Odds and Ends: Queen of the things
by | June 7, 2014 | 30 Comments
  javabeans: This week, we have to talk about this hilarious trailer that gummimochi sent our way, for Queen of Sword (kal-eh-yuh-wang). girlfriday: It stars Kim Sung-ryung, of Heirs, King’s Wrath, and The Target. javabeans: At first you’re thinking, “This is cool. Is it a video game? An epic animated crossover action film?” girlfriday: I... More »

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Ryu Seung-ryong sells hot and spicy… ramyun
by | December 13, 2012 | 93 Comments
javabeans: As if dramas weren’t enough to make you want to eat ramyun, now there’s THIS. The video’s been out two days and already it’s a smash hit online. I’ll give you a minute. Not to watch, but to fan yourself and recover. girlfriday: Ryu Seung-ryong? Yeah imma need more than a minute. And what... More »

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Dokko Jin moves in on Seung-gi’s refrigerator CF
by | August 24, 2011 | 105 Comments
LOL. They really did it! Dokko Jin did say that he’d move in on Seung-gi’s CF territory if he didn’t help get Gu Ae-jung on Steel Heart, and now it looks like he’ll be sharing the limelight (and hugs!) as a result. Capitalizing on the meta brilliance of the Hong Sisters’ drama Best Love, Samsung... More »

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Kim Soo-hyun is in demand
by | January 21, 2011 | 68 Comments
…and not just from his drama-loving noonas. (Although that’s a gimme, isn’t it? The boy is adorable. And talented. Also hot.) Kim Soo-hyun is currently off being awesome in his drama series Dream High, the totally-not-that-bad-at-all-and-in-fact-kind-if-starting-to-rock high school series on KBS that stars him as a musically gifted student at an idol-cultivating battlefield factory school.... More »

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Gong Hyo-jin and Ryu Seung-beom take on their first couple ad
by | December 3, 2010 | 30 Comments
I love when real-life couples act as couples in acting projects; that meta awareness adds just a little something extra to the cute. Such is the case with this couple, who are not only adorable together but talented to boot — Gong Hyo-jin (Pasta) and Ryu Seung-beom (No Mercy) — and who have teamed up... More »

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Tough guy Chun Jung-myung races toward freedom
by | November 4, 2010 | 54 Comments
Apparently this latest tough-guy shoot for Chun Jung-myung is a “180 degree transformation” for him… although we saw him being all tough and macho in this Vogue spread not terribly long ago, which was itself supposed to be another 180 degree turn from his previous smiley, pleasant image. So 180 degrees + 180 degrees =... More »

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Han Ga-in’s first CF with husband
by | October 16, 2010 | 77 Comments
I’ve never seen anyone dressed so well to do laundry, but hey, I suppose a couple in their last wearable clothes isn’t really going to sell high-end washing machines. Although, now that I think about it, beautiful couple down to nothing but their last socks and underwear? That might actually make me sit through a... More »

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Oh Ji-ho sells “man kimchi”
by | September 7, 2010 | 38 Comments
For real, that’s what it’s called. That just cracks me up so much. Actor Oh Ji-ho (Chuno) is getting into the kimchi business with three other young CEOs in a 100% handmade kimchi enterprise, named Namja Kimchi, