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@coffeprince4eva Can you do Rabbit Watch a bit earlier today? It’s my dad’s birthday and if I do it at my 5 or later it will run into family dinner.
Would 2 or 230 your time work??? (then @jenmole can join and anyone else)


The Light In Your Eyes POST SCRIPT 2
Some ranty shitpost things from my stream of consciousness keep note live reaction:

1) In Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, Sophie Hatter, a 17 year old girl becomes an old woman, because of a curse. And did Sophie sit around and mope for two months when she got cursed by the witch of the waste? No, she did not.
She went out and tried to find a solution and she was badass about it and when there didn’t seem to be a simple or direct solution she sucked it up and continued on with life anyway because she’s not a limp dishrag. In this essay I will-
2) β€œIt better be the best twist in the entire world because right now I’m questioning whether or not she should even get a second chance”
3) It was not the best twist in the entire world
4) This director loves, and I mean, ABSOLUTELY LOVES shooting conversations through windows or the equivalent of. His technique is enjoyable at first but by episode ten it was starting to piss me off
5) This show would be 100 x better as a movie
6) Brother drinking his own pee is not even the grossest thing dream brother did in this show but it did make me think of an Australian Outback joke my dad used to tell me that I should tell you one time.
7) Never use and elevator in the event of a fire.
8) “yeah deaths a bitch love but it’s part of life that’s the whole point”- Sic at some point during episode 8
9) NJH: has high melanin content and gorgeous honey skin
Joon Ha: is going to RUSSIA to see the northern lights (which are most common at the equinoxes), and it’s heading into winter in this show so there’ll be no sun
Old Hye Ja: dID He tAKE hIs sUNSCREen tO RUSSIA?!!! He mIGHT buRN cos hE has pALE sKIN
Me: Wtf
10) Mullet NJH is not a look
11) Fortunetellers are just as bad as hack prophecies and should be erased from Kdrama trope canon
12) I felt more during the Alzheimers sub plot in the CDrama β€œWhen We Were Young” than at any point during this
13) I checked out of this show emotionally by episode 11
14) You know
If I’m being honest
I would’ve preferred a drama about a woman in the 70s who loses her husband tragically and becomes bitter toward her disabled child and who eventually gets Alzheimer’s and forgets everyone
Than have 10 episodes of distorted Alzheimer’s memories and 2 episodes of real story
Then! I might feel something
Just saying
15) who was Lady Chanel? Who was she in real life? Why was her story and her asshole son and suicide and relationship to Joon Ha important??? Why did we spend so long on that and why did I feel more in that entire subplot than in the last episode?
16) Why did we spend half an episode of the lady with the TARDIS/Mary Poppins skirt and her dead daughter instead of learning more about Joon Ha?
17) *Reasons sic can’t love this drama: it reminds her too much of high school and high school sucked.*
18) How is this 12 episodes and SOMEHOW still too long.


    Totally with you on 5) and 14)
    It’s one drama where I think going in with spoilers would have made it more interesting and enjoyable. I didn’t want to spoil it for you, but I too had similar reactions.

    I asked 15) in the recap discussion but never got an answer. 🀷🏻‍♀️


      I doubt I would’ve watched it if I had known about the spoilers to be honest. Or well I might’ve but I might’ve dropped it from boredom.
      #15… Makes me wonder if they had other ideas for the direction of this show at some point.
      I did keep wondering if they had kept the time travel thing, if there was to be no going back and it was just gonna be her helping everyone live better and then die.


Honest to goodness review of The Light In Your Eyes?

I was bored out of my mind for 90% of it.
I also have absolutely no drive to write this review because I’d honestly rather forget the last 12 hrs.

I spent most of the first 80% of this show not feeling sorry for Hye Ja because, in what appeared to be a time travel drama, she always felt sorry for herself despite knowing that the situation she’d put herself in was her fault. She kept whining about being old when she knew the watch increased her age and she knew the cost of using it, and upon saving someone’s life with it, she was shocked at how big the consequences were of that, how much someone’s life was worth. And, remember this is all under the assumption this was a still a time travel drama, whilst they touched on the enormity of this action in the Law of Equal Exchanges and the inevitability of death when Lady Chanel died, I didn’t feel like they ever properly explored how selfish her initial actions were. She turned back time because SHE didn’t want her father to die, not because she thought about the consequences of time travel.

Back in Episode 5 (the dissociation) I kept thinking that everything in this show was not as it appeared. The lingering too long on some scenes, the emphasis on the music box, the surrealness to some characters, like they were fake or not quite whole people, the strange comedic relief, the complete and utter absurdity of that entire exhibition hall plot, and the rescue mission.
Episode 5 and 10 were the worst. I questioned what I was watching and why. I knew there was a twist or two and I knew this had an β€œatypical” love story, but this wasn’t the kind of abstractness I enjoyed. This was weird and frustrating and trippy. I wasn’t enjoying myself, I was barely entertained.
But because of y’all I kept watching, and kept thinking maybe this feeling, although unenjoyable, maybe this was all on purpose. Because a lot of the shots had intent despite being weird.

And then the twist happened.
To be honest with you all, I legitimately pulled the finger at my computer screen.
However, I guess the director should be given an award for successfully portraying an environment that seems ever so slightly not real to give you clues about actual reality, and making the inside of someone with Alzheimer’s head feel, well, wrong.

On the one hand, I’m not a big fan of the IT WAS ALL A DREAM shit.
It feels like a bit of a cop out to just explain away everything.
It is… Extremely convenient to set up a show that appears to be a time travel drama, and open up the stage for discussion on the thematic issues related to saving someone’s life with travel, and whether or not one should do it in the first place, address consequences of life and death within the drama, and then tell me that the first 80% of the mind numbingly boring show I just watched wasn’t true reality, just twisted memories of reality, and that said time travel theme that I wanted you address for so long, was easily swept under the rug, as it were.

On the other hand, it is clever. Or at least it wants to be clever.

Somewhere around episode five this show started to remind me of the movies I had to watch and analyse in high school English. (That, by the way, is not a good connotation to get from a show. I hated the movies I watched in highschool.)

HS English Sic would talk about this show thus;
“the watch and the music box symbolise time and the unwinding and unravelling of time and how precious time is and wanting more time this correlates to memories and wanting to preserve them and represents her Alzheimer’s and the fading of her memories over time because time equals the distance divided by the velocity and if you go too fast through life you’ll not have enough time”

Cynical Critical Sic, threw the birdy at her computer screen and thinks thus;
β€œΒ₯#@& you show. Also you never touched on how selfish her initial and now fake act of time travel was but I guess it doesn’t matter because it was all just a big metaphor… -_-
So why do it in the first place then? And why does it feel like being baited into discussing the thematic responsibilities of time travel only to find out that jokes it was about Alzheimer’s this whole time haha aren’t I clever.”

Did someone call this show cocky? It’s kinda cocky. @mary you called it cocky right?

This is cocky.
This is a cocky *analyse me in high school and suffer* drama.
Because the symbolism doesn’t excite me. The themes don’t excite me. The lessons learnt don’t excite me. The messages do not excite me or move me. I don’t want to write about this show. I don’t want to unpack the theories or the characters except for the one thing that they never addressed and wasn’t real anyway. I didn’t care about anyone and now I know why.
This is not a show I want to gush over.
This is not a show I can say I like.

I don’t not like it because I was “tricked” per se by the twist.
I don’t feel tricked; I just feel drained.
I feel like I’m supposed to enjoy this grand expose and exploration of family and Alzheimer’s and time and memory and appreciate the complex metaphor and film techniques through which it’s told.
And instead I just feel like a drink.
I feel like dropping everything and going to a quiet bar that is also removed from reality and drinking 300mls of sake and finding a time watch so I could get back the last 12 hrs of my life.
And that’s not a good thing to feel when finishing a drama.

Watching this show, was not a pleasant experience and I don’t mean in a “this explores uncomfortable themes” way I mean in a “this was extremely draining and boring to watch this and I got nothing out of it despite everything” way.

I wasn’t even ever close to crying either. There were a few moving scenes, but overall I just wanted it to hurry up and end. By the time the final credits rolled I was shouting for joy.

