Beanie level: Jang Geu-rae

내 배우 – My Actor

After graduation from university I didn’t really know what to do with my life. During my teenage years I had intensely studied classical music, later majored in literature and was crazy about theatre. So I decided to apply for an internship at the community theatre of the town where I just graduated. They called me immediately, telling me they urgently needed additional staff for upcoming projects, and I could start right away. Sooner than I expected I found myself preparing coffee for actors and directors, handling props and costumes, acting as stand-in, prompting during rehearsals, writing playbills and helping out as an assistant director. Though I hardly earned any money, I had the time of my life.

One of the rookie actors caught my eye. I was mesmerized not only by his exceptional talent, but also by his stunning looks. He was tall, his handsome face was surrounded by lovely curls, he had dreamy eyes and a sexy dimple in his chin. He was kind, caring and warm-hearted, always full of interesting, funny little stories he recited in his calm and soft voice. During numerous coffee breaks we became close. I was in love. Head over heels. One day he happily told me that he finally has a weekend free from rehearsals and performances coming up and will spend it with… his boyfriend.

When we eventually had to part ways, there were no words needed. His hug was enough to tell me “I love you, too. But, you know… I’m sorry.” The hug and the pain were staying with me for a long time.

Ten years later we met again. We both had traveled the world, worked hard on our careers, experienced the ups and downs of life. His curls started showing traces of gray and he had grown a beard over his dimple. The crush I once had on him turned into an ever-growing friendship which will hopefully last a lifetime. We both have busy schedules, but whenever I can find the time I will make it to one of his shows, usually followed by drinks and deep conversations till the wee hours of the morning. He became a source of inspiration, encouragement and healing for me. I try to give back by always supporting him and his projects.

I’m very grateful to have such an amazing person in my life.
Glad, to meet you again in Love, February, 내 배우.


Can we have a kiss like this in Crash Landing, please? 🙏


Is there anybody else worrying about Captain Ri’s tomato plant? It looked so tender and fragile and with the weather being all cold, rainy and snowy during the last two episodes I honestly wonder if it will survive? Rooting for little tomato plant here! (yes, pun intended)