I was also moved by Se-ri’s heartfelt monologue in the hospital. It captures what sparked her feelings for Jung-hyuk really well 💖

“I have been only loving myself and hating myself. And I have only been protecting myself and abandoning myself. All I had was myself. I had nobody else. So this is awkward for me. Having someone else that is not myself. You looked at me, listened to me, smiled at me, ate with me, kept the promise with me even if we didn’t make any contract, and protected me. You did all those things. All along, I had you by my side. Usually, I don’t get scared, but now I’m a bit scared. I am scared something might happen to you. Does this mean you have become a special person to me?”


    I loved this too. It shows how much she’s growing. And also how she’s really never had anyone care for her as much as he does.