After I finish a movie, or when I’m following a drama, I like to search about the actors/actresses on Youtube. My current keyword is Jung Kyung Ho hahaha… Now he is flooding my timeline.
And I can’t stand not to share this one…

Sooyoung and her older sister, Soojin, guested on tVN Taxi. The MCs asked about SY’s ideal type and she said she likes man with broad shoulder and beard. So JKH isn’t her ideal type.

MC : But to stay in relationship for 5 yrs, he must have something that’s your ideal
Soojin : The way I see it, JKH may be the only man who’d adjust himself to whatever she wants. He never gets angry. There are times when I thought they were fighting, turns out he’s turning what SY’s said into a joke and it became a cute fight instead.
MC : What do you think about them as SY’s older sister?
SJ : I envy their relationship
MC : How is their relationship? Casual, cool or fun?
SJ : Fun. JKH is actually quite funny, I don’t know if she’s so adapted to it, but SY doesn’t laugh…
MC : Isn’t he funny, SY?
SY : He’s funny, it was funny but… I’ve seen it too much.. *look at SJ* He’s always like that…