Chungmuro/Film News
Gong Yoo is adorkable in Finding Kim Jong-wook
by | November 15, 2010 | 90 Comments
Coffee Prince’s cool, confident Gong Yoo as a huge dork? I LOVE IT. Here are the new poster (cute) and a preview for the upcoming romantic comedy Finding Kim Jong-wook, which stars Gong Yoo and Im Soo-jung. The film is based on a popular musical in which heroine Im Soo-jung... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Javabeans’ and Girlfriday’s review
by | November 14, 2010 | 241 Comments
You didn’t think girlfriday and I were gonna just let this drama go without commenting on it, did you? Both of us have been watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal weekly, even if we haven’t been able to do the recapping ourselves, due to the finiteness of that thing we call time. But... More »

Drama Casting & News
Bae Soo-bin is the loser’s hope in KBS’s Drama Special
by | November 14, 2010 | 16 Comments
Dong Yi and Brilliant Legacy actor Bae Soo-bin stars in a new installment of KBS’s Drama Special series of one-act dramas, which just aired this weekend. I haven’t had a chance to catch the episode, but the following stills from the set caught my eye — plus it’s Bae Soo-bin... More »

Drama Recaps
Dr. Champ: Episode 14
by | November 14, 2010 | 63 Comments
Although it fell in some clichéd scenarios, played with our distrust and waryness for some possible upcoming tragedy and its romantic storyline was still a bit draggy; I felt this episode as something organic and logical for the most part. Finally, our two leading heroes are strongly standing on their... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Noh Hee-kyung adapts beloved drama for the big screen
by | November 14, 2010 | 23 Comments
Seo Young-hee (Queen Seon-deok, Dal-ja’s Spring) has just been cast in the upcoming film by acclaimed screenwriter Noh Hee-kyung (above, right), an adaptation of her beloved 1996 drama, The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World, about a family’s loss, inspired by her own. Noh Hee-kyung (Red Candy, The World They... More »

Drama Recaps
Secret Garden: Episode 1
by | November 13, 2010 | 186 Comments
I’d been wary of getting excited about Secret Garden, because it’s so easy for hyped dramas to let you down, even when you love the cast. So it was with relief that I found the first episode light and funny, with a bustling pace and solid comic acting from the... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Song Hye-gyo wraps The Grandmasters, back to Korean film
by | November 13, 2010 | 52 Comments
Newly transformed action star Song Hye-gyo (Full House, The World They Live In) just wrapped on the set of Wong Kar-wai‘s martial arts film The Grandmasters, and has returned home. She’s headed straight into her next project, as if she’s purposely trying to make me look lazy or something. I... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Old Boy Hollywood remake gains traction
by | November 13, 2010 | 79 Comments
There have been talks of a Hollywood remake of Park Chan-wook‘s hallmark revenge thriller Old Boy for some time now, but the project was stuck in legal battles over the rights to the original story, from the Japanese manga of the same name. But with that dispute finally settled (to... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Choi Kang-hee manhandles Lee Seon-kyun in Petty Romance
by | November 13, 2010 | 39 Comments
Romantic-comedy Petty Romance sure has some silly posters, doesn’t it? Perhaps lead actress Choi Kang-hee agreed with our complaint that her co-star Lee Seon-kyun was too dressed in the last poster and decided to rectify matters. Yet, as ever, she’s way less dressed than he is…and wearing a furry onesie,... More »

Drama Recaps
Dr. Champ: Episode 13
by | November 12, 2010 | 57 Comments
WHEE! And we all know why. It’s because Kaedejun finally got her long lasting wish of getting to recap a Kim So Yeon-kiss. Yes. She can now die happy. But before that, we want to know how the showdown goes!... More »