finished The Wind Blows… it was very very good. having an aunt who suffered from Early Onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 50, who suffered from the disease for 20+ years (19 years spent in a nursing facility) – i could very much relate to the hardships. the brief moment of clarity shown in the last episode is something i actually experienced with my aunt, though she wasn’t able to speak to me – as i was talking about her daughters (my cousins) and their children (her grandchildren), telling her how well they were doing, how well she raised her daughters… she suddenly opened her eyes, and clutched my hand tightly.

then a tear fell as she looked at me, telling me she was understanding what i was saying… it was amazing. i think i told this story before, and again i’ll state that i did not have the heart to tell my cousins about her clarity. it would’ve broken their hearts, as they had to endure 19 years of their mother’s progressive demise into the depths of alzheimer’s… it was of some comfort to them knowing (believing) that their mother was not aware of her condition.

but truly, the person is trapped inside a body that won’t respond to their wishes – they do lose the ability to talk, walk, eat, etc…

i like that this drama brings these realities of the disease to light. it is educational, as well.