k words on HPL (Sic doesn’t Sin this because she’s actually really proud of that essay sue me)
– Sic watches another cdrama, Put Your Head on My Shoulder and has nothing worthwhile to say about it other than: STATIC ELECTRICITY
– Sic watches The Secret Life of My Secretary and ends up enjoying it much to her and everyone else’s astonishment
– Sic calls the Fish Cult
– The Fish Cult is Born *mΓͺme awards: third place* (- 20 sins for coining good mΓͺmes and -30 for calling the best call of the literal century)
– Veronica Park (- 249)
– Sic starts Angel’s Last Mission and then drops it because it wasn’t worth the theological essay anyway. (-1 for dropping)
– Sic decides to watch AND sh🐎tpost all of Arthdal because she likes to suffer for people’s entertainment and is insane
– Sic starts drawing sh🥕tposts. The best decision she made all year probably. Thank you @outofthisworld (-100 sins)
– Magic Horse and Carrot Boy are coined *mΓͺme awards: first and second place!!!!!* (-40 sins for good mΓͺmeing)
– #MagicHorseForPresident2020
– Sic decides to watch a few well loved dramas on recommendations
– This includes the Light in Your Eyes/ Radiant. Which she ends up hating. (3 sins for every well loved recced drama Sic watched this year and didn’t like)
– Lingerie girls generation (+3)
– Sic watches what she calls the Syncopated Clock that is My Fellow Citizens and doesn’t love it but at least she didn’t hate it either (-1)
– Sic decides to sh👻tpost her fOUrth drama… Hotel de la Luna *DEATH #2* which has a grammatically incorrect title (+1)
– …
– Sic misses the monkey king
– Sic teaches multiple people the meaning of the word defenestrate. For like the fifth time this year. (-5 sins)
– Sic makes the mistake of trying to discuss morality online for the second time this year (+300 sins)
– Sic, if she hadn’t already, disowns the Hong Sisters for all eternity (+3 sins for hating something everyone loved, +4567 sins for hdll itself)
– Sic watches a moment at 18 AND DOESN’T HATE IT (-1)
– Sic FINALLY starts Tree With Deep Roots
– And loves it (-1)
– And spams everyone with Lingy content (-1)
– And hasn’t finished it (… +2)
– Sic wishes Woo Jin would pic a good drama but watches all of Let Me Hear Your Song anyway.
– She doesn’t really know why she does this so (+1)
– Arthdal is still going (+2)
– Arthdal ends *DEATH #3*
– Magic Horse dies in sh🏨tpost canon
– Sic has an existential crisis
– Again (-70 for emotional support)
– +1000 sins to Netflix
– Sic coins the word ENDOSOLISTRATION for when defenestration is too tame (-100 sin for neologisms)
– Sic decides that she will only sh🃏tpost one more thing before the year ends. (+5)
– Vagabond and the final sh🍀tposting begin
– LSG is LSG (-3)
– Sic FINALLY watches Circle, writes 4k words on it (+4), doesn’t like it (+3), feels bad, stops feeling bad. (-1)
– Sic decided to not take recommendations from anyone other than the Queen’s Hand (who knows her taste best) because they’re just not working for her. (-30)
– Sic starts both Nokdu and Extraordinary You (+10 for both)
– Sic drops both (thank God) (-20)
– Sic was gonna write another essay on Extraordinary You, because she hated it (+3) but doesn’t (+4 because you could at least commit sheesh)
– Sic skims LJW and Da Hee’s scenes in WWW because Lee Jae Wook could charm the socks off a snake (-3 sins for LJW being LJW)
– VAGABOND ENDS *DEATH #4* Sic becomes the Ghost Queen again to accompany both Magic Horse and LSG/Cha Dal Geon.
– The final sh🐔tpost doesn’t happen (+1)
– Sic starts No Second Chances on a whim because even if the writing fizzles out by the end at least Park Se Wan and Kwak Dong Yeon are bloody amazing (-4 sins)
– Sic binges the cdrama Arsenal Military Academy and gets so frustrated she hand rewrites 3/4s of it.
– Sic questions even taking recs from the Queen’s Hand
– +3 sins for yet again not liking something that a) everyone else liked and b) that was recced to her
– the final sh🐒tpost STILL doesn’t happen (+1)
– Sic doesn’t know what to watch because she has burnout from sh🤡tposting dramas (+700) and watching dramas (+30) that she mostly hates
– But Sic has never shied away from having unpopular opinions (-1000)
– And Sic made people laugh (-10000)
– Sic helped people have fun (-10000)
– SIC had fun. Despite burnout (-10000)
– Sic made some mΓͺmes and helped people mΓͺme (-1000)
– Beanies helped Sic a lot this past year (-50000)
– More than they’ll know (-10000)
– Love February happened (-100000)
– Sic met her first Bean (-10001)
– And tried Coconut Melona (finally) (-9999)
– Sic got better at writing (-5000)
– and drawing (-5000)
– Sic broke 22 thousand comments and 70 thousand upvotes (-1000)
– Sic is still a masochist and watched one too many dramas she hated and had the WORST LUCK in drama pickings ever and the future is uncertain (+100)
– But that’s ok (-10)
-Sic watches one episode of Bride of the Century and gives it a hard pass (-1)
– Sic starts Go Back spouses (-1)
– Sic will try pick better dramas this year (-5000)

