First of all, I want to say that I love Dramabeans so much, and this is the 1st site that I visit when I wake up from sleep in the morning! @javabeans and @girlfriday, thank you for creating this site, I loove reading your recaps. That being said, I’m sad that DB decided to not recaps a lot of drama lately (Just Between Lovers, Smart Prison Living, Black Knight). I know there are a lot of reasons for that (late subtitle, drama slump) and I totally understand why you chose not to. I just wish that we beanies have a discussion place for specific episodes from dramas that’s not recapped by DB. Yeah, there’s the fanwall, but I think that place is more suitable for fans to post a quick tought, screencaps and gifs, not for a long discussion.

I saw that a lot of beanies started to discuss Just Between Lovers episodes in the JBL’s promo post and I love that beanies have so many desire to share their thoughts and opinions that they manage to find a place to do that.

Now I don’t want to seem too demanding and I’m not trying to pressure the lovely Dramabeans writers. I just want to give a suggestion to my favorite website. What if DB put up a Episode Discussion post? You don’t have to write recaps in it, and it’s not officially a recaps. Just a place for us to discuss certain dramas that isn’t being recapped.Maybe something like the one in tv reviews site The AV Club. When they stopped reviewing a tv show, they put up this post instead ⬇️⬇️⬇️.

This is just a suggestion of course. You don’t have to listen to it, I’ll still love you anyways. The things that I love about Dramabeans isn’t only the recaps, but also the community, because beanies here have such a wonderful, smart, thoughtful opinions that makes me understand a drama better. Love you guys ❤️❤️.


    Yes! Yes! I totally second that!
    I would love it, too, if we could have Episode Discussion Boards for unrecapped dramas! Great suggestion!


    Oh this is a great idea!! *prayers to the DB Godesses*