Day 10
The Blue Hour

When the sun had set but it is not dark yet not yet
And the sky is clear and endless but crowned in mountains deep
Here on the edge of the world
The stars are slow tonight as the Lady Twilight sorts through her filters
And all is awash in shades and hues of blue
And indigo and purple and turquoise
And diamond as Venus rises
The air gets cool, the kitchen lights flick on and the the curtains are pulled and the blue wraps around you like a silken cloak and you breath deep the fading day
The cats are out chasing the heat off the asphalt and out of the quiet streets
And still as the layers of blue thicken there on the horizon is still a strip of stained apricot
The dark comes
But first
The blue hour
Twilight she still reigns a moment more

~Love, February