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Two Weeks PD helms new MBC vigilante drama Lookout
by | February 3, 2017 | 18 Comments
Just on the heels of the premiere of its epic sageuk Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, MBC has announced the next drama to follow. In May after the Monday-Tuesday drama ends, they plan to broadcast a new vigilante drama called Lookout, which is about a club of ordinary people... More »

Drama Recaps
Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People: Episode 2
by | February 3, 2017 | 59 Comments
Setting the stage ahead for Gil-dong’s rebellion against the corrupt social system, this episode delves further into his beginnings and shows where he gots his sense of equality and justice. As always, Kim Sang-joong puts on a powerful performance as Amogae, a slave whose love for his family is both... More »

Drama Recaps
Missing 9: Episode 6
by | February 3, 2017 | 122 Comments
The deeper we delve into the secrets of the island, the more it feels like we still have to discover. The isolation has a way of bringing out the best or the worst in the survivors, as the hardship teaches each of them who they truly are. You may be... More »

Open Thread
Open Thread #485
by | February 3, 2017 | 347 Comments
Happy Friday everyone! Here is your Open Thread, which is here for you to chat about anything you want, whether it be drama-related or not. Nothing’s off-topic here! Spoilers may be rife, so proceed accordingly.... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
Top 10 favorite drama writers
by | February 3, 2017 | 170 Comments
javabeans: So, this seems like a pretty self-explanatory list. girlfriday: Our favorite writers? Yup. They write dramas. They’re our favorite. javabeans: I suppose the only criteria we had for this list, other than liking the dramas these people wrote, was that we skewed toward writers with a strong overall history... More »

Drama Casting & News
Yoo Ah-in offered tvN fantasy human rom-com Chicago Typewriter
by | February 2, 2017 | 119 Comments
I’m excited to have more information about the new drama titled Chicago Typewriter, which was previously announced with very little plot or background information, only that it would be he next drama from hit writer Jin Soo-wan of Kill Me, Heal Me and The Moon That Embraces the Sun (it... More »

Drama Recaps
Defendant: Episode 4
by | February 2, 2017 | 34 Comments
New revelations mean that Jung-woo has to reassess who’s on his side and who he can trust, and he struggles to find clues to jog even the smallest pieces of his lost memories as time begins to run out before his next court date. While Jung-woo gathers his resources on... More »

Drama Casting & News
The youthful fresh faces of Andante’s rookie cast
by | February 2, 2017 | 22 Comments
Kai, Baek Chul-min, Kim Ki-soo, Ahn Seung-kyun A slew of castings have been confirmed for KBS’s upcoming youth drama Andante, after initially courting EXO’s Kai (Choco Bank) and child actress Jung Da-bin. Kai confirmed but Jung ended up not taking the part, and Lee Ye-hyun (Master—God of Noodle) has been... More »

Drama Recaps
Missing 9: Episode 5
by | February 2, 2017 | 88 Comments
The longer the missing are stuck on the island, the harder it gets to maintain their optimism, and it’s only a matter of time before someone begins to crack. Resources are getting low and emotions are running high, and it’s becoming a struggle to make decisions rationally. What will the... More »

Drama Casting & News
Gender roles get swapped around in Strong Woman Do Bong-soon
by | February 2, 2017 | 90 Comments
The promo for this show is so cute that I’m going to be SO disappointed if the show isn’t as advertised. But with Park Bo-young (Oh My Ghostess) as a small but mighty woman in charge and Park Hyung-shik (Hwarang) and Ji-soo (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo) on either side... More »