Beanie level: Noble idiot

Yep, totally knew Soo-ah was playing the long game this whole time.


    too boring for my taste.. but i am curious, did the original FL ever really liked PSJ’s character?

    How does bogum fit into her love life?


Haven’t watched the most recent episode of Itaewon Class (ep 13), but I’ve been tossing around some thoughts about Geun-soo and his seemingly “random” character shift in the past two eps. I haven’t read through all the recap comments, so maybe someone’s already considered this, but anywho…



    While Geun-soo has, up until this point, seemed like an aimless puppy – sweetly head-over-heels for a girl who has her own issues (not to mention her own growing up to do), I wonder if he’s only just been a blank slate.

    He’s never really had any expectations set for him – either by a parent or himself. I feel like his first taste at discovering something to strive for is how he feels about Yi-seo, yet he’s obviously ill-equipped to pursue her effectively even by normal standards. I think the second taste he gets is joining the DanBam family – specifically getting some brotherly affection from SRY. Pair this with how his father treats basically everyone, and you’d think Geun-soo would pick up on the decent way to be.


    He seems to be a mirror of some of the other characters. He mirrors Yi-seo in going after whom he wants by any means necessary – she, after all, gives up school to work for SRY for the sake of love. He also mirrors SRY slightly in this respect – SRY has lots of motivations for his actions, but it’s hard to discount his “get rich” plan isn’t a little bit because of Soo-ah.

    I think he’s also noticed, at this point, that as much as SRY pulls ahead – Chairman Jang has been able to knock him back at every turn. Geun-soo, the man on whom nothing and no one really relies on, may know that being nice is nice – it gets you friends and smiles and fleeting happy moments – but it doesn’t give you wins. He knows this because of Yi-seo’s words and he’s seeing it because of SRY. So… why not give the dark side a go? He doesn’t really have much to lose if he ends up “successful” in the end, right?

    Maybe I’m reading too much into a character that comes from a webtoon. Or maybe he’s actually a secret genius who’s working the inside to ultimately help SRY win in the end. Only time will tell I guess.


      If only it had been explained so eloquently in the drama itself….


      I haven’t watched episode 13 yet either but that is a great analysis. I was concerned about Guen-soo almost from the beginning. I always thought Yi-Seo was bad news for him. I hope he can be redeemed.


On ep3 of I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day – am pleasantly surprised at how low-key funny it is! Also, the writing and characters have a vague Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain vibe to them.


Beans, I’m 1.5 eps away from the end of Weightlifting Fairy and I desperately don’t want it to end. What do I do? Denial, SWAG!


I confess. As much as kdrama OST’s get all the feels going, I find they often fall short in a specific category of mood setting.

Specifically when the lead couple with awesome chemistry ends up in a room together and you know what’s about to go down, but they’ve got this beautiful dreamy ballad playing – cause of their undying love and blah blah blah – but c’mon… Let’s be real here.

You know it’s supposed to be some good ‘ol early 2000s RnB… like Usher… like Juvenile

But mostly – Ginuwine.

Ok, ok, ok, ok… I get the hype.

Weightlifting swag.


Hyena is doing all kinds of things right. I\’m also kind of feeling an epic team up at some point, too… any backers?


    predictable but nice..
    and i like how ML was left flustered

    this is a perfect genre- when ML , FL are balanced by way of wits and are in trying to outsmart one over the other..

    in ep 2 – wife’s comment on the mistress – i see this drama is not going to go ahead with vanilla personalities.. if mistress is indeed an attention freak


      It may get old fast if they’re head-to-head for 16 episodes straight.


        true..but i think it will go that julia roberts reporter movie.. where a big bad wolf comes up.. so the two will team up

        me thinks.. FL has some sad story and the building she eyes is someone who destroyed her family..would be the big bad wolf


        probably the uncle.. ML’s uncle and owner of his law firm = big bad guy


CLOY… Had me at Hello, lost me before Goodbye.


    I’m stuck… mid Episode 15…. it’s so tropey….. noble idiocy stuff then she passed out… he rushed out to see her passed out… *paused*


Opening the door is tough, ‘cause it’s the kind that fights against you when there’s even the slightest breeze.

You grab the handle harder, really give ‘er, and fwoomp it opens, and you’re met with this enveloping warmth that folds you right inside.

