Beanie level: The Goblin’s underpants

I’m trying to wean myself off of dramabeans, because I feel that the site is shaky (glitch – wise), but it is so annoying that I can’t find another site similar to this one to post on. Ugh, it seems that I am stuck with this site, until I find a better one.

As for the dramas I’m watching:

Boy for Rent: I never knew what frustration was in following a drama, until the last ep of BFR… I am loving this drama, but the last part of ep 12 is still without English subs, so the last episode is basically half subbed ☹
This drama is in my top 2 right now despite some plot flaws because I enjoyed it so much, alongside “Marry Me or Not” TW-drama (and yes I’m surprised too that no K-dramas are in my top 2, right now). I will remember this drama! Badz/Smile are one of my top favorite couples, such lovely chemistry… I also liked Liz/Kyro (they grew on me and are a nice couple as well). Even though the ending gave closure and was a happy ending, it seemed to also be open for a sequel… hmmm?

I will catch up with the new eps of “Level Up” (after the first two eps), since I got some good responses from my fellow beanies about it, and that it picks up after the first two eps.

I will also checkout “I Wanna Hear Your Song”, this looks very interesting!

Upcoming dramas I’m going to checkout:

K-drama: Melting Me Softly

TW-drama: Hello Again, Yong Jui Grocery Store

Thai drama: Endless Love

Hoping that all will be good, and none will disappoint!


    What’s glitchy about it? I use on my phone and don’t have any issues. I also use ad blockers like cray-cray, so I get NO interruptions. It’s better than the laptop usually.


      i used to have glitches a few months ago and it all fixed on it’s own. both laptop and on phone it works fine!


      For example if I want to post something or reply to a post, I have to click on the “reply” button or “send” button more than once for it to take. Sometimes I click “send” and it doesn’t submit, and then I have to click again and then it will submit. I just feel that this site needs to be updated to be more secure and smoother.

      Like now, I had to post this twice for it to show.