• The Best Hit: Episodes 13-14

    The Best Hit: Episodes 13-14

    How I adore thee, Kwang-jae. Hyun-jae may be the celebrity in the spotlight, but my heart lies with Kwang-jae, who works hard behind the scenes supporting the ones he believes...

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    Team Dramabeans: What we’re watching

    Checking in for another weekend wrap-up! It feels like it's been the longest week ever, and I can't figure out if keeping track of all of the dramas ever is...

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    Circle: Episode 10

    I’m always blown away by the pace of this show — there's barely any lag, and answers come almost as quickly as you can think of the questions. It’s...

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    Lookout: Episodes 19-20

    Lookout seems to delight in keeping me on the razor’s edge of panic. Don’t get me wrong, I love a little suspense as much as the next drama...


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