I thought maybe when the twist happened then I’d get interested. But I was still mind-numbingly bored for the majority of the last two episodes, that eventually it began to feel like the first ten episodes, despite their elaborate metaphor, were pointless.
We spent so long in her head, in the Alzheimer’s effected story only to have the last two episodes simultaneously drag and also attempt to fit the actual actions, lives, deaths, pains, pleasures and motivations of deeply complex characters into two episodes.
When it is was revealed that she lost her husband and became bitter towards her son and so her son resented her, and then one of the final resolutions was that she did actually care for her disabled son- I had no set up for that! It wasn’t nearly as emotionally impactful as it could’ve been because prior to this I didn’t actually know anything real about that relationship. I was disconnected from that scene because I hadn’t spent time with these characters outside of a twisted memory.

I also found the last two episodes almost sadistic. They were so gratuitously sad. It was like the director wanted to ram home just how sad being old is, by torturing us with as many scenes of dying old people as possible.
If this was so that when his final message came around, it meant that much more, I didn’t feel it.
The final end quotes felt contrived and clichΓ©d, forced and somewhat empty. I know the message guys. I’m not an idiot. I got your metaphor. Don’t explain it to me. I might not WANT to dissect it, and I might not have personally got anything out of it, but I don’t need to be told what it was either. If you explain the joke, it’s no longer funny. If you explain the metaphor, you’re in danger of making it meaningless.

It’s like that smart good looking kid in high school, who has something unusual about him that makes him sometimes interesting to look at, model like, tall, clever, intelligent, beautiful, but a bit weird but you like weird don’t you yeah but did I mention somehow he’s also really boring? Like just not interesting at all. Also he talks about how clever he is a lot. Because did I mention he’s clever? He’s so clever and therefore he’s a cocky. And arrogant. And annoying as crivite and kind of an asshole to be honest because cleverness and looks don’t mean jack if you don’t have a personality.
And I don’t have to like you just because you think you’re clever either.

*Show: is an elaborate metaphor for Alzheimer’s
Sic: ugh
Also Sic: writes an elaborate metaphor for the show

It’s hard though because I can see why people like this. And I can see the message they’re trying to tell and even like some of the thematic exploration, but I didn’t get anything out of it. Maybe because it did feel like it baited me a little even though I got the metaphor.
I spent so long being annoyed at Hye Ja for being a selfish time traveller, and so long being bored, that I just didn’t care when the metaphor was revealed.
It’s a pretty clever cocky bastard, but a cocky bastard none the less.

And I so have to ask
And what…[Read more]


    “Perhaps she’s reliving the happiest moments of her life”
    We know this, you don’t have to tell us. We’ve just spent ten hours on this metaphor, telling us this in the last two minutes tells me your metaphor is becoming unnatural in its symbolism.
    And then the next line, to prove my point is,
    “They say life is but a mere dream”
    Congratulations, you killed the metaphor.

    I know I should take the good message from this;
    β€œEveryone has the right to enjoy all this every day β€œ
    “You might be struggling right now” *yeah struggling to get through this show*
    “Don’t waste the present regretting the past and worrying about the future”
    “Live this day beautifully you deserve it”
    But like, in film you don’t need a proper conclusion to your essay, you know?


    Interesting as always!

    I liked the drama’s message about getting old and everything around it and after digesting all events, I wouldn’t name it as one of my favorites. I feel quite disappointed and played when they revealed the twist. The time travel mystery and characters we encountered were dropped like hot potatoes, as if they didn’t matter. If if was revealed in the middle of the drama, there could’ve been more development on Hye Ja’s real backstory and her relationship with her son.


    Looks around with cute big eyes at Sunbae:λ―Έμ•ˆν•΄ !
    I can understand why you felt it like that but for me it was really cool show.


    So this is totally out of context but I have been meaning to ask.Whoa! how did u get sooo many words in your fan post? Mine freezes at 200 characters. Reveal me your secret o wise beanie!!


    First things first, hope you are doing better? That you finished this drama because you β€œwanted to” rather than couldn’t do anything else???


I’m not watching Search WWW but one of @cloggie‘s posts reminded me of an idea I’ve had for a while that apparently relates to said show so I thought I’d share it on the fanwall as well.

The idea came about because coming up to and during one’s Time of The Month one typically feels like committing several first degree murders and or breaking every plate in the house. Or at least… I do.
Honestly though, then I thought, it’s not just then. Sometimes I wish I had a sword and a training post that I could hack at when annoyed. And sometimes I just want to break something for the heck of it and see what happens. But that’s like… frowned upon in most societies.

And I thought how useful and how much fun it would be if there was a place where I could do that and not get in trouble for breaking Grandma’s precious materialistic vase. *Says the person who collects antique bottles. Anyway moving on*

So then this idea of a kind of game room developed, where you go in, you pay like ten quid or something, you’re kitted out with protective wear, you pick a weapon of choice and a “room” of choice, and then you just destroy the shit out of that room.

Whether it’s cardboard or dummies or old crockery or crystal or wood or whatever you just get to break stuff.
You could have a fruit ninja room just for kicks.
It would be a waste but people waste pumpkins at Halloween anyway how would this be any different.
Weapons would range from broadsword to double headed axe to baseball bat.
Rooms could be themed, but some could be random or just everything.
You’d probably have to have safety managers on guard tbh.
And maybe some kind of medical form on sign up because I’m not sure giving someone suicidal or with actual legit counts of violence a broadsword is a great idea by then maybe it’d be therapy for some you know!
*Probably would be for me*
It wouldn’t be harming anything. Just some plates.
Also it’d be a really good work out??

Girls on their period would get discounts because WHY NOT period pain is a bitch feels like you’ve been stabbed a bajillion times and this idea was made for this in the first place.

Ofc my need for this room would probably be quenched if I was able to learn medieval marital arts but NZ is sadly lacking on that front and I am not planning on moving to Slovakia anytime soon.

Oh yeah and Cloggie recommended a recycling donation centre for destroyable stuff that nobody needs any more out front. Thank you Cloggie.

Anyway, I would like a broadsword now.


    I choose a baseball bat. Metal please.


    I’d go there regularly if I don’t end up learning martial arts. But yeah precautions are necessary so that people don’t beat themselves up.


    Id love this. But knowing myself all i would be able to handle would be a room full of pillows to rage on. But id feel bad destroying the pillows.


    if i had something like that nearby i would be there most if not every night and then volunteer my free time both as medic and hype girl (“–but first, safety goggles on! yeahhh!! smash that plates!!! flip and destroy that fancy table thing!”) when im feeling better.


    Oh wouldn’t that be great? I remember the days when I would be in a rage or crying all day and wonder what in the world is wrong with me? Then I’d look at the calendar – oooooohhh that’s right!
    Every month. EVERY month it was somehow a surprise. But I’m long past that time. Now when I find myself in a rage I KNOW why..
    Hang in there Sic – this will pass thank goodness – without you killing anyone okay?


    I heard that a shopping centre in Japan has one of those rooms where they store old equipment like computers and printers. They hire the room out for disgruntled employees for 10 mins for them to break whatever it is that they want. Heard that news about 10 years ago and I still dream about being there!

    Please have boxing gloves in your β€˜breakout’ room. I like to punch things but also care about my manicure.

    PS: not manicure. Nails. I mean nails. I never got a manicure in my entire life. I need my nails to scratch thank you.


      Japan! Of course Japan has this! Amazing. Go Japan.

      Boxing gloves are going on the list!

      Nails to scratch and rip stockings and sheets and accidentally make myself bleed yes thanks super sharp super long nails lmao.
      Yeah I have great nails but can’t keep a manicure on to save myself. Even those UV ones. They come off within a day. They’re not supposed to I’m told but…


        A friend playfully gave me those acrylic nails once. I lost my mind in about 2 hours when I couldnt get the β€˜satisfaction’ of scratching my back. I literally tore it out.

        Ps: I don’t have a skin condition. I just want my nails to be present for a scratch here and there.


    not . . . watching???


