Music March

Day 4 brings the song of my teenage years. The kpop group of my teenage years. One of the first kpop songs I ever listened to in the early beginnings of my kpop journey. I remember the thrill of finding this song, laughing at their choreography (in a good way!), listening to more songs by the group, and learning the members’ names. Having a bias! I watched all their shows, music videos, performances and behind the scenes. I remembered their favorite things and their dislikes. I saw their struggle being called a recycled group. Watched them prove everyone wrong. Saw them lose a member, change their name, explore their musical style. I sat back and enjoyed every bit of it. Up until my favorite member messed up and left the group.

So everytime I watch this MV or just hear that legendary intro for this song, I’m hit with a pang of nostalgia. I grew up with this group. Not in a delusional fangirl way…but they got me through some of the most difficult years of my adolescence. They got me through my first dip into depression and managed to take my mind to a happy place. It’s sad to think how many years have gone by and how my last memory with them was not precisely a nice one. But they are still a dear memory and even if the world seems to have forgotten them. Even if I don’t hear their music as often anymore..I’ll always remember them because they were special. Thank you for all the years, Beast ~ Highlight ❤

Beast – Fiction


    Same. They got me through a difficult time. I still have conflicting emotions when I listen to them now.


      I find it easier to listen to their really old songs and only if I’m in a “mood.” And Junhyung’s solo..well I just can’t bring myself to. 😕