Final β€œ2019” Sin Count: 777777
2019 Dramawatching Carrot Ranking– there wasn’t enough Magic Horse by far, but overall I couldn’t ask for a better trashy legacy from this year so: 🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕


RE: THE ART *click to enlarge*
I spent way longer on this picture than I intended but that’s just how my lyfe decided to pan out I guess.
It was going to be just a final Vagabond doodle and then I decided to make it COOLER and BETTER and I hope, because that was the original purpose of the sheetposts, that you get as much fun out of this as I do, because truly it is a nonsensica…[Read more]


    Give me a high 5 sic!!!! 🖐🏻

    You survived 2019 dramaland!! I suggest we start dramaland 2020 with @azzo1 and @yyishere‘s oppa Forest drama 🤣.


    You didn’t break db. Boo
    (+100 sins)

    Does 777777 have a special meaning for you. I’m not suggesting you would fiddle the very important act of sins counting to get a specific number or anything. That would be corruption of the highest order! I’m just… curious.

    *goes off to study picture*

    If there isn’t melted icecream in there, I will be extremely disappointed.


    First, I will congratulate you for writing and finally posting this.
    Second, I’ll congratulate myself for reading and finishing it *giggles*

    I was taking a break from DB when the SH🖤TPOST was born and most of the shows you sh🎈tposted I didn’t watch so I think that’s a good thing, but also, most of the jokes in there I don’t get which is not a so good thing!
    But what’s important, I get the fish, I get the carrot, and I get the magic horse, so YAY, I guess!


      Thank you and WELL DONE. (it was a lot, I know)

      Well if you keep an eye out for a post in the future titled “Shitpost Master Archive”, maybe when you get the chance of a little bit of light reading, you will get the jokes πŸ˜‰

      Hey now! Those are the main memes! That’s all that’s required hahaha


        Ooh, I’ll keep that in mind for sure, and I’m good with words (reading words I mean, speaking words at times is a problem) I’ll read it even if it isn’t so light 😂

        I passed then, proud of myself right now!


    Hold up.. Sic went to Korea and didn’t post Anything about it ??!? *pouts*


    Sic, your sh*tposts are legendary. Laughed my head off reading them. Vagabond turned out to be hilarious because of the snarky comments. The same with Arthdal Chronicles.


    And you never shared with me the AMA ending rewriteeeeee? Did you ever finish it?

    Anyways good luck! Hope this break will give you time to recover from all the stress shitposting had given you. Late to react, but I laughed out loud at the image of hotel burning although you did burn it and Kim Soo Hyun was supposed to take over that 😭Hwaiting.

    PS. Did Subway pay you for PPL or something?


