Drama Recaps
Love & Marriage: Episode 12
by | October 8, 2008 | 28 Comments
(Don’t worry, it’s a faux-swoon.) This was an interesting episode in that the tone was different, and the pacing too — and we finally got to see Hyun-soo sweat a little. It may seem mean to cheer at that, but: YAY! SONG OF THE DAY EZ Hyoung – “유성” (shooting... More »

Celebrity News
Sean and Jung Hye-young, still ridiculously in love
by | October 8, 2008 | 21 Comments
How about something light for a change? Remember the days of old-school kpop and the pop duo Jinusean? Well, both Jinu and Sean (aka Noh Seung-hwan) have gone their separate ways professionally, but Sean — who has since gotten married and had a couple adorable kiddies — is now again... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Adapting early Hallyu hits for the big screen
by | October 8, 2008 | 12 Comments
Following the (still lingering??) popularity of classic Hallyu drama hits Autumn Love Story (or Autumn Fairy Tale) and Winter Sonata, particularly n Japan, movie versions are in the works. The movie rights have been bought for the dramas and an agreement was made for investment and co-production between a Korean... More »

Celebrity News
Model Kim Ji-hoo commits suicide. :(
by | October 7, 2008 | 97 Comments
WHAT. THE. HELL. Following the suicide of actor Ahn Jae-hwan last month, following the suicide of Choi Jin-shil (whose death was related to accusations regarding her friend Ahn’s suicide) earlier this month, following the suicide of transgender entertainer Jang Chae-won just a day later, we have, sadly, yet another suicide.... More »

Drama Casting & News
Falling down on the job
by | October 7, 2008 | 6 Comments
It’s been revealed belatedly that Moon Geun-young had a minor accident while filming her latest drama, Painter of the Wind, in which she fell down a well — thankfully without (serious) injury. The incident occurred while filming the fifth episode, when the scene called for her character to act as... More »

Celebrity News
Lee Seung-gi in a four-way car accident
by | October 7, 2008 | 18 Comments
Singer-actor Lee Seung-gi was in an auto accident on the evening of October 7 in the city of Goyang (Kyeonggi Province). When the vehicle Lee Seung-gi was riding in collided with another at an intersection, a bus was also hit along with another car, bringing the total collisions to four.... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
More hype for Hype Nation
by | October 7, 2008 | 28 Comments
Oh, this just gets better and better! (If by better you mean “so bad it’s good, no actually, it’s still bad.”) Remember how just yesterday I was saying how Sohn Dam-bi, recently cast in a dance movie as her Hollywood debut, was an odd choice because she doesn’t speak good... More »

Drama Casting & News
Iljimae readies for Round 2
by | October 7, 2008 | 14 Comments
Get ready for the next Iljimae series! If you’re not all Iljimae-d out, that is. I don’t envy the folks behind MBC’s version of the story of folk hero Iljimae, following SBS’s popular series earlier this year with Lee Junki and Park Shi-hoo. Now MBC’s finally getting ready to launch... More »

Celebrity News
Marine Boy and Yoon Eun-hye hook up for Basic House
by | October 6, 2008 | 17 Comments
What does winning the Olympic gold medal get a hot rising athlete? An ad campaign with a top star, of course. “Marine boy” and two-time Olympic medalist swimmer (one gold, one silver at the Beijing Games) Park Tae-hwan is teaming up with Yoon Eun-hye to sell clothing for the apparel... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Another wannabe actor turns wannabe Hollywood debut-er
by | October 6, 2008 | 36 Comments
Meh. The “female Rain” pop dance-singer Sohn Dam-bi is making her Hollywood acting debut. One thing she’s got going for her is that her debut comes in a dance-themed movie, Hype Nation, and even if her vocals are mediocre, she’s a decent (though overhyped) dancer (see MV below). The flick... More »

Celebrity News
Interview from the drama set with Song Hye-gyo
by | October 6, 2008 | 25 Comments
With Song Hye-gyo gearing up to come back to television, she’s again in the spotlight (not that she’s ever really out of it) after taking some time since her last project, the high-budget flop that was the film Hwang Jini. (Her performance was seen as passable, but the movie itself... More »