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The Year in Review, Part 4: The Rest of 2007
by | December 29, 2007 | 54 Comments
Yes, my last post was “The Best of 2007,” but rather than put up a Worst list, I’m lumping them all together with The Rest. Not all the dramas I’m mentioning here are bad; they’re just dramas I watched that didn’t belong in the Best list. SONG OF THE DAY... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
The Year in Review, Part 3: Dahee Fanel’s drama round-up
by | December 28, 2007 | 47 Comments
[And now for Dahee Fanel's comprehensive take on the past year! --javabeans] First of all, I’d like to bow my head in deep gratitude to Javabeans, the highly esteemed writer of this blog, for inviting me to post a few thoughts here. I hope she won’t regret her decision after... More »

Open Thread
Open Thread #10
by | December 28, 2007 | 27 Comments
One holiday down, one more to go. Anyone have big New Year’s Eve plans? I’ll have limited internet access over the weekend (but I’ll still be posting — the rest of Year in Review series will be up in the next couple of posts!). Anyone getting wasted as New Year’s... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
The Year in Review, Part 2: Thunderbolt’s hits and misses
by | December 27, 2007 | 58 Comments
[And now, please give your warm welcome to guest blogger Thunderbolt, who shares with us her year-end review! --javabeans] Has this happened to you? You’re reading a book on the bus or train and all of a sudden you burst out laughing. Everyone’s staring but you can’t stop grinning. And... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
The Year in Review, Part 1: The Best of 2007
by | December 26, 2007 | 58 Comments
A month ago, I asked y’all, How was 2007 for you? I was thinking of the year-end wrap-up I would be writing, and wanted to see how you thought the dramas were this past year. I’ll be rolling out my year-in-review posts over the next few days (because one post... More »

Drama Casting & News
Pictures speak louder than words…
by | December 26, 2007 | 37 Comments
  I’m really, really looking forward to Hong Gil Dong. More than any other series in recent memory. If it sucks, I think I will cry. Or break something. (Or exaggerate.) As Hong Gil Dong premieres on the same day (next week) with Bulhandang (Robbers), both shows have just held... More »

Kpop News
The future of kpop
by | December 25, 2007 | 36 Comments
The “Oricon Comet” Younha The Korean pop music industry, like the recording industry worldwide, has been in a constant downward slide in recent years. The reasons for that are all the usual suspects: General sales slump for the CD market, rise of digital media, and, oh yeah, suckiness of the... More »

Merry Christmas
by | December 25, 2007 | 25 Comments
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! (Happy Hanukkah? Kwanzaa? Generic seasonal holidays?) Hope y’all have a nice, relaxing, energizing, kdrama-filled holiday. As for me, my day is entirely booked — I have lots of sleeping and reading and vegging to do. Phew. So much lazing about to do, so little time. SONG OF... More »

Celebrity News
No celebrity good deed goes unpunished
by | December 24, 2007 | 32 Comments
Actress and bone marrow donor Choi Kang Hee   Alls I’s gotta say is: Anti-fan culture is ridiculous. Even supposing a celebrity donates money or performs an act of charity purely for the attention, the bottom line is that worthy causes are benefited. As far as I’m concerned, that’s what... More »

WITH S2 fansubbing policy
by | December 23, 2007 | 230 Comments
The admins of the fansubbing group WITH S2 asked if I could post up a notice of their recent decision to stop subtitle releases temporarily, and I thought I’d also take the chance to explain the stance a bit. It’s quite frustrating to see people who don’t understand the situation... More »

Drama Casting & News
Nobody cares about the ‘woulda, coulda, shouldas’
by | December 23, 2007 | 15 Comments
Lee Yeon Hee: NOT in Girls Generation This article’s a little harsh, but I can’t say I disagree. I’m getting a little bored by the constant reporting of such non-news too: “Almost was? Would’ve been?” We’re overrun with meaningless confessions! “I was almost a member…” “I would’ve been in that…”... More »