    Watching Puppy Lee Jae-wook should give you -666 sins HAHAHAHA

    Congratulations on surviving 2019 Dramaland, sic! This should make you stronger this 2020 Dramaland year. Thank you for the cookie 🍪.


    I only get lazer unicorn, magic horse and dalgun eating fried chicken inside of Subway. Nice PPL. Also nice work on the clown there. It took me awhile to think of that drama. Didn’t get the rest.


    High 5!!! Thank you for the shitpost, it was so funny to read πŸ™‚
    I think I got most of the references, what drama is the clown strapped to the soju bottle referencing?


    I’m still laughing about the Crowned Clown.
    *wipes tear off face*


    hot damn @sicarius that’s one long post! Thank you for my morning entertainment *Scrolls back up to actually read the post*


    Oh my god you brilliant woman… That’s LSG wearing gladiator outfit while eating griller chicken in a subyawn (I read it as left to right first okay? I know it says subway but you know how brains work) outlet with soju…. While tcc burns in a rocket 🚀 soju bottle bomb.

    The posters – platonic high 5? Is that from VB?
    The wolf children lmao Kill It…

    Awards of carrot 🥕, unicorn 🦄 (Didi, pink, melona lore?) fish cult while magic horse with flaming pink hair looks on from outside.

    Queenie in a sleek black suit having just sliced off Jeffrey & earned her sim points & game over. The NPCs & humans had no difference anyways in MofA.

    Last but not the least ENDOSOLISTRATION gets its own poster of a castle in a cool galaxy 🌌.

    I’m assuming 5am because you stayed up to finish this.

    Explain the flying icecream milkshake saucer 🛸 though 🤔


I commented my recap recap on the Heirs recap but it like did that thing where it doesn\’t appear and then you go and try post again and it says \”duplicate comment; you\’ve already said that\”… I presume it will turn up… but pfft… don\’t actually know lol I TRIED THO! WOOO! 😂😂😂


Today! Is my 5TH Anniversary in Dramaland and on Dramabeans!!!!!

Yes, they are the same, because I found them almost simultaneously (give or take a day or two) and I count today as the anniversary as it’s the only date I have for when I watched/finished my first drama.
I’m pretty sure I was gonna do something more exciting for it but it’s 11:24 and I need to go to bed pfft…

First Drama: Pinocchio
First Comment on DB Post-Lurkerdom: September 14, 2016
Favourite Drama: Healer and When We Were Young 2018
Least Favourite Drama: The Clowned Crown
Total Number of Dramas Watched (including dropped and hiatus): 117
Total Number of Words Written on Kdramas: probably 3 novels worth
Currently Watching: Never Twice/ No Second Chances

And what better way to celebrate than with a nice whole 22 thousand AND a palindrome.

Here’s to anotherx many years, Beans and Melonions.
~ your favourite sh☠️tposter, Sica


@ally-le the Dr. Seuss tree pre-Melona Splint and the splint post-Christmas, on the very much dying tree. Sorry it was the only photo I got 😅


I didn’t even plan this one but my likes and comments together made a palindrome a while back; they mirrored each other. What are the odds.


Just got round to reading @flyingcolours meet cute story. So you\’re saying there is hope for this shut in Queen yet? Nice.


I split water on my a shitpost drawing and now I have to start again *cries*


Anyone remember the The Liar and His Lover craze? Ah … those were the days.


You know I\’ve never really cared before but right now would be the perfect time for the follow button to actually do something and give you notifications when someone you follow posts. And I don\’t say this to annoy Mary in anyway, I say this because I want @azzo1 X Sticky Note Guy updates and I always forget to check the fanwall at the moment!!!!


Sic: *is supposed to be drawing a very important and very funny sh☠️tpost picture*
Sic instead: *is getting wildly distracted trying to transcribe her name into \’Phags Pa Seal Script so that she can get a custom \’Phags Pa seal made for stamping and signing things*

(that\’s the script used on ancient royal turtle seals in Korea and China for those who don\’t know…)