Now I get it when they say that Jung Kyung Ho is very funny 😂🤣

This was during rehearsal… when osuddenly Jung Kyung Ho did an ad-lib by saying “I learned it at Police University” with such serious tone, so they all laughed… He went on repeating the line, to Go Ah Sung and then to Kang Heon. Until Go Ah Sung turned her back and laugh with her whole body. Then Jung Kyung Ho said,”Thank god I graduated from Police University!” At this the director shouthed “Shut up!” but couldn’t hold his laugh after that.. Go Ah Sung kept laughing so Jung Kyung Ho said “What’s with you today?” 😂

Few moments later (1:32) Jung Kyung Ho said to the wounded man,”Hold my hand and ask me where did I learn it” and he deserved a slap from the director 😂 Director : do you really want to said that? Jung kyung ho : No, I’m just kidding..