To be completely honest I’m not sure which couple will be the endgame in APAD, both have a lot of good reasons to be, but like a MinHoYoung shipper I will give my reasons to ship it.

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    Relativaly unbiased:

    1- They have history: Sure, not a nice one, but history nonetheless.
    A shared history serves to show a few things: their kind of bond that they had in the past, how they end up like they are, but sometimes it serves to show how not make the same mistakes again and grow up. And this point is what I see most potential whith those two because both of them need to…

    2-…Grow: Yes, both of them. Min Ho particulary but Bo Young needs to grow up. Meanwhile I think that Min Ho faults are obvious (and named a lot the times alredy), Bo Young is not perfect either (Yes, Iuff her, but I’m being unbiased right now -mostly, I mean, this is still at he end of the day reason why I ship them). And what better than to they grow together? Bo Young is the first to call out Min Ho when he is messing around and she isn’t trying to live it up to a imaginary image that he might have of her (not anymore). With Min Ho, she is just herself (and I think that maybe this is what I love more of them)

    3- Their Dynamic: They have gone through a lot of changes in their dynanimic, haven’t they? And it’s been just six episodes.
    Min Ho has gone from object of affection, to someone that Bo Young kinda despises, to coworker that she doesn’t want to have annything to do with, to kinda-of-frenemies to a (mostly) good friend that she bickers with a lot.
    The case with what meant Bo Young to Min Ho is more complex because we don’t know if he had feelings for her in the past or not, but let’s take his word at face value and say that he actually didn’t (something that I’m not sure)
    To Min Ho, Bo Young goes from a friendly girl that is overly nice to him, to someone that has feelings for him that he reject and she attacked him for that (kind of), to someone that he’s indiferent/disdainful towards, to someone that he begrudginly respect, to someone that he likes to be around, to someone that he actually likes.
    (Maybe I skiped something, but I think that this is more or less the heart of the matter)
    Besides, they are equals, I mean she is his superior in the job (Yay! They are so few times that the woman is the one on the position with more power) but outside of that, they are most on the same level, Min Ho have quite childish antics, yes, but Bo Young can be quite excentric too (I love them so much <3)

    Totally biased reasons:

    1- I'm not really into cold or distant characters (most the times at least); yes Dr. Ye is different because he is actually nice to Bo Young but… I don't know. I'm just not into that kinda of characters usually.
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      2- I am kinda a weird person XD I see a character being hated, I would probably go to love them a lot (at least that they rub me the wrong way too XD) This happened with Min Ho, I saw a lot of hate to him, and a lot of love to Dr Ye sooo, I went and become protective of Min Ho and kinda indifferent to Dr Ye. I like him, really, and I understand why other people loves him… but when people rave about something that I don’t really care one way or another a spitefull part of me go “Do Not Want” (Yes, I’m pretty complicated) (Still, I wanna stress that I don’t hate Dr Ye, I just don’t love him either)

      3- In resumen the hearts wants what it wants and my hearts wants MinHoYoung to be cannon.

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        My reason for being on the MinHoYoung ship is really simple: I prefer the way Bo Young is (today) when she’s around Min Ho, than the way she is when she’s with Dr Ye.

        From giving him a pollacking to giving him a cake, I just really like her when she’s around him.

        (Clearly this can all change! I have been known to change ships before but writer-nim will have to work hard to make that happen!)


        Thank you for the mention. ^^*

        I love both guys but I started shipping MinHo & BoYoung since day one, I’m a such a sucker for friends to lovers story. <3


          You’re welcome πŸ˜€ Me too, they are my favorite kind of love stories (Well, sometimes the I love me some of love-hate ships; and I’m very lucky that MinHoYoung is a bit of both)


      *claps* Well said!!


      I love everything you wrote but especially:

      “she isn’t trying to live it up to a imaginary image that he might have of her (not anymore). With Min Ho, she is just herself (and I think that maybe this is what I love more of them)”

      With Dr. Ye she is trying to be someone she normally isn’t. She isn’t comfortable being herself with him. Also, she is seeing an idealized version of Dr. Ye based on her very vivid imagination.
      She and MinHo are comfortable being themselves with each other and are there for each other during hard times 💕


      Yes to the character growth! 🙌 That’s why I’m a MinYoung shipper, it’s because they’re already affecting each other for the better. Sure they may have flaws but once they start positively influencing each other I’m all for them.