Hey y’all know Screen Rant’s Pitch Meeting series on YouTube right?

Yeah well…

Her Private Lyfe Episode 15 Pitch Meeting Excerpt:

“So then we’re gonna reveal that Deok Mi’s mother looked after a lost child for a month and left him on the steps of an orphanage because she couldn’t cope suddenly and that child was Heo Yoon Jae”

“Isnt that like illegal kidnapping? There are police stations in Korea aren’t there?”

“Well yeah but I just thought since yaknow Ryan had his mum drama Deok mi needs some too”

“No, no she doesn’t but ok.
Have you got any ideas for how you’re gonna resolve this last minute drama?”

“Yeah actually bit will be super easy, barely an inconvenience.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah we’re just gonna reveal Something Else as a distraction”

“and what would that be?”

“Deok Mi actually has a long dead younger brother that she forgot due to blunt force trauma to her head in the car accident he died in and her parents never told her about him even though she’s 33 and-”

“I’m sorry we’re gonna do what now”

“Reveal she has a sibling she forgot about who died a long time ago as a distraction and justification for her mother’s actions”

“Why would we do that”

“Well I thought it would mirror nicely with Ryan’s long lost brother who is alive, and it would be a fun plot twist if Deok Mi’s family was actually really screwed up and uses obsession as a coping mechanism to hide their deep set 30 year old bitterness and regret in comparison to Ryan’s family again that is actually nice and whole and functional ”

“No, no that wouldn’t be fun at all.
Also that makes no sense”

“Right well we also have to get this thing up to 16 episodes somehow anyway and forced conflict is an easy way to do that”

“Oh yeah forced conflict is tight”


    12 episodes. Korea, please consider 12 episodes the default setting for all romantic comedies.

    I have two positive take aways from episode 15:
    No noble idiocy
    Kim Jae Wook has a very good tailor.


      Crivens I can only freaking wish.

      No noble idiocy but enough kinds of other forced conflict for me to not forgive it that much.
      Yes to the tailor though haha.


      I agree! It could have easily ended at ep 14 when they said they loved each other. The end.


      But if 12 episodes they’d then include the forced conflict at episodes 9 and 10 …… then we’d be saying “It should be 8 episodes” ….. cue forced conflict at episodes 5 and 6 ….. you get the picture.


        lol then it turns into a web drama? ha ha ha


        Mmm yes there is a risk of that, certainly.
        Most 12 episode shows I’ve seen don’t actually have that problem though.
        I think what’s more likely actually is that they would rush the ending, a la Age of Youth.

        The thing is, what they don’t realise is that most 16 episode shows right NOW are 12 episoders, if they cut out the fluff and drag. They are already writing good 12 Episode shows, but they haven’t learnt to edit them and cut them beneficially, because they’re still stuck in the mindset that it has to be 16 cos that’s normal, and sometimes required by the station.
        To realise what needs to happen to make
        the Kdrama formula of storytelling even tighter and more efficient would take a lot of self awareness I don’t think the industry has unfortunately.

        They all know how to play by the rules (to varying extents of success) but they haven’t really learnt to break the rules, but keep the base formula, to make their story work the best, even though the Kdrama format lends itself to that adaptability very well.


    So I dropped this at episode 9. My theory that Ryan and Si An we’re brothers is correct. Yay.

    Now… I did not expect the abandoned child thing to involve Deok Mi’s mom. So she pseudo adopted the judo guy out of guilt? *blinks in disbelief* One question: how did Ryan end up in USA?


      I suspect they might be traveling in today’s (last) ep 16, according to the previews. If the Show dares leave one behind, I will scream.
      otherwise, I’ve enjoyed this piece of sugar-filled-for-grown-people fluff of a Show.


      Ryan was adopted by a family living in the US. I believe they said the adoptive mom was Korean, which is why he still speaks fluent Korean.


    They should have put a ring/nail on it last week and called it a finale. Now I’m just watching for the sake of closure and negated some of the fun I felt earlier.


    (For me) this post was more interesting than the show.