Snarky and Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.

I feel like all I do here is complain these days. I feel like I can’t catch a break lately. Today wasn’t my breaking point, but being tough and doesn’t make you immune from feeling like sh*t when things are constantly going sideways.

I haven’t even been able to have one meal without an issue today. My cake was a bit salty, my lunch was expired, so I had to return in and get a different, subpar lunch, and somehow even my drink was flat and tasted weird. Then my dinner – they gave me the wrong burrito and it had pork in it (which I don’t eat for religious reasons) and then the second one they gave me to make up for it didn’t have the guac, which I paid extra for.

Usually this kind of stuff doesn’t bother me, and I just let it roll off my back. People make mistakes, things happen, it’s all good. I always smile and say thanks for fixing the issue when this kind of thing happens. More flies, honey, etc.

But honestly, it is f*cking exhausting today. I got condescended by an opposing counsel and got tongue-tied trying not to snark at him. Now I have go to court tomorrow to deal with a case I really hoped I didn’t need to think about for a while. And the judge in that case is an a**h*le and will probably overrule my motion anyway, but I have to try.

I also found out that my laptop, which died in October, is not just some easy fix – my hard drive is toast, and getting my files recovered won’t be cheap. So now I have to figure out if it’s worth it. It’s stupid, and it’s my fault for not backing up earlier though I meant to – life just got in the way – but I really want my stuff back. Like, honestly, I don’t have cash to throw around, but if I can save one g*dd*mn thing this year it may be worth it for my sanity.

I refuse to let all this break me.

I REFUSE. You hear me universe? I may be whiny and pissy but I’ll get through this. So F*CK YOU.

Right now, I’m gonna watch more Someday or One Day

Then, I’m gonna remember that Parasite defied the odds last night and made history.
I’m gonna remember that tomorrow I have boxing and can beat the sh*t out of a bag.
I’m gonna remember that I’ll see one my BFF’s tomorrow for dinner.
I’m gonna remember that I’ve dealt with condescending male attorneys in the past and been fine.
I’m gonna remember that I will have another set of your amazing and beautiful Love, February posts to read tomorrow.

Most of all, I’m gonna remember that I have you guys, this community that will listen to my whining but who also celebrates my wins with me. That I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m so thankful for you all. I honestly don’t know what I would do without this space.