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Beautiful Gong Shim: Episode 18
by | July 14, 2016 | 71 Comments
Well, it took us 18 episodes, but it looks like we might finally be closing in on our bad guy. Good thing too because with only one week left, our two lovebirds are going to need some time to sort out their happy every after. It can be difficult to... More »

Drama Recaps
Doctors: Episode 8
by | July 14, 2016 | 149 Comments
Relationships are difficult. A lesson Hye-jung has learned time and time again. Whether it’s between colleagues, family, or lovers, it takes effort to forge a strong bond between two people. Sometimes a connection happens naturally; other times networks intersect and force two people together. While all relationships require time, sometimes... More »

Drama Recaps
Uncontrollably Fond: Episode 3
by | July 13, 2016 | 155 Comments
Now that’s more like it. I did already enjoy the first week of Uncontrollably Fond, but today reveals more backstory, and takes enough time to get into the emotions and pathos of the complications in Eul and Joon-young’s past that account for their present-day tensions. It’s not a full picture... More »

Drama Recaps
Bring It On, Ghost: Episode 2
by | July 13, 2016 | 101 Comments
This episode is a bit lighter on the spooky ghost-fighting and a bit heavier on the background of our characters, and knowing more about them only makes me like them that much more. That’s not to say that the ghostly stuff isn’t as intensely creepy as in the first episode,... More »

Drama Casting & News
Kwak Dong-yeon joins Moonlight Drawn By Clouds as Park Bo-gum’s best friend
by | July 13, 2016 | 33 Comments
As a late addition to the upcoming youth sageuk Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, former child actor Kwak Dong-yeon (Come Back, Ajusshi) will join the cast as Kim Byeong-yeon, Joseon’s best swordsman and Crown Prince Hyomyeong’s best friend. You might recognize Kwak from some of his previous works as the youth... More »

Drama Recaps
The Good Wife: Episode 1
by | July 13, 2016 | 60 Comments
Adaptations are nothing new when it comes to dramas — webtoons, novels, and manhwa have all been popular sources, and every year there seems to be a remake of a Japanese or Taiwanese drama. But American television shows have been notably left off that list, at least until now. The... More »

Drama Casting & News
Comic book collections and dreamlike kisses in W–Two Worlds
by | July 13, 2016 | 93 Comments
It’s pretty cool to see the props for MBC’s new fantasy suspense drama W–Two Worlds, because they’ve had to create actual comic books that feature Lee Jong-seok as the hero, and then they’ve filled Han Hyo-joo’s room with them because she’s the fangirl who collects them all. (A comic book... More »

Drama Recaps
Doctors: Episode 7
by | July 13, 2016 | 169 Comments
It’s time for reunions with the formative figures of Hye-jung’s past, and while Hye-jung may have succeeded in climbing the social ladder, her attitudes towards these people haven’t changed one bit. Apart from Grandma, family was never Hye-jung’s support, and though they’re now reaching out to make amends, she’s far... More »

Drama Casting & News
Joo Jin-mo to become Woman With a Suitcase’s secret helper
by | July 13, 2016 | 34 Comments
Ah, Choi Ji-woo (Twenty Again) may have her leading man for MBC’s Woman With a Suitcase, as Joo Jin-mo (Beloved Eun-dong) is currently in talks to join the production. I’m not convinced the title was quite the right choice for a show about a successful office manager (Choi Ji-woo) who... More »

Drama Recaps
Beautiful Gong Shim: Episode 17
by | July 12, 2016 | 37 Comments
Things seem to be falling into place for Gong Shim, but the same can’t be said for Dan-tae. Misunderstandings make the rift grow wider, but when the evidence points to one person in particular, it’s difficult to fathom that someone else may be the real culprit. Tensions are high and... More »