    I’m pretty sure this is why I go to boxing at least once a week. There is nothing more cathartic than hitting a bag without consequence. And it’s even more cathartic after dealing with irritating opposing counsel all day.

    Though I would love to mess some sh-t up with a baseball bat if given the opportunity. Or maybe tear down some walls with a sledgehammer. I have a lot of rage.


      This is why I like to weed and prune in the garden – I can push and pull and chop as much as I want. Well as long as I don’t kill the tree or bush…


      Yeah … I should definitely start some kind of fighting class lol


        18 months ago my sons stopped talking to me – to this day I have NO idea why – but I cut down (pruned) every bush and tree in my yard to keep from falling apart from the pain.
        Maybe I should have tried boxing…
        To this day they still won’t tell my why they are mad at me, and it breaks my heart – so I weed – EVERYTHING…


          WHAT why no why would they do that that’s so sad and mean!!! waeyooo~
          *asdfghjkl they need a good talking to* *humph*
          at least you found a healthy coping mechanism? heh… D:


            thank you @sicarius – I’ve struggled with sharing this as the pain is so intense, but then i wonder if i was a good mom.
            Ultimately I rip things out and tear things up because I can’t do anything else. They live on the other side of the country and I can’t go to their door and ask “what the hell?’
            Last summer I told neighbors “if I don’t hear from my sons I may cut down every tree in the neighborhood” but the trees are still there.
            I watch dramas, dig in my garden and feel sorry for myself and try to support other beanies.


            Whine away @sicarius – sometimes we just need to whine. It helps us get over ourselves.
            Or look for cheese and crackers to go with the whine. πŸ™‚


            I once had a friend (no longer a friend) who stopped talking to me for what seemed to be no apparent reason. I just blamed it on life.
            Found out over a year later it was because she thought I’d said something I hadn’t and she’d never bothered to talk it out with me. So we’re no longer friends because of a strange miscommunication.

            I hope you can talk to them one day soon and figure it all out. *Biggest of hugs cos I don’t know what else to say*


          Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine how that feels but I hope that you find a way to reconcile.

          I started boxing not long after I started my new job (the studio was across the street) and I took my cousin with me. I didn’t know at the time that her marriage was falling apart (though I had an inkling). She got divorced three months after we started and I think the boxing helped her immensely, if only because it was a way for her to channel her feelings and to get out of her head.

          I often think boxing is like meditation because the repetition and focus on your body takes you out of your head. It’s helped me immensely with my anxiety and depression too. I hate exercise, but I love going to my boxing classes. I think gardening is much the same. It lets you destroy things while also letting your thoughts settle instead of go crazy. The physical labor of helping things grow while also killing things is also weirdly cathartic. My mom spent my childhood gardening too, and with the knowledge I have now of what she dealt with back then, I understand why she needed it so much. We all have our coping mechanisms. I wish you the best, and I hope things get better soon.


            “I often think boxing is like meditation because the repetition and focus on your body takes you out of your head.”
            I find swimming does something similar for me… The only thing I can think about when swimming is my strokes and my breathing. Trying to think about other stuff doesn’t really work. Which is a really good thing.
            I don’t get to attack anything but I always feel better afterwards.
            I need to get back into it but it’s so hard in the winter, when I can’t drive and am unemployed aiiie. Whoops I’ll stop whining now.


            Thanks @snarkyjellyfish – I don’t know when this pain will end. There are days when I am just incapable of anything but crying – and other days when I weed and plant like crazy.
            Maybe I should look up a boxing place – I’m kind of out of trees and bushes to prune. haha.
            so I cry watching dramas. there really is no way to describe the sadness. the show Mother last year about what it means to be a mother was very hard to watch.


            @sicarius I do exactly 2 things a week for exercise: yoga and boxing. I’m not a super crunchy person, but these kinds of meditative activities are the only exercise I can enjoy doing regularly. (Though I suspect if I lived in a more outdoorsy place I’d be hiking a lot as well.)

            I like anything that allows me to focus on my breath. It’s a really great way to stop and listen to what your body is telling you. My first yoga teacher used to tell us that when we were breathing out to imagine we were breathing out all the old stale breath and filling ourselves with fresh new breath. She had us focus on different body parts and imagine getting rid of the bad and starting clean again. It’s been sixteen years and that’s still a technique I use when I feel bleh. Just focusing on breath makes such a difference. I’m not a swimmer, but I can see how it would be the same.


            @stpauligurl I wish there was something I could do or say to make you feel better. I can’t begin to fathom how you feel, but I think you are doing the best you can in this situation. I know that dramas were a real coping mechanism for me when my depression was at its worst, and sometimes they were the only reason I managed to get out of bed some days. I hope we can distract you from your pain even a little bit here. Sending all the good vibes your way.


            Thank you @snarkyjellyfish and @sicarius – the last couple of days were really hard for some reason and I appreciate so much your kindness and understanding. Someone else told me about that breathing technique and I forgot about it. So maybe I’ll try that.
            Also I get busy at work and get totally lost editing or playing in photoshop and the time goes by and i forget about everything but that. It is really helpful to do that.
            When I am in the garden I have to listen to an audiobook otherwise I start thinking about things.
            All in all, I do fine for about 90% of the time, then have days now and then that throw me – but I dust myself off and go back to what I was doing or watching.
            So here is to another day of breathing, moving around freely, watching dramas and chatting with beanies like you!
            *finger hearts*


    Is the US the only country that already has these? Figures! Well, and Korea, apparently. Sic, you are onto something here for NZ!


    Comment was deleted


    Some people hang an old tire from a rope in their garage. Really.

    In the absence of broadsword, a baseball bat would work.

    Just watch out for the car on the backswing 🙂


    come to Tallinn, it exists right next to my street.

    I feel you with time of the month except in my case I want to lie down on train tracks and be run over and it is a serious wish I might actually get some day cause it is not under my control. so anger room wonΒ΄t help since I am not aware of needing to just “let it out” it feels like I really want to die. Im scared shit of my hormones.


      Apparently more places in the world have this than I thought. Guess nothing IS original. That or great minds think alike.

      Hormones are so annoying.
      One week you want to die.
      One week you want to kill someone.
      One week you’re ovulating so your body is like MAKE A BABY
      The entire time you’re an emotional wreck
      And like
      How to know when it’s hormones or something more serious?!! You can’t!
      You barely get one week of respite!
      I feel you.
      Please don’t lie on the train to tracks tho.


    There’s a place where you can throw axes while drinking alcohol in the US which (I hear) is very therapeutic. I kid you not.


Remember when I sliced my thumb open on a cream canister? Wow fun times.


    I once had to go to the ER to get stitches on my finger because I cut myself at work.

    How did I cut myself? What did I have to tell the lady from corporate who was handling my work incident claim?

    I reached into my pocked to get money for a Diet Coke, and my razor blade (for cutting open boxes, not killing coworkers, however tempting) was just ever so slightly open.

    So basically, I sliced my finger open, and had to file reams of paperwork because I put my hand in my pocket.


      My roommate sprained her thumb pulling up her underwear. She had to explain that to the nurse at the ER.


      We recently had two ambulances at work, one for someone who had sliced their finger on a microtome knife and the second one for the person who fainted after seeing the accident.


      The best thing about the cream canister incident was that it was also all my fault.

      I have a very strong twisting wrist. I can often open jars my brothers and father cannot. I turn off taps too tightly. I screw on bottle lids too tightly.
      It tends to break the taps and annoy people even when I do it unintentionally.

      I used to work in a cafe which had one of those automatic whipped cream things which had liquid nitrogen capsules attached to it to whip the cream for you if you shook it.
      I had to change the nitrogen canister but I’d done up the lid too tight.
      It can open all of a sudden with all my force behind it and my thumb spun round and hit- I’m still not sure what but I think it was a sharp steel edge to the squeezey lever for letting cream out, split open my right thumb right along the knuckle. I may have hit bone, idk.
      I couldn’t use my thumb properly for several weeks.


    I’ve already posted my embarrassing trip-over-my-cat-and-get-12-stitches story.


    Take care and administer proper dressing or pororo aid bands 😂


    Gosh @sicarius you made me wince just at the thought.

