I missed the start to Music March but better late than never. Thought it’d be a great way to kick this off with Andrea Bocelli and Marta Sanchez’s Vivo Por Ella. A beautiful ode to music itself. This song is a favorite of mine. I remember hearing it for the first time years ago and thinking it a love song only to discover it’s not! Well it is but not to a person. It’s a song to music and I think it’s amazing how the song makes you believe it’s dedicated to a person until the penultimate verse where it tells you who the subject is. That’s so ingenious in my opinion. So I’m sharing it here because, yes, music is incredibly powerful and I dedicate it to Music as well.


    I love this song, and it is beautiful sung by Andrea and Marta.
    It was so famous after OT1, that some have almost forgotten they were the original ones singing it.