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Personal Taste: Episode 10
by | May 2, 2010 | 200 Comments
It’s “Game Over” this week, as our four leads stake their claims and advance into battle. New alliances are formed, old enemies make backdoor deals, and the innocent are lambs to the slaughter. It’s gettin’ good, but it’s also reaching the height of what it can be while still maintaining... More »

Drama Casting & News
News bites: Recent casting calls
by | May 1, 2010 | 26 Comments
Han Yeo-woon, Song Joong-ki, Park Hyo-joo Haven’t done one of these in ages! Here’s a collection of some of the recent casting tidbits making the rounds… Han Yeo-woon, the angel-faced actress of last year’s Story of a Man, stars in a 2-episode special drama called Love’s Miracle. Sounds like a... More »

Drama Casting & News
Posters for KBS’s upcoming My Country Calls
by | May 1, 2010 | 15 Comments
My Country Calls will be airing once Birth of the Rich is over, and has released its official posters. The romantic-comedy series pairs a cute but accident-prone policewoman (Lee Soo-kyung) with a spy who’s a stickler for the rules (Kim Sang-kyung). Ryu Jin and Horan fill out the main cast;... More »

Drama Recaps
Personal Taste: Episode 9
by | April 30, 2010 | 104 Comments
The drama picks up some steam, gaining on the momentum of last week’s episodes. At this point, there are a lot of characters with partial information and who misunderstand the full truth, and nobody’s misperceptions are quite the same as anybody else’s. This could get confusing, but I think it’s... More »

Drama Recaps
Pasta: Episode 10
by | April 30, 2010 | 32 Comments
Skimmy here!  I’m sorry for the long delay – my partner in crime Andromytta is taking a hiatus from Pasta recaps, so you’re stuck with me for now!  Without any further delay, on to Episode 10! Squee! SONG OF THE DAY Clazziquai – “Part Time Lover” [ Download ] Tags:... More »

Drama Casting & News
Rain confirms new drama with Chuno team
by | April 30, 2010 | 76 Comments
As previously teased (and teased again), Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) is coming back with a drama this year, and the news has finally been confirmed. He will be teaming with the writer and director of Chuno, PD Kwak Jung-hwan (also of Conspiracy in the Court) and writer Chun Sung-il (also of... More »

Open Thread
Open Thread #133
by | April 30, 2010 | 548 Comments
  SONG OF THE DAY Kacey Johansing – “Oh Brother” [ Download ] RELATED POSTS Open Thread #132 Open Thread #131 Open Thread #130 Open Thread #129 No tags for this post.... More »

Drama Recaps
Cinderella’s Sister: Episode 8
by | April 29, 2010 | 111 Comments
If this series wasn’t called Cinderella’s Sister, it would be called “Stepmother’s Daughter,” because what really drives all the conflict, at the core, is these two and their warped relationship. It’s tragic, funny, achingly sad and deeply Freudian in its twisty melodramatic way, while still being eminently relatable because they’re... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Ha Ji-won cast in 3D creature feature
by | April 29, 2010 | 15 Comments
Ha Ji-won has been cast in her next film, Sector 7 [칠광구], a monster-action flick that not only boasts a 10 billion won budget, but will also be filmed in 3D. In the movie, Sector 7 is an oil field in which a monster is discovered, leading to a desperate... More »

Drama Recaps
Prosecutor Princess: Episode 8
by | April 29, 2010 | 82 Comments
I love this photo – she’s puffing her cheeks AND squatting – she looks like a little kid…heh! THE KISS! Do I even have to give a preface to this recap!? Song of the Day I was pretty torn on which song to put up from the OST but here... More »

Kim Ji-hoon takes on comedic stage role
by | April 29, 2010 | 13 Comments
Another actor goes from screen to the stage: Kim Ji-hoon, most recently of SBS’s drama series Wish Upon a Star, is making his theater debut with the play University of Laughs. Kim has mainly played nice guys in modern dramas — his cold lawyer in Wish Upon a Star marked... More »