    Take care of your hands. Talking of which, I miss your drawings. Is there such a thing as ShitDoodle? DB had those during Level 7 Civil Servant days, they were hilarious.


    What’s up with these injuries. I just sliced my thumb from the cutting edge of a saran wrap box yesterday. -__-


The Light In Your Eyes Episode 5 made me dissociate.


No Horse and His Carrot Boy Sh*tpost tonight. Am sick. ✌️


Time travel is possibly my least favourite story telling device ever.
I should not watch time travel dramas

The Light In Your Eyes
Episode 2
Her dad dies
she goes and gets the watch off Joon Ha
then spends the next 50 hrs trying to save dad
she has the watch this whole time
then she stops trying briefly
what timeline are we in now?
she took the watch off Joon Ha in the first timeline
but after failing to save dad she meets him and the last time he saw her was also in timeline one, when she ran away when she got the watch off him
So… he’s already given her the watch in this present timeline too?
But he can’t have because she already has the watch?
So she can’t have got watch off him in this timeline for him to make that remark?

This btw, is why I can’t give Signal five stars even though I want to.
It does a good enough job avoiding the time paradox for 15 episodes and then falls prey to it in the very last episode in spite of everything.

@#Q#$%[email protected]#^@%$^&#!!!!!


Sic: hey beanies what airing drama should I watch and why?
Sic: *starts The Light In Your Eyes instead*


    And then go ahead and watch one spring night! The actress has variety!


    Okay Sic, you have challenged me to write more than just “the women are BADASS” like I did last night. I admit that I tend to go with the flow when watching dramas and it doesn’t seem to be in my nature to critique them to death.
    (though some of my co-workers might say differently when I do a peer review of their docs..
    So let me explain why I am enjoying WWW and what I don’t care for. I think better in the morning after a cup of coffee.
    Yes – I like the storyline of three very strong, intelligent women who hold a certain amount of power in their jobs and at Barro they listen and consider the thoughts of their co-workers. They don’t just run everything like so many male bosses in kdramas do.
    No – I don’t like that they still lack agency in their personal lives – the one with the evil MIL is quite pathetic and I think at some point she will tell her where to take a hike.
    No – I don’t like the young man who is all but stalking Tammy – he needs to back the hell off. This romance does nothing for me – but it is nice that he does let her make up her mind. And it is showcasing how hard it is to open one’s heart after awhile. But this part of the plot does nothing for me. I hope he helps her work-wise at some point.
    Yes and No – the men are very typical – nice thoughtful boss – cold aloof contract husband, snarky, childish and icky ex-boyfriend that doesn’t seem to have any reason in this show that i can figure out.
    Camera work
    I like how they use the shots of details to reflect the mood of the scene. Granted, it is pretty cliche, but I still like it.
    What i don’t like it the long shots with the two people standing and looking at each other – drives me batty even though i know it is a way to show how emotionally far apart they are but still.
    There are some very abrupt shifts in scenes that are jarring, but I don’t let it bother me.
    I’ve written it before but I like the idea of exploring the integrity of how we use the internet. Let’s face it, most of us *raises hand* spend the majority of our days connecting to the web in some way or another. If we aren’t careful what and how we search and read, our intentions can be manipulated. Hence VPNs that some people use.
    It isn’t a perfect show and they use a LOT of cliches, but not all are done in the usual way.
    Mostly though I like that strong women are the focus of the show for once and that I still have to stop and think about it now and then when they are talking about the ethics of this or that. I like that.
    I still like fluff and there are some shows that are fun to watch because they are so bad *Carrot boy*.
    Overall I’ll continue to enjoy how you are able to dissect shows apart and do it in a way that is funny and understandable.
    Thanks for the early morning challenge to explain coherently why I enjoy a show for what it is.
    Enjoy the summer solstice!


      Let me say it this way don’t waste time on JKY, just watch it for the women being badass with baseball bats and smart brains, that all you need today.


      Hahaha thank you for coming back to this and accepting my challenge.
      I know it was a bit forward of me perhaps to push for it since not everyone looks at shows the way I do, but I really appreciate it because it’s the only way I can know more about a show I’m not watching.
      So thank you. This is a very good concise list covering everything in the drama and what I should expect.

      It’s winter here but I’ll try enjoy myself.. 😅


        To be honest @sicarius – your writing always impresses me and intimidates me a bit too as it’s been so long since I really played with writing. It’s hard for me to be critical of kdramas – maybe because I don’t really expect a lot. Tbh – I can go ON and ON about how much I hate the current ‘orange thing’ in our white house. So apparently I am capable of well thought criticism.

        I love your sh*tposts and how they make me rethink about the dramas. So thanks again!


Tonight is the longest night.
Happy Midwinter peasants.

*thank God the sun is coming back*
*also why do some people call the solstices the start of the season and not midwinter and midsummmer? never made sense to me*


Unfortunately for Angel\’s Last Mission my investment in this show has slid dramatically downhill and honestly it wasn\’t really ever on firm footing in the beginning.
And because I\’m trying to give myself more grace to drop things, but still want to know how this ends, I will skip episodes 11-14 and watch the ending.
One of my ex friends got mad at me when I did something similar with books but we\’re not friends anymore so I don\’t care.

That just leaves me one trashy show to shitpost my way through (The Horse And His Carrot Boy) and one ridiculous but secretly excellent show that is finishing next week (gee I wonder), and nothing else currently I am watching.

So Beanies,
I may just pick up an already finished show I\’ve been meaning to watch for yonks, but if I had to pick up an airing show, out of Search WWW, One Spring Night, or My Absolute Boyfriend.

Now I know a lot of you will just want to praise in your reasoning, particularly for two of those, but indulge critical, cynical me for a minute would you and give me one reason you don\’t like the show/one reason I I may not want to watch the show/one negative, along with all the good stuff.
I get highly suspicious of shows that recieve nothing but praise ok. And no show is perfect, but we all have different levels of tolerance for imperfections.

I know lots of the answers to this will probably be sassy and rightly so, but I really am looking for a midshow critique of some of these.

(Also while I\’m at it, did anyone watch Room 9 and is it worth watching??)


    Watch Spring Night. I’m not watching 😜


    **Contains spoilers**

    One Spring Night
    – Reasona I don’t like the show: The main girl’s dad… But horrible parents in Kdramaland isn’t a new thing & how the feelings of the main girl seems to be moving so quickly, even though the main guy keeps telling her that he will wait for her and encourages her to take her time going to him. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t want to/feels bad for making him wait?? I dunno. But, like, her feels when from hanging about in the 6-7 range to full out “I love you” as soon as she broke up with her ex

    – Good stuff: Everything else?? If I’m not being too nit-picky/ dissecting it down to the last crumb


    I watched Angel and WWW a bit and dropped both. Not feeling it. Lots are covering the show on the wall, I can get a grasp of what is happening without even watching 😅. Same goes to Night Spring.

    I already watched Zettai Kareshi, so I don’t watch Absolute Boyfriend.

    Not helpful. I know. I just wanted to comment too. Hahahaha


    I’m only watching My Absolute Boyfriend.

    I think you will enjoy this only if you are still thinking there exists a perfect man or you are an ardent fan of Yeo Jin Goo.
    The positives:
    – love bot shenanigans
    – YJG being cute
    – YJG’s wide smiles
    – YJG’s bulked up body(stare at it and forget that he’s a ’97)

    – love bot cheesiness
    – YJG being cute
    – YJG’s wide smiles
    – YJG’s bulked up body(because you can’t forget he’s ’97)


    Good question. I’m enjoying ALML and TSLOMS for the fluff and i can turn off my brain.
    But I like WWW and how they are talking about the ethics of controlling searches on the internet. The romance isn’t doing anything for me – but I like that it makes me think about what I’m doing when I Google EVERYTHING. Really if I need to know what a word means in one of my docs, I google it before I ask the engineer.
    If I have a problem with my car or computer – I Google it. But this show makes me wonder about what I’m entering in the search bar and why certain things come up.
    Also, the women are all totally BAD ASS and I’m enjoying it – though they are only hinting at a same sex love – but for now I’ll take what I can get.
    Also Nokdu Flower is excellent with the acting but also how it’s following history very closely.
    there you go – my recommendations and why…..

