He waited for her…! It’s these subtle actions that make me really love President Gu. He is a good man in my eyes, he’s just doing what he can to keep everything from turning to absolute sh*t — and impulsive, gallant Dr. Ye Jin-woo is shaking everything up. Where Jin-woo is noble and reckless, President Gu is calculating and willing to sacrifice some things in order to keep the storm calm. Antihero to the max, as I sense President Gu will finally decide to expose the greasy Chairman once and for all in these last few episodes. #Life


    I love all of the Seung-hyo & No-eul’s moments. So sweet! The scene that follows this screencap kind of breaks my heart a little bit tho.


      Yeah, my heart was a little broken, too, when she essentially said, Bye, can’t stand by your decisions anymore. But they obviously like each other. I hope this isn’t the end for them!