It’s a small joint. Maybe about 15 seats total and they’re all taken. But you’re not there to stay. You’re there to grab the goods and get going.

You gingerly step towards the back, sidestepping that one linebacker-esque man whose chair is turned out from his table. It doesn’t take much to be in the way in here.

Behind a small partition at the back is the kitchen. It’s half the size of the restaurant, though you wouldn’t know it by all the action happening back there. The ebb and flow of black-t-shirted kitchen staff seems pretty well-rehearsed.

There’s a reason this place is near-impossible to get a seat in. There’s a reason you’re here in a snowstorm just to pick up.

It’s pizza.


A rectangular pie, made from a dough whose ancestry runs deep in the branches of the focaccia family. Airy, soft, delicate, but with enough chew to rev the engines. Dusted with parmesan before it hits the pan, so you get the crunchy tang of a crust on your first bite. First cheese, then sauce, then toppings: drop peppers that burst upon toothy impact, or smoky thick-cut bacon that sizzles out of the oven, or if you’re feeling extra risky – pineapple, for that sweet n’ sour edge that people give you weird stares for.

In the restaurant, the warmth and the smell of fresher than fresh pies is the pick-me-up you’d been hoping for after a long, arduous week of stress, gloom and general blahs.

The guy behind the back counter asks your name for the order. You give it, plus your method of payment. You eye the human pizza-making machines beyond, wondering which pies you’ll be taking home.

Transaction complete. Standard-issue thank yous and farewells exchanged. In your arms now are two hot cardboard boxes. Each one home to your newest, greatest treasures.

Back to the stiff, heavy door, you give it a shoulder and fwoomp – back into the snow you go.

It’s not until you carefully edge back into the passenger seat of your idling car that you glance at the bill. There’s only one pizza marked up.

Lucky you.

The second one’s free.

Love, February

Catching up on Itaewon Class…

Sae-ro-yi tanking at karaoke is winning lots of extra points from me.


    And he was having so much fun!!! Loved how he said “do you want to be fired?” when the other guy said “…yes, please stop singing….”


      This show is a bit all over the place, but I’m really enjoying Park Seo-joon in this role. It seems like he’s having a blast with it, too.


        I think he excels the most at these kind of everyman roles. He’s much more suited to them than the typical chaebol roles (though he was a hoot in Secretary Kim) and I think he gives them all a nice spin. My favorite character of his is still Go Dong-man from Fight My Way.



Been ploughing through Bride of Habaek (Bride of the Water God) – mostly FFW’ing a lot of the blah blah fantasy plotline. I recognize how and why it got so much bad press, BUT DARNIT… Nam Joon-hyuk is making me thirsty. 😀


Oh, Man-bok. What a low-key scene stealer.


Sometimes, and it’s an inevitability, things get tough – we get sad, frustrated, lonely. We all have our ways of coping, dealing, maneuvering through these rough patches. Some turn to bible verse, others curl up among the words of their favourite classic authors, others vent through their own pen.

I… prefer turning to the sage advice of one particular esteemed minstrel to lift my spirits. One named Ricky Martin:

Shake your bon-bon
Shake your bon-bon
Shake your bon-bon

Love, February


Just over halfway through Itaewon Class ep 1…

Obviously I don\’t condone corporal punishment, and what\’s happening in the story at this point is totally problematic, but…

Anyone else have a good guffaw over the teacher\’s wooden cane breaking over Park Seo Joon\’s obviously firm, toned hindquarters?


Oh gawd, so behind. This one\’s kinda long? sorrynotsorry

Tiny’s Fan Wall presents
Crash Landing on You: The Musical – Episode 8

The ducklings of 5th Company arrive to visit Jung-hyuk. Chi-soo mouths off about Seri and gets an earful, but also sees Jung-hyuk’s mood do a 180 when the BTS fan claims he’s Seri’s bias. Chi-soo is clearly perplexed at his captain’s behaviour. (Hot n’ Cold – Katy Perry):

CHI-SOO: \’Cause you\’re hot then you\’re cold
You\’re yes then you\’re no
You\’re in then you\’re out
You\’re up then you\’re down…

Seung-joon and Dan meet up. Dan reveals she knows who Seri is. Seung-joon thinks on his feet and attempts to strike a deal. (When You’re Good to Mama – from Chicago):

