For EXTRAORDINARY YOU theories proved and problems anew, see below in comments.

Feel free to disagree.


    Warning: spoilers. Duh.

    The good news: I think my reincarnation/recycling characters theory was right.

    The bad news: I didn’t want the show to go that way. Reincarnation is, in my opinion, a cop out to explain why things happen without really explaining them. Yes I understand it’s important in Asian cultures but, not to offend anyone, it just seems pointless if everything comes down to cycles. And it still doesn’t explain how the manhwa writer and manhwa worlds work. It’s just mind-boggling if the Secret comic is still being written yet also available in the library. How? My brain can’t handle it. And I refuse to just ignore it and be charmed by Haru’s smile.

    For me things started going downhill when Haru first magically disappeared, magically reappeared and magically regained his memories- all unexplained. Is or is it not intended by the writer? And he doesn’t have a purpose now except being with Dan-oh. I’m not feeling their epic love that trascends ages and manhwas because there are too many unexplained points. It even seems Dan-oh is repeating lines from Flower in Secret while in Shadow. Her lovey lines while splashing water with Haru have already been said! Is there no free will on Stage and Shadow? How depressing is that?

    Or is it her subconscious remembering her past character? Do-Hwa did theorise about the power of the subconscious (if they add psychology to the jumbled manhwa-jumping mechanisms of this drama I’ll freak out).

    For all his self-destructive and jerk ways, the only one asking questions about the manhwa world now is Baek-kyung. Even when Fairy only reluctantly replies, he goes out and does the sleuthing.

    Anyway, I’m still watching because Baek-kyung is searching for answers, and because self-aware Ju-da suddenly started showing her frustration at being Candy. I understand how soul-crushing it is to realise you cannot change your sad story, but Dan-oh seems to have chosen to ignore her plight and just enjoy her time with Haru. It makes for a whimpering heroine who’s not even a shadow of herself. I did expect this to happen, but around episode 12, not halfway through the drama.


      I thought this was going to be better than W but instead it’s making me think it was genius kkk.