    Couldn’t get through Room 9 – but only due to lack of time.


      I kind think WWW is all over the place. Some of the scenes seem completely out of place (like the weird rain scene in no-signal-land, or the weird stop-and-turn-away scene involving Park Morgan), and the plot as a whole seems to be meandering a lot (the romance has become more prominent, but this just makes it seem like the show has lost focus because the 6 month challenge is the central part of the plot). I like all of the characters though.


        Thank you Maq. This is kind of what I’m looking for. Another take on, in this case WWW, other than just “the woman are badass!” or something along those lines. I know they are. Everyone says they are! Now what about the rest of it?! hahaha


          The two themes I see are one, loneliness, and two, the ethical issues on the boundary between private and public lives. I *think* they are laying the ground work for some interesting looks on the second theme. Whether they go there and execute well …


        @smaltwalt – I agree it is a bit all over the place, but when I step back and look at this, maybe they are going to pull it all together in the end. At least that is what I’m hoping for. Maybe I’m just an optimist, but that is what I’m hoping for.
        Personally we could just skip those weird rain scenes with Park Morgan – they don’t make any sense – like a different director is doing those parts. My hope is that he will somehow become more a part of the work plot, and not a romance plot. But I can use the FF button any time.


      And the negatives?


        The quasi romance plot and the cliche evil chaebol MIL. The scenes switch around pretty choppy – but then i like how they shot the one of Scarlett and Tammy walking over with the baseball bats and destroying the car. That and the music was very enjoyable – at least for me.


    I haven’t watched OSN besides the first two episodes, so I’m not qualified to talk about it.

    I’m barely hanging on with Absolute Boyfriend. The main female protagonist seems very immature, as is the robot Young-gul. The robot can be forgiven given he’s a “newborn” in a sense and not human in any case. Da-da on the other hand… The competition between Ma Wang-joon and Young-gu is exhausting and not really all that entertaining or cute. Ma Wang-joon in general is a bit of an asshole. The interactions between Young-gu and Da-da are nice I guess, but I don’t really think there’s anything exceptional in their dynamic.

    I would recommend The Secret Life of My Secretary if you’re not already watching. It’s fluffy and cute, but at least it knows what it is, doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t, and does what it’s supposed to do quite well. Jin Ki-joo is really good in this; I was left kind of unsure about her after Come and Hug Me, but her performance in this one is really quite solid.


    I’m enjoying WWW, but I personally think that this show hit that weird middle position where it’s not fluffy enough for me to just completely turn off my brain whenever there’s something that bothered me, and yet there’s also not enough care placed into the plot and character development that I can dissect it without make it crumble. I enjoy the main romance between Im Soo-jung and Jang Ki-young when it involved witty banter or candid conversation, but sometimes the writer got too indulgent and over dramatic about them gazing at or touching each other. And it’s contrasted sharply with the workplace drama part of the story (which, imho, is the best part of WWW). Also, I find the director’s tendency to use wide shot of two people talking with considerable distance between them and very little movements kinda distracting. It’s probably some sort of symbolism, but somehow it always ended up bother me too much to pay attention to the story.


    I’d go for One Spring Night. I’ll start with the negatives. The pace is very slow, which in general allows for more tension and character development, but sometimes makes scenes feel indulgent. I love Ahn Pan-seok as a director, but he can be a little too lingering. Sometimes I feel like nothing is happening, and I wish he’d pick up the pace. Also, there’s an insufferable parent, although this is fast-forwardable so far. I’m hoping that doesn’t get out of hand in episodes to come.

    Onto positives, the acting is on-point with great chemistry from the leads. All the characters seem like real people with flaws. The cinematography is beautiful. It provides a thoughtful look at social issues surrounding relationships in a way that doesn’t feel overly moralistic or too simplistic. I really like that the main character is a single dad (with a freakin’ adorable child), which isn’t seen everyday in dramaland, and the kid is not relegated to the sidelines in the story.

    I also like WWW, but I agree with everything pointed out by @gadis and @smaltwalt .

    I dropped My Absolute Boyfriend around episode 5. Couldn’t get into that one at all.


    Search WWW: I’m only on episode 3 so some things may have changed. The romance with Tae Mi and Morgan took a bigger place and it felt forced. They were trying hard to make them seem like witty adults and it fell flat for me. The individual character’s storylines still need to be developed because we know them only on a superficial level. My general impression from it is a show wanting to address various actual issues but it didn’t find a good balance yet.

    One Spring Night: My problem is why Ji Ho and Jung In feel so hard for each other. Love doesn’t need a reason but their interactions are about their possible relationship, whether to keep it going on or how much the other person is amazing. They do not spend enough time to really know each other, so the whole sticking together for their love isn’t convincing to me. But it could just be me who isn’t fond of “love against the world/society” type of romance. The pace is slow… so slow that I speed watch x2 or x1,5.

    Room 9: Body swap is my catnip so I watched it, of course. From my vague memories, there’s CPR involved in this one too. Kim Young Kwang must like it. His character is the young girl kept in the dark who is helplessly in love with a jerk lawyer (Kim Hee Sun’s character). Kim Hae Sook as the lawyer trapped in a prisoner body was great. The mystery around it was kinda meh and it went a bit into makjang territory in the middle.
    The ending was surprinsingly satisfying tho. It tied things up well for all characters.


Stray Kidz mini Album ClΓ© 2: Yellow Wood Review
*not lyrics because I couldn’t be bothered and because somehow I spent three hours today writing two other essays that are not this and three hours making playlists on Spotify and got nothing done I was supposed to*

Road Not Taken
That intro is a very well-known sample cos it’s in an Avicii song isn’t it???
You know, I feel like Chan should be a DJ. Why isn’t he making money off being a DJ
Oh that just went two places really weird.
It’s interesting but I don’t think I like it.
Too heavy on the synth for me this one.
It also really didn’t hold up on second listen. Too much going on.
I know all the pieces to it were intentional, I just don’t like them altogether. Kinda made me want to drill a hole in my head. Sorry Chan.

*insert link to my breakdown of Side Effects on the post below here*

These are gonna be hard to judge, because they’re mixtape songs and I’m super 3racaha bias and so I will be comparing. Deal with it.

Mixtape 1 Placebo —
Now, I really like the mixtape one. It’s heavy on the rapping and the beat style is quite unique; it’s heavy but not overpowering.
I don’t really like the group version nearly as much.
For one, it’s way tamer. More mainstream EDM than experimental. Especially in the chorus. The chorus in the mixtape version is way more unique and I like it much more.
Secondly, it’s also cleaner. It just sounds more like something anyone could release- 3racha have a raw feel to them that I really like. Tis what makes mixtapes so special.
Thirdly, not that the rest of them can’t rap ok or even well, but Jisung and Changbin are SO good, they’re really hard to beat. I’m super into the verses in the mixtape version; not so much full group.
Less people is a good thing sometimes. I sometimes wonder if the reason I don’t like the group songs as much is because Chan is still learning how to write for so many people.
Skidz should learn the brilliance of SVT’s unit system and have B-tracks that focus on different team member’s strengths.

Mixtape 2κ·Έλ¦Όμžλ„ 빛이 μžˆμ–΄μ•Ό 즌재 (lit. translation: If there is a shadow, there must be light) —
Now this was one song I hadn’t heard the mixtape version of before because it was deleted for some reason, and I haven’t seen the MV, so I listened to that first.
Mixtape Ver:
Ahh this is much more the chill hip hop I like. Apparently they didn’t write this beat though, they must have sampled it. Does drag a little.
Skidz version:
Okay first of all I totally called them all singing together at the end and all the music cutting out. It was just where this song had to go. It was predictable. Because this is to Skidz what Love Letter is to Seventeen.
It’s just nice. Chill and mellow and thoughtful. I feel like I can hear what the lyrics are about even though I haven’t read them.
The back beat is entirely different to the mixtape version and is less hip hop, but I may actually like it more?
The cleaned up sound works much better for this song than the last one.
It’s probably still 50 seconds too long though and I feel like I don’t have quite enough investment in Skidz as people or as vocalists to really love it. It’s THAT song that fans will love and adore but I’m just like β€œcool it’s nice” for now.

