Drama Recaps
Police Unit 38: Episode 1
by | June 19, 2016 | 121 Comments
Who knew that my heart would ever ache for a tax collector? But that’s exactly what happens in OCN’s new crime comedy Police Unit 38 where an ordinary man’s life is turned upside down when he crosses paths with a con artist fresh out of prison. While the premiere spends... More »

Drama Casting & News
Woman With a Suitcase packs up and heads for MBC
by | June 19, 2016 | 17 Comments
It looks like new legal drama Woman With a Suitcase might be packing up and moving from tvN to MBC. Originally, the series was supposed to air on tvN in July after the weekend drama Dear My Friends finished, but it was bumped off the schedule to make room for... More »

Drama Casting & News
Drama viewership ratings for the week of June 13-19, 2016
by | June 19, 2016 | 84 Comments
It’s a bit shocking (in a good way) to see the short drama Baek-hee Has Returned getting such high ratings throughout its two week run, ending with a pretty darn impressive 10.4%. Monster stayed in first place this week by a margin, while Jackpot finished its run with 10%, which,... More »

Beans of Wisdom with a side of cuddles
by | June 18, 2016 | 25 Comments
This week in Beans of Wisdom… In “Jackpot: Episode 23,” In-jwa isn’t even dead yet but MagMag is already anticipating his resurrection in comment #3: One episode’s time is enough for Injwa to find his own doppleganger, swap himself out of prison and gather up another army for rebellion. Haven’t... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
Team Dramabeans: What we’re watching
by | June 18, 2016 | 174 Comments
More drama-watching updates from Team Dramabeans! We’re winding down with a few shows and gearing up for a new batch of dramas to start up soon, and I’m looking forward to a change of pace. No matter how much I love a drama, I’m usually happy when one ends and... More »

Drama Casting & News
News bites: June 18, 2016
by | June 18, 2016 | 78 Comments
Choi Min-shik, Park Shin-hye Park Shin-hye (in upcoming Doctors) is positively considering joining Choi Min-shik in Silence (a working title), a remake of the Chinese film Silent Witness. In the legal thriller about a chaebol daughter who gets accused of killing her father’s fiance, Choi will play the chaebol, while... More »

Drama Recaps
Entertainer: Episode 18 (Final)
by | June 17, 2016 | 42 Comments
It’s time to say goodbye to Seok-ho and his Ddanddara boys, which is a lot harder than I ever expected it to be. Entertainer has been such a fun little show, with characters I’ll miss, and I’ll remember Hyung and his story most fondly. It’s been a sweet journey, with... More »

Drama Casting & News
The search for Joo-won’s Sassy Girl gets down to final 3
by | June 17, 2016 | 49 Comments
Kim Joo-hyun, Han Ji-eun, Jung In-seon And the search for Sassy Girl 3.0 continues. We’re down to three leading lady hopefuls: Kim Joo-hyun (Modern Farmer), Han Ji-eun (Miss Granny), and Jung In-seon (Mirror of the Witch). My Sassy Girl is an upcoming sageuk youth drama starring Joo-won (Yong-pal). It’s based... More »

Sitcoms/Variety Shows
Running Man: Episode 303
by | June 17, 2016 | 20 Comments
What starts off as a simple loyalty test for our cast will quickly spin into a massive manhunt where gold and oodles of money are on the line. This week will be no easy feat for the chasers and their targets, as they run around the city collecting hints to... More »

Drama Casting & News
Third teaser sets the ticking clock for crime thriller Wanted
by | June 17, 2016 | 21 Comments
We’ve got one more week till the premiere of SBS thriller Wanted, which means we’re in the last promo push with its newest teaser and posters, which play up the central conceit of an unknown bad guy forcing a twisted live broadcast, capturing an actress’s desperate efforts to recover her... More »