SEUNG-JOON: There\’s a lot of favors
I\’m prepared to do
You do one for Mama
She\’ll do one for you…

Under cover of darkness, Jung-hyuk finally manages to find the illegal guesthouse where Seri is staying with Seung-joon. (Coming Back for You – Maroon 5):

JUNG-HYUK: I know there are millions of miles in between our hearts
But I will come running for you I don\’t care how far…
Don\’t you worry girl
I\’ll be back for you…

Meanwhile, Seri isn’t sure what to make of Seung-joon’s oh-so-convenient proposal, as he tries to make her think her feelings for Jung-hyuk aren’t real. (Baby, It’s Cold Outside – there are too many versions of this song, pick your fave):

SERI: I really can\’t stay
SEUNG-JOON: Baby it\’s cold outside
SERI: I gotta go away
SEUNG-JOON: Baby it\’s cold outside
SERI: This evening has been
SEUNG-JOON: Been hoping that you\’d dropped in…

Unable to let Jung-hyuk go, Seri drives after him. The two share a meaningful embrace in the snowstorm. (Fast Car – Tracy Chapman):

JUNG-HYUK: You got a fast car
And I got a plan to get us out of here…

SERI: We gotta make a decision
We leave tonight or live and die this way…

Seri and Jung-hyuk find cover in an empty schoolhouse, where the two spend who knows how long talking around the fact that they’re clearly very into each other. (Can You Feel the Love Tonight – from The Lion King):

CAST IRON STOVE: I can see what’s happening
CIS: And they don’t have a clue
TP: Who?
CIS: They’ll fall in love and here’s the bottom line
CIS & TP: Our trio’s down to two…

Man-bok confesses to his wife that he played a significant part in Jung-hyuk’s brother’s death. He realizes that he’s finally ready to do what he needs to to make amends. (Tall Tall Shadow – Basia Bulat):

MAN-BOK: You can\’t run away
When you know that the tall, tall shadow
Is yours…

Jung-hyuk dreams of the time he gave his brother an expensive watch. In this, the musical version, his dream brother tells him Mu-hyuk is never far away. (He Lives in You – from The Lion King):

DREAM MU-HYUK: He lives in you, he lives in me
He watches over everything we see…

Meanwhile, hot on the trail of Seri and Jung-hyuk, Lieutenant Jo shows Seung-joon just how serious he is – by way of pistol in the face. (bad guy – Billie Eilish):

LT. JO: I do what I want when I\’m wanting to
My soul? So cynical…
I\’m the bad guy… duh…

With Jung-hyuk tucked safely back at home, Seri enlists the NK ahjummas for help pawning Seung-joon’s engagement ring for Christmas gifts. (Sparkling Diamonds – from Moulin Rouge):

SERI:A kiss on the hand may be quite continental…
NK AHJUMMAS: But diamonds are a girl\’s best friend!

Jung-hyuk wakes up to an empty house. He answers a call from a strange number to hear Seri’s nervous voice at the other end. He rushes out to find her, as she attempts to tell him she’s already leaving. Her “I love you” is cut off by the shocking sound of a gun. (If the World Was Ending – JP Saxe ft. Julia Michaels):

SERI: I know, you know, we know, you weren\’t down for forever and it\’s fine
I know, you know, we know, we weren\’t meant for each other and it\’s fine

JUNG-HYUK: But if the world was ending
You\’d come over right?




    I love Fast Car, but let’s hope their story doesnt end like that.



Seri: *takes nine one-to-one-and-a-half-hour episodes to find a way back to Seoul from NK*

Jung-hyuk: *takes 10 minutes to hop, skip, jump right into downtown Seoul*

Love me some wonky show logic for the sake of moving the story forward.


Gang, I recognize that Crash Landing on You is MEGA MEGA cheesy/tropey/eye-rolly, but man… it is hitting all the right buttons for me and giving all kinds of feels.

