I love my primary care physician! Not only is she originally from Canada but she is close to my age I think. Anyway, the point of this is yesterday I had an appointment for a quick check-in about my ongoing struggle with depression. I told her one of the ways I cope is to watch Korean dramas. She was all “What? What are those?” and so off I went extolling the fun of watching dramas and learning Korean in the process of admiring all the gorgeous Korean men, women and all their fabulous coats.
After watching The Beauty Inside the night before of course I had to explain the crazy premise of the show, and the shaving scene. She was really interested when I was telling her about all the stories and even wrote down some names of shows I could remember off the top of my head. Did I mention that I just love my doctor? I think our ‘check in’ lasted easily 15 minutes longer than planned because she was so intrigued by the stories. Maybe I should have told her about some of the tropes like the TOD, shower scenes and the evil MIL.
So. With that said, I want to know if it would be too much if I dropped off a sheet with names of some of the best shows and where she could watch them. She’s been my doctor for going on 11 years and we usually talked about books, but this is the first time I told her about my addiction.
I think this was the first time I’ve told someone about Korean shows and they were actually interested in hearing more.


    You have already established a long lasting relationship with her so I think it’s ohk if you write down the list of shows you like and all…


      As a physician, I think it would be totally fine. I’ve had patients give me book recommendations and recipes after I talk to them in clinic. And of course I have those that give me kdrama recs as well!


        Oh good, thanks for the feedback. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m crossing a line I shouldn’t. Then again, she is the one who would have to be careful. She is also a doctor of two friends of mine for about the same amount of time. She was just new to the clinic as I was new coming home to take care of my parents. Someone recommended her to me and then I recommended her to my friends.

        I’ll put together a list for her. It was so fun because was so honestly interested in seeing some of them! I even told her about the cool legal conversation earlier this week about the contract between them. And she totally knew what I was talking about.
        Thanks @allly and @feenah9895!