Beanie level: Jang Geu-rae

Dr Romantic Ep 5:

Few questions:
A hospital Resort with nine-hole golf course, casino? How it is supposed to work economically?
Why there is someone always eavesdropping?
In what capacity Dr Kim works for hospital? He takes all important admin, HR decisions.
Are treatments shown medically accurate?
Would Dr Seo face disciplinary action for refusing to treat patient in real life?
Why patients are singing and dancing in middle of an ER?
Why Dr. Park’s cronies are hanging around hospital? Don’t have job to do? Are they getting paid for walking behind Dr. Park? Is it buy 1 get 4 free offer?


    Master Kim is stupid overqualified for the job he has. Apparently he has a ton of certifications that are rare to even earn and that alone would have put him in another orbit as far as his career is concerned.

    That is the reason he pretty much has all the pull that he has.


    I’ll try by best to answer, as I feel as frustrated as you. I can also bring some other frustration references:
    – The hospital, casino, camp golf is not working. It should be a spa or something like that, but not a hospital. Are you going to have a heart transplant and then recover in Casino while spending money? Not very likable.
    – They all eavesdrop because none of all works at all. When you are working you don’t have time to listen to what other people are saying.
    – Dr. Kim has multiple certifications and he’s the only surgeon in Korea (or in the world, maybe) to have them, and that’s why everybody respects him in Doldam but hate him outside, because he’s better than all the rest and doctors only care about being the best, not treating their patients. Or it seems so by this seconds season.
    – I don’t think a single procedure we see is accurate. Not that this happens in this drama, but in all medical shows (just remember it was never lupus in House).
    – In my country Dr. Seo would face criminal charges. A doctor cannot refuse to treat a patient in an emergency situation.
    – I can’t understand why there are people inside the ER (I can understand a companion in some cases, but a mob of gangsters??). It just amazes me that a person can stop a doctor from treating a patient because he needs to scream and yell at him or her. There’s a thing called “security” and not only Mr. Koo.
    – All those people behind Dr. Park are also a huge mystery to me. They seem to be there just to annoy the Doldam staff. They will do nothing, just stay in the middle and point out what others do wrong, saying they will not do it because it’s not their job and follow and listen to other people’s conversations. I wonder why they spend so many years studying medicine. Total waste of time.
    More questions:
    Why everybody has to yell and not listen to other people explanations?
    Why is Dr. Park so terribly annoyed by Kim Sabu, when he was the coward to run away from the accident? He’s a John Hopkings doctor (I know the name of the School Medicine was changed, but still), so he’s not stupid and he’s work hard to be there just to became a GM of a spa and casino? Really, George?
    Why is Nurse Oh so insufferable this season? She’s not reasonable, she’s behaving exactly as the baddies but pretending she’s a goddie.


      They are still there because they got called out in the press for the mistake in the surgery and them trying to keep it a secret from the Minister’s son and blame Master Kim. They are technically in limbo right now because of the press attention and can’t really return until it cools down. That is why they are being complete and total douchebags.


      re: casino, camp golf in hospital, my guess is that chaebols often fall gravely ill when they are being investigated and might need those facilities to “recuperate”. Since they’ll be “ill” for a considerate amount of time, the hospital is banking on the hospital room fee like it’s a penthouse in a hotel.


        Sure, but are there so many chaebols in Korea to sustain it? It is a good idea, though.


      Dr. Park has encountered Dr Kim two times before moving to Doldam. Both times he has across as lesser than Dr.Kim
      First time he was less of a human being and second time he was less of a doctor. I think he feels inferior to Dr. Kim. In his life, he may not have encountered another person better than him. It is jealously and inferiority complex.
      For being GM of a spa? That logic is well beyond me. He is already famous. He does not need to be a lackey. He has everything money, fame, connections. What advantage GM position is going bring?
      I concur with Nurse Oh is being insufferable. She is head nurse with years of experience under her belt. She is acting like a child, so that Dr. Kim can educate her and come across as the wise one?


    So there was a Beanie @michykdrama, who has a blog and she reviews the medical accuracy of several dramas on her blog mydramalesslife on WordPress. One was the first season of this show. So, my take (and I am in medicine) on the surgeries this season–not as believable as the first season. Overall, the whole show is not as good as the first season. I’m still watching because I like the OST a lot, and I love Kim Sabu, and Nurse Eun Tak, and Dr. Bae, and my adopted boy Chan is now a surgeon, so I’m in.


Ending for People with Flaws in alternate universe:
Kang-woo and Seo-yeon forgive each other and become best friends again.
Min-hyuk goes into sports medicine, he and Seo-yeon travel together all over country training young athletes.
Kang-hee and Won-jae get together. Kang-hee becomes CEO and takes Jang-mi under her wings. Jang-me takes over her father’s business.
Seung-joon and Joo-hee become famous comedy duo after successful solo career as idol and athlete respectively.
Kang-woo still designs wedding dress for Seo-yeon after becoming most sought-after designer.
Won-seok and Ho-dol become adoringly sweet couple that everybody envies, Mi-kyung and Hyun-soo live crazily ever after.


How Are You Bread? Ep1:
On a whim, pressed play on Ep1 of How are you bread? It looked quite old. Quick google search told me it was filmed 4 years before and got release this year.
Cliché spotted:
1. Hard working, thick skinned, too nice for entertainment world main female character
2. Genius male lead with family issues and dead mother
3. Male lead and female lead falling on top of each other during first meeting
4. Witch female boss
5. Stalking (Is it stalking if female lead spent night outside of bakery working on script or male lead following her without her knowing? He might be following her to return her bike which she left outside bakery without lock. How did he know where to find her?)
1. Male lead is kind of nice? He is not outright rude to female lead.
2. Female lead is not rage inducingly stupid and came up as level headed. I am not sure if she falls into doormat category yet.
Things that did not make any sense.
1. Wish granting bread.
2. Female lead’s blond hair
3. Male lead not wearing hair net while baking
4. Dad’s obsession with adding spirit into baked goods. (Might be weird translation)
This weird tasting bread is seating on shelf for past four years and it’s now beyond expiry date.
I might continue watching this to see how much I can endure without getting indigestion.


Dr. Romantic 2 Ep1: Seo Woo-jin was fired because he was a whistle-blower? Aren’t there any laws in SK for protecting whistle-blowers? In real life the hospital would have ended up in hot water. Even if he resigned this should not have been made public, preventing other hospitals from hiring him.


    Yes, there are—no retaliation laws. However, how they are enforced is the problem. In my town, there was a doctor whistleblower of a competing hospital about how some doctors were getting kickbacks for referrals and the hospital actually condoned this. The doctor stayed on at the hospital and nothing illegal happened to her, but the talk and gossip was enough to make her leave.