Except for the smooches – I feel like those need a little work. But that could just be my pervy brain. *winky face*


Tiny’s Fan Wall presents
Crash Landing on You: The Musical – Episode 7

With the choice to escape or protect Jung-hyuk, Seri forgoes her chance for freedom. By Jung-hyuk’s bedside post-surgery, she comes to a realization about how much he means to her. (The Other Side – Ruelle):

SERI: I don\’t want to know who we are without each other
It\’s just too hard
I don\’t want to leave here without you
I don\’t want to lose part of me…

Jung-hyuk apologizes to Seri for his outburst. He finally lets himself give in to what he’s been feeling – if only just a little – and they share their first (real) kiss in the rain. (For the First Time – Kenny Loggins):

JUNG-HYUK: For the first time I am looking in your eyes
For the first time I\’m seein\’ who you are
I can\’t believe how much I see
When you\’re lookin\’ back at me
Now I understand what love is, love is
For the first time…

Back at the village, the Seo ladies show up and there’s a face-off with the military village ajummas. (Girlfight – Brooke Valentine ft. Lil Jon & Big Boi):

MILITARY AJUMMAS: There’s about to be a girlfight!
WOL-SOOK: There she go talkin\’ her mess
All around town makin\’ me stress
I need to get this off my chest
And if her friend want some then she\’ll be next…

Seri tries to diffuse the awkward tension between her and Jung-hyuk by playing off their kiss as though it’s no big deal. (Not a Love Song – bulow):

SERI: You\’re a nice guy
And you\’re looking for a nice girl to fall for you, for a lifetime
But that\’s not my vibe, I\’m just tryna have fun…

Meanwhile, Seung-joon encounters Dan while on the search for Seri. He takes pity on her (or does he) and attempts to give her some advice about her fiance problem. (Popular – from Wicked):

SJ: Don\’t be offended by my frank analysis,
Think of it as personality dialysis,
Now that I\’ve chosen to become a
Pal, a [confidante] and advisor,
There\’s nobody wiser!

Lieutenant Jo shows up at the hospital with his men to rain on everyone’s parade. (Wreak Havoc – Skylar Grey):

JO: I herd \’em like cattle
\’Cause I\’m surrounded by cowards
And I don\’t give a f*** when I walk into battle
And that’s why I got all the power…

Dan confronts Jung-hyuk about Seri. While he confesses that he does, in fact, have feelings for her, Dan forcefully denies it to be true. (Dancing on My Own – Robyn):

DAN: Somebody said you got a new friend
Does she love you better than I can?…
Yeah, I know it\’s stupid
I just gotta see it for myself…



    Gosh Brooke Valentine’s girl fight was such a highschool song. I remember when there was still asianavenue, this was one of most used background songs!

    Nice choice of songs as always, Tiny!


More CLOY thoughts, so roll them eyes away from here if you’re not on board this paraglider:

I’m really loving Seo Dan more and more. As much as she seemed like a robo-woman with no heart and one thing on her mind (Jung-hyuk, who can blame her?), she’s feeling more like a flesh-and-blood person now. I get the sense that she’s the product of her environment, driven and strong and smart and obedient, but also naïve. Even though she spent time abroad, it still feels like her emotional growth has been somewhat stunted and it’s fun watching her parse through all the advice she’s getting – trying to make sense of it all. I especially like her dynamic with Seung-joon, even though they’re both trouble for our leads. I wonder if they’ll all team up at some point. Also, her mom is such a boss lady.


    I agree with you. I liked Seo Dan from the beginning. I think she’s warm hearted and nice, although her education make her look a bit cold. But she’s honest and speaks her mind. And what I like about her is that she’s trying to do things right. I mean, she’s told Jung-Hyuk dad what’s happening but just because she knows that’s the only way he can be saved (I imagine that SeRi was kidnapped by dad’s men, much better that by Cheol-Kang’s).
    And I also like her and Seung-Joon together. I’m still not sure about those two, specially regarding her, because I do believe he is going to fall for her.


      Good call on Seri being kidnapped by Ri Sr’s men – didn’t actually think of that though it makes perfect sense. I also agree about Seung-joon falling for her – I totally think she’s more his speed, though she may not reciprocate given that I think it’ll take most of the show for her to let Jung-hyuk go completely.


    And I love mum.
    At the very beginning I thought she was annoying and just the typical mother who doesn’t care about her daughter unless she marries properly. But in the last episode, she was so concerned about Dan, the way she looked at her and hold her hand… Oh, mum is a loving mum.


I\’m only halfway through Crash Landing on You Ep.7, but I love how Seri is talking up a big game about how the kiss is like whatever, no big deal, we\’re both #adulting, and yet… her actions are SCREAMING the complete opposite.
Also can’t wait to write the musical version of this… so many songs tee’d up!