Mixtape 3 For You–
I’m conflicted. The bridge is better in this and there are a lot of cool details to the music throughout the whole thing which are nice, a guitar riff here, a sound effect there, some maracas there, a drum line here, but it’s lost some of its PIZAZZ that the mixtape version had with the driving Latina style (?) guitar throughout the whole thing.
It’s not technically BAD, it’s just that with the original I automatically start jamming and then with this one I go, β€œoh, it’s nice, I guess”.
The original was more indie; this is cleaner, tamer, more kpoppy and somehow more boring and that makes me sad.
Also, Skidz Version has 17 seconds of Changbin rapping vs 3Racaha’s 36.
Any version that gives him fewer lines is automatically not as good as the version that gives him lots. Sorry but it’s true.

Mixtape 4 Broken Compass –
Ah No. This version has, and yes I’m saying this, Too Much Going On.
Too much. The original is good because it is kept simple and that gives it impact. The minimal beat and percussion puts the emphasis on the lyrics and the rapping. In this… the music detracts from everything. In attempt to make this different and remixed, they took away what made the original good.
The middle bit is overproduced. It’s hard to hear what’s going on, and I actually stopped before the end because it was too much. Sometimes less is better.
I also think this is one of those songs that doesn’t lend itself to lots of members. Breaking it into 9 just makes it sound more incohesive. It should’ve stayed as a 3racha song.

Also… The original has like the best Changbin verse in it ever, no 9 member version is gonna top that. They’re just not.

Conclusion: In a feat of irony the title track was my favourite off this mini album, and now, brb I’m gonna go listen to 3RACHA’s mixtapes on repeat again.


    @ultramafic @hades
    I have no lyfe
    quite literally at the moment


      Haha. I’m not super familiar with the original tracks tbh. I need to go relisten. 3racha is more niche for sure, and I love their sound, but I’m not sure their sound could even translate over to SKZ. And I don’t think it should (I don’t think that’s what you were arguing, either, I think you were just saying the 3racha sound is better than the SKZ sound). Good point on wondering if Chan knows how to write for that many voices, still.

      “Skidz should learn the brilliance of SVT’s unit system and have B-tracks that focus on different team member’s strengths.” I’ve thought this a lot (I’m not familiar with SVTs system at all). There are times SKZ gives someone an entire verse and I think “This sounds great, why don’t we do this more kids?” I wish they’d pick the couple voices that work best with that particular track and let them shine.

      I have gotten to know the boys a lot and feel invested in them so the music definitely has an impact for me. I liked all the mixtapes. Also, it’s hard to fully get a song without at least glancing at the lyrics. They add a lot of meaning for me.

      I liked TMT on the first listen and have liked it less each time. Side Effects has been the opposite.

      Thanks for the essay!


        (I did go relisted to make this essay if it makes you feel better lol)
        I’m not sure it should translate either. Maybe be that’s my point. I think 3racha songs should stay as 3racha songs, and not be remade to try and fit Skidz. Unless you’re gonna release them as a unit song.

        SVT has this unit system, they have three units. They don’t promote separately but they do sometimes get separate MVs.
        There’s the Hip Hop Unit, which is their main rap line, the Vocal Unit, and the Performance Unit which is like their main dance line.
        In every single album they have maybe two to four whole group songs, one song for each unit, and often a couple of B-tracks that are made up of not the whole team, but whoever fits the song best.
        This means that everyone gets a chance to shine. It is and that they all get to try or help with producing and lyric writing, and their differences are spread over the whole album and since there’s 13 of them I think it’s a great way of doing it.
        Even smaller groups like Block B and BTS have “unit” or solo songs to show of members strengths in albums. I think Skidz especially with so many people needs to do the same.
        I need more full rap songs to show off Changbin and Jisung’s strengths, instead of just treating then like a gimmick, I need a different kind of song to show off the vocalists. Etc etc. Hopefully as he grows we’ll see more of that idk.

        Agree with you about TNT and Side Effects haha.

        I really should look at lyrics more haha.
        Truth be told I wrote this whole thing and then realised I hadn’t even looked at lyrics at all and was just like “screw it I’ll just post this I don’t have time” hahaha
        I will probably go back and skim through them though.
        I’ve tried explaining to Hades how my interest in lyrics works but I dunno if it makes sense.
        For people like Jiyong and Zico and Block B I’ll 100% read lyrics. For BTS I used to.
        If something in the song makes me want to check them out I’ll go find lyrics.
        And I love lyrics. I’m a poet.
        But often the music is enough of a draw that I don’t bother because part of the reason I listen to Kpop at all is because it’s not in English lol.


          “I need more full rap songs to show off Changbin and Jisung’s strengths, instead of just treating then like a gimmick” Yess, this. Though I disagree they’re treated like a gimmick, I think skz usually does a good job of incorporating the rap well into the songs, and often make the raps the highlight, while so many other k pop groups jam it in. (I think I’ve said this before like 10 times, whatever). There just isnt much song per person to go around.

          I love the idea of having different groups–having a rap line and a vocal line, having them come together on some tracks and split up on others. But some do both often, like Chan and Han and Felix and even Seungmin on occasion, (Also I think Changbin has a good singing voice but we rarely hear it) so I don’t know how they’d work that all out. Though the one thing I love about kpop is that we get solid rap and vocal lines in the same song, so I’d hate to lose that. I would miss the rapping in the vocal songs for SKZ

          I really like the NCT U idea, where they pull whoever is needed from the main NCT groups and it’s not a fair distribution. But I worry fans would get upset that their bias isn’t in enough songs.

          eh better to get it out. I like getting a feel for the song through the lyrics, though even after reading them it’s hard to actually hear or think of that lyric when it’s in another language. But I have liked songs more when I understood the meaning behind them and it makes the song feel more intimate if the lyrics are also intimate and expressive. (Skz does this a lot for me, the mixtapes really spoke to me in parts). I still always feel like I’m never quite getting the meaning since it’s translated (often unofficially). It’s nice Korean songs have English bits so I can at least sing along to something.

          In English-language music, lyrics are so important to me, almost more important than the music itself, so it’s an interesting contrast.


    comparing mixtape 2 to love letter was an amazing comparison I somehow did not think of. sic the queen. truly.


I like that it didn’t force everyone to scream sing in a register only dogs can hear.
I liked the base drop.
First listen it did not sound particularly cohesive but I’ll listen to it again with more brain power.


    What did you think about “Miroh”?


      The song? Have I not shared that somewhere…
      I thought I wrote about it on Greenie’s wall when it came out. I’m sure of it actually because we talked about the lack of bridge.
      Uh… it was ok but I thought it got boring, and as I have since discussed with @ultramafic, whilst I appreciate the attempt at “different” structure in Miroh, it was still too repetitive and didn’t develop as a song fully because of that. I liked other songs off that album more.
      Overall I still like 3rachas mixtapes more than Skidz songs, and I have yet to fully love any of their title tracks but I AM NOT is my favourite album of theirs as a group and Awaken probably one of their best, and one of my favourite songs.
      You didn’t ask for that info but I’m giving it to you yesterday.


        I was listening to “Kids of Yesterday” by MCR writing this, sorry.


        Oh except for Hellavator. I love Hellavator.
        Which I liked when it first came out and they hadn’t even debuted lol


          That’s my favorite song of theirs. Everything just works. They show off their singing well, the chorus is hella catchy, and it just flows.


            Their rapping is what drew me in. It’s one of those that’s a very good case study for Sic’s opinion on the Korean language lending itself to some really awesome rapping delivery.


        Seconding your thoughts on Miroh. I found it very interesting when it opened but then it was the same thing over and over again.


        The mixtapes are amazing!


        Miroh was more of a sound experience, and was purposefully repetitive to create a sort of anthem/protest feel. I don’t get tired of listening to it, but can’t argue that it’s not repetitive and that can get old for people quick.

        I love all my 9 children equally, but Adi and I wonder often why 3racha didn’t debut as a group. I hope and pray they will still put out their own albums.


