Episode 07 was SO GOOD! (I’m now super excited, curious and worried about what’s ahead)
And I was really impressed by Hyun Bin’s German, it’s really good (maybe K-dramas should feature more German instead of English 😂)?
Also nice to see my adopted home in a k-drama! Any Swiss/Swiss-residing beanies in the house? 😃
Finally: “Those wistful eyes.” 😍


    Well, German here. My heart skipped a beat when I heard Hyun Bin speaking my native language. It sounded so natural and he has a really cute accent. This episode gave me all the FEELS. I think I’ll play some piano to calm myself down…


    His German was so good! I have never ever before understood a getman dialogue in Korean drama because they speak it so badly. I am your neighbour in Austria ( my adopted country), it is also equally beautiful, i wish they come here to shoot some shows!


    I don’t speak German but know how it sounds like, and I’m very impressed with his pronunciation. I’ve never seen Hyun Bin speaking English so I can’t compare but I know a galore of Korean actors whose English sucks (LMH *wink wink*).