• Jugglers: Episode 4

    Jugglers: Episode 4

    The only thing more fun than watching Yoon-yi torture her new tenant is getting to see Chi-won serve it right back when they're at work. I love both petty workplace...

  • 7

    Mysterious Il-seung: Episodes 9-10

    Jong-sam has a lot on his plate, but that doesn't stop anyone from piling on more problems. Every step forward seems to be followed with three steps back, but this...

  • 87

    Black: Episode 17

    The shocking truth about what really happened to Joon is finally revealed, and no one is more surprised by it than Black. Even though astute viewers may have already guessed...

  • 64

    Jugglers: Episode 3

    Poor Yoon-yi thought that her new job was the end of her problems, but with a boss like Chi-won, the trouble is just beginning. Yoon-yi has always done exactly what...


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