          Yes definitely. They are so talented and do most of the work producing so I need to know the thought process on the whole thing. Who wanted it and why did they change.


          Listening to Miroh again, because of this, lol thanks, I can kind of feel the protest feel. But I definitely didn’t feel that either visually or musically the first five times I listened to it.
          I think Miroh is one of Chan’s experiments, that unfortunately didn’t work so well for me, no matter what he was trying to do, I think it was one of those songs that didn’t work as well as it could’ve. He has stronger pieces both musically and thematically.

          3racha- Boy groups make money. Three person hip hop crews in JYP? Not as much of a sound marketing scheme. Also survival shows are popular.


    It’s just so jarring and the sections feel so purposely disjointed (though they repeat sections, but sometimes in really different ways). Especially when Felix and Changbin come in midway, it’s just out of nowhere. The middle sections are almost dreamlike, as if the trance sections wake them up to some hyperreality. And then it ends with a long trance almost like the pain wins out, and idk what that means either. I need to think about it more when I’m not supposed to be working, but I think it’s a cool song.


      Yeah I found it jarring too but because of the deliberate visual shift, with the yellow filter, on top of the music changes, I was like “this feels on purpose I’ll come back to it tomorrow and analyse it a bit more”


      So I found the structure for this song, I don’t know how typical it is but it seems somewhat typical of a structure, but when you hear it, it doesn’t sound like it. The first chorus sounds so different from the second chorus, the first and second post-choruses sound different, the verses don’t mimic each other. The bridge is pretty long, it ends with the hook. So it’s the distinct breaks and changes of course in the music itself that make this seem off-kilter rather than anything in the structure.

      Chorus: Seungmin, Bang Chan
      Post-Chorus: Felix, Hyunjin, Lee Know
      Verse 1: Han
      Hook: All
      Chorus: Woojin, Seungmin
      Post-Chorus: Lee Know, Seungmin, Hyunjin
      Verse 2: Felix, Changbin
      Hook: All
      Bridge: Hyunjin, Changbin, Bang Chan
      Verse 3: I.N, Han, Bang Chan, Felix
      Hook/Outro: Felix, All


        So, I found this structure online too. I don’t agree with it. In fact it only confused me more when analyzing the song.
        I’m not a professional but I can have an informed technical opinion so I’m going to completely ignore this structure and make my own. *coughs*

        So. My break down of the song.
        On first listen I have to admit that it did not sound cohesive and the strange music shifts around the rapping particularly were jarring. I was ready to dismiss this song as a clunky thing just trying too hard but the deliberate filter in the MV on some of the music changes, and knowing now a bit of how Chan works made me go “no come back to this tomorrow”.
        And I’m glad I did. Because on second listen it immediately starts to make more sense.
        Honestly, this is very impressive. Because the only other person I know of who makes music confusing on first listen but brilliant every other time after that, is Zico. And Zico is my favourite Korean composer of all time. I don’t think Chan is even nearly up to his standard for many reasons, but still the fact I’m even mentioning them in the same sentence is a one heck of a step in the right direction.

        The structure is somewhat hard to explain because the lyrics have different parts that are repeated to what musical parts are repeated. But I will just break this down into overall sections and then explain the inner workings of each section.
        Lyric structure is letters (abc, I is the intro, dashes indicate repeats), music structure is numbers (123, plus sign indicates something is added to the motif the second or third time).

        I 1
        A- 2
        B 3
        C 3
        D– 4
        A- 1+
        E— 2
        F 3
        G 3
        D– 4
        H 1+
        E— 2
        D– 4+


          So that is the general consensus from pretty much every reaction I’ve seen–very off put at first, but it gets better and better each listen. It was kind of fun to watch the twitterverse hate it at first and then a day later it’s everyone’s fav track.

          I am a fan of Zico but have not broken him down at all. But I had “Bermuda Triangle” in my playlist and hadn’t heard it in a loooong time, and I listened to it and thought “why did I put this in my playlist, something about this sounds off” and then I listened again and thought “Wait this sounds great wtf” So I believe you. It’s nice to hear Chan has the talent and potential. This was a big step and a big gamble for SKZ and makes me excited to continue to follow them.


            Lmao! That’s so funny.

            Zico my boy Zico I could write you books on him hahaha.
            And yes! Bermuda Triangle is EXACTLY one of those songs that does this!!!
            Bβˆ† is so weird on first listen I was so confused when it came out, but then the more I listened to it the more it blew my mind.
            It is such a phenomenal song. Every time I listen to it I get something more out of it. This is the same with a lot of Zico’s songs, for himself or others and it’s part of the reason I like him so much. Ahhh if I talk your ear off about I’m sorry but I love discussing music haha

            I feel like Chan is my peak potential rookie obsession. Like I will keep wanting more and more and better and better from him because I know he’s capable of it hahaha.


            @sicarius I think I already told you Zico was my first ever k pop song that I heard and liked, so that’s something special.

            Haha no problem, I like discussing it as well. I definitely go more by feel with songs and tend to not have time to break them down often, but it’s fun when I can and when I read others opinions. I’ll have to give Zico a solid listen. I usually end up coming across his stuff by accident.

            I want them to give Chan (and 3racha) more time between albums. I’m convinced he’d already written half of the I am series before they debuted, or at least had the ideas in mind. I hope they get a lot of time for Cle 3, but I bet they’ll push them to release it at the end of summer/early fall. I like the phrase “peak potential rookie obsession” so so much haha.


        I 1 Intro
        A- 2 Verse 1, Part 1
        B 3 Verse 1, Part 2
        C 3 Pre-chorus rap
        D– 4 Chorus/Dance Break
        A- 1+ Verse 2, Part 1. Repeating the first half of V1, pretty normal in some verse structures, however to change it up this has a different music background and I think it’s a register up. I thought the music was entirely different but I’m pretty sure it’s just the intro motif with a bit extra.
        E— 2 Verse 2, Part 2. Same β€œsection” of the verse as B, but the music is the same as A from the first time. Nice staggering there.
        F 3 This is an added part to the Prechorus to throw us all off and sound weird and cool and to change things up in the second verse to keep it interesting. This is Felix’s part.
        G 3 Prechorus rap. Same build as C, different lyrics ofc.
        D– 4 Chorus / Dance Break
        H 1+ Bridge, again I thought this was different music but it’s just the intro piano motif with more added stuff.
        E— 2 Now this is something I see done in Block B songs. A throwback to a verse after the bridge. This is just part of V2 repeated. It’s not a third verse. It’s just part of V2 added to the bridge to extend it. Very Good does this, except Very Good does this like three times in the second half of the song and it’s really weird and makes no sense. This is like the tame version of a Block B song lol. (Except if it were Block B it wouldn’t be EDM.)
        D– 4+ And the final β€œChorus” dance break with a little bit extra in it to sound different for the final time, Chan does this in almost all of his final choruses and it’s a really strong point of his writing.

        So essentially I saw this structure as a typical V1, PC, C, V2, PC, C, B, C, C structure but each time it β€œrepeated” something, it changed something different or added something each time to make it more interesting. Thus Verse 2 and the second Prechorus changes and adds to the structure and music of V1 and PC1, but still keeps the main overall structure.
        This is why it sounded weird and in cohesive the first time round. Every time after that it makes so much more sense, and is even clever in a way. It’s not overly complex, but it uses a basic structure and then adds to it to keep you engaged. Which is pretty smart, and something I appreciate. I like my interest to be kept throughout a whole song.
        I also really like how the music winds up like a cork screw and then all heck breaks loose in the chorus, the beat of which would work so well in a science fiction movie about literal side effects. Once again Chan and his ability to use music as a sound effect to mimic a metaphor in the lyrics is on point.
        I guess my only quibble now with this song is that music motif 2 reminds me too much of BTS and that it’s very heavy EDM. lol

        I don’t know why the online structure calls what I’m calling β€œA”, the chorus. It’s only repeated twi


        It’s only repeated twice and it feels nothing like a chorus and the background music changes too much.
        I don’t know if you can call a base drop and dance break with minimal lyrics a chorus either (my D), but this is the main motif everything builds to, and is repeated thrice, and many kpop songs have β€œDance breaks” instead of traditional choruses these days as EDM becomes more heavily fused with it. So I’m calling it a chorus.

