• Strongest Deliveryman: Episode 14

    Strongest Deliveryman: Episode 14

    The struggle to survive in Hell Joseon takes its toll on everyone this hour. While Kang-soo battles the Jung Family head on, everyone else must chip in on their end...

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    Temperature of Love: Episodes 3-4

    Despite Hyun-soo’s initial misgivings and Jung-sun’s attempts to respect her wishes, this seemingly mismatched pair can't seem to stay away from each other. The heart wants what the...

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    Strongest Deliveryman: Episode 13

    Finally, the optimists are wearing the pessimists down. Dan-ah begins to see hope in her hopeless Hell Joseon, and it's just in time to help Kang-soo recover his faltering faith...

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    Live Up to Your Name: Episode 11

    Our leads find themselves back in Joseon at a very inopportune time, with the invading Japanese army adding a new threat to an already dangerous era. But for Yeon-kyung, who...


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  • Test Post

    Test Post

    Woah! You didn't see anything. Right? Breathe a word, and someone gets it. I'm not saying who... *cough*

  • Age of Youth 2: Episode 7

    Age of Youth 2: Episode 7

    Appearances are deceiving, though it’s easy and convenient to judge someone by their looks. As we learn more about Eun, we look past her towering height and boyish style...

  • SBS pulls the plug on Park Hae-jin’s drama Four Men

    SBS pulls the plug on Park Hae-jin’s drama Four Men

    Well, anybody who was excited to see Park Hae-jin playing multiple roles in mystery-romance drama Four Men, the so-called prequel to his action-comedy Man to Man, can just take that...

  • Temperature of Love: Episodes 1-2

    Temperature of Love: Episodes 1-2

    SBS's newest romance drama Temperature of Love sets an easy, comfortable pace as it introduces us to a couple who struggles to get to the same “temperature” in their relationship....