I’m watching The Mandalorian @kiara! On episode 3 and baby Yoda is the cutest.


    here is the thing. I have never seen a single Star Wars movie. None of them. Everything I need to know about Star Wars I learned in one glorious episode of Muppet Babies in like 1989 or something. I know that Yoda is a Star Wars—thing. I dont know what he is. Why he is. Why he speaks the way he does. Nothing. I know that there’s a hilarious song on Youtube were Yoda is in a backpack and is attacked by Seagulls.
    None of those things have EVER made me come close to wanting to watch Star Wars. Like I said. Everything I need to know I learned in a glorious episode of Muppet Babies in ’89.
    Baby Yoda?
    Baby Yoda is THE CUTEST FREAKING THING THESE 4 EYES HAVE EVER BEHELD. I want ALL of the Baby Yoda merch. I want to cuddle Baby Yoda. I want to coo at and sing songs to and twirl Baby Yoda. I am full scale, high key 100% smitten with Baby Yoda as Baby Yoda is the cutest mother effer on the planet. And if there are not at least 15 Baby Yoda’s on my doorstep next Halloween I am kicking every non-baby yoda I see.
    All of this to say, if you WANT to put more Baby Yoda gifs on the wall….that seems appropriate.


    Funny thing is he could be older than Mando but he’ll always be the baby lol.