        I wrote this whole thing on something else which I may post later for you, and I still need to listen to the whole album so I’ll be back with thoughts on that too.


          I liked the breakdown so much, thanks for writing it. Smart to break it down by lyrics and also music. I was looking mostly at the lyrics to figure out the structure.

          TBH I don’t know exactly what qualifies as a hook, and if it’s own musical element, and I notice you left that term completely off. I think hook can supersede a lot of the other terms and maybe isn’t useful (a chorus, line, verse can be a hook). It makes more sense that the dance break is the chorus, for the reasons you said. And the lead up raps make more sense as pre-chorus rather than a verse.

          I remember thinking how lovely the intro was and thinking “why isn’t this used more later?” since I only heard it in the bridge again. But I’m hearing it more now underneath the verse that you pointed out.

          F3 is sooo jarring when you first hear it (thank god they put the strongest visual cue at that point to help), but on later listens when you anticipate it, it’s very satisfying and cool.

          E-2 threw me off, I thought it was part of the bridge or a new verse or something, but nice callback.

          I like seeing how they essentially mixed and matched lyrical and musical elements. And yes, when you break it down, it’s a bit complicated but not overly so, and each element builds so nicely on the previous. I’ve heard the song quite a few (*cough* SO MANY) times now and still haven’t gotten sick of it.

          It’s frustrating how many people are hearing this and saying “This is so weird” and dismissing it without taking time to really give it a listen.

          Also, I don’t know if you looked at the lyrics at all, but how they integrate with the music is nice and as a whole package it’s really well done.

          I am invested in this group so it’s satisfying that the title track they chose is more musically interesting. (so many were saying they wished it was TMT or the intro). And this is probably their most ambitious song to date.

          I wish you would post this to twitter so more people could see it! (Or let me, ha)

          Hope your wrists are ok!


            So despite my bellyaching about others, I’m realizing how many songs I hear once and think “Not for me” and then don’t revisit. And Side Effects is making me question that. (A lot of other SKZ songs sound better after a few listens, also).


            You’re welcome! I had fun haha.

            Honestly… I’m not sure what a “hook” is either. I don’t have any formal musical theory training, I just go off what I can hear and the basics. I would’ve thought a hook was more an exact musical component though and could be anywhere? Like an exact set of chords or something. Idk.
            It was easier to leave it out.

            F3 was the most jarring!!! But come second and third listen I was like “Ah I see what you’re doing! Okay yeah this is cool” hahaha you definitely end up anticipating it.

            Actually probably my favourite thing about this song is the mixing and matching if same pieces.

            Ah that’s typical haha.
            Lots of people only go off first listen. I mean I do for lots of things too. But then I learn that some artists are Clever little so and sos and I’d benefit from a second listen.

            I did look at the lyrics! Haha I kind of had to because i was analysing structure pfft. I really liked them actually, especially Changbin’s verse, that really hit home with me.

            Ugh no I’m glad it wasn’t TMT haha. TMT was very clearly experimental also but … Idk but I’m glad it wasn’t the title. The intro was just an intro it can’t be a title on its own hahahaha
            I dont know about most ambitious, Mask of Memories was very ambitious haha. (Oh my gosh I need to reply to your thing on that shit I’m so sorry!) But it’s definitely both one of their stronger and more out there title tracks (except I only started analysing Skidz from Miroh… >_>)

            You can post it on twitter sure! I don’t have twitter, deliberately so, but you can post it if you like. Just credit me haha.
            Do you want it in a better format, like a word doc or something?

            Wrists are alright, I wore my braces all of yesterday which helped.


            @sicarius coool I will see if I can figure out how to get it onto twitter. That format is fine.

            Yes, it’s an (I don’t want to say easy, but efficient) way to keep things interesting, to do that mixing and matching.

            Part of the ambitiousness is making it a title track. And maybe ambitious isn’t the right word, cause Maze of Memories was very ambitious even if it didn’t quite reach the heights it set out for. Maybe I mean boldest.

            TMT is called the stepped up Young Wings by some, and YW was always one of my least fav SKZ tracks. I don’t know why. I just never liked it much. It’s also called their most GOT7-like song, so maybe that’s the only explanation I need.

            Changbin is so hit or miss with me for lyrics. Since I don’t speak Korean it’s hard to tell for sure, but it feels like he often goes for style over substance, like cool sounding words that maybe don’t totally make sense, while I feel Jisung can do both. But then I wonder if some things are just lost in translation. These ones of Changbin’s I liked, especially the end.

            I guess I need to figure out who the clever groups are then haha

            Oh good! Glad you had the braces on. I can’t imagine all that typing without those.


      I just spent all morning writing you an essay and I haven’t even listened to the song again yet.
      I guess today is a skidz day. I will come back when I have everything written down lol. Pray for my wrists pfft


Catching up with Angel\’s Last Smishion is hard. I shouldn\’t have delayed watching last week\’s episodes.
*You\’re starting to dream of what you wish for*
Oh yes I too wish to be a small human child who drowns. Who doesn\’t.
*eyeroll* *switches off* *liberally ffwwds*


Can I just say, Veronica Park has the best earring game and I need the name of her earring dealer stat.


Shout-out to the Tina Davidsson, Swedish kpop fan who does unboxings on youtube who not only has the largest kpop collection I’ve ever seen but colour codes her shelves and alphabetizes her disc draws, and I get the weirdest satisfaction kick out of watching her organisation videos, like this one!
She’s an archivist btw. IRL. As you can tell by her excellent organization skills of not only her collection, but also of her youtube channel itself.

Oh to have this many kpop albums so I could colour code them.
I just collect books and tetris them so that I can fit 124 books and 8 cds on a single shelf instead which is definitely an earthquake hazard but then so is my antique bottle collection.


Okay OkaySecret Lyfe of My Secretary lemme just reorganize my thoughts a bit here after that wtfery at the beginning.

Because you know what, this drama is still weirdly good.

A list of great things about this episode:
Min Ik crying and making up with Dae Ju, because bromance.
Gal Hee crying into her brother\’s shoulder because that\’s what older brothers are for.
Min Ik telling his mum about the peanuts.
Veronica Park.
The cast heart. (Please raise your hand if you would do the same. 🙋)
Gal Hee and her sister Nam Hee and the mirror of situations between Gal Hee and Min Ik.
\”Hiding is worse than lying\”
Veronica freaking Park.

And even though the background to the drama at the start is based on probably the most insane turn of events since goodness knows what and even though turning over Min Ik\’s face blindness to the enemy is MEAN, I mean I can\’t even hate Secretary Batwoman that much. BECAUSE SHE HAS A DECENT MOTIVATION. like wtf. This show is INSANE and yet the villain? Thing? Fish cult leader? Has a good motivation? What the hell.
The other directors are two dimensional as frik but Secretary Batwoman isn\’t!!!!

If The Horse and His Carrot Boy makes me question on a daily basis how such a great team of writers could have fallen so far then The Secretary Lyfe of My Secret makes me question on a daily basis how the frik this show is, 80% The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever and 20% actually great, works.
Because it does! It shouldn\’t but it does.
The actors are definitely the biggest seller no questions asked, and the director is good but even the writer, when they\’re not doing CRAZY SHIT with the plot has decent enough character writing for me to write about and honestly it\’s the biggest twist since whatever the last thing was to have a big twist.

I was expecting this show to crash and burn by now.
Why am I more invested in this than when I started.


So I was right when I called them a fish cult then…


Sic before watching The Secret Life of My Secretary Episode 13: yeah no were not gonna say anything, where just gonna watch something in peace for once, no live reacts no shitposts no nothing and go to bed on time
Sic 1:46 into the Episode: YEAH NO YOU WHAT NOW?


See @greenfields I talk SO MUCH I forget when I’m trying to get a significant screenshot of my own. Comments are under my control and yet I’ve missed both 18881 and 19000. *smh*
(I got 18181 and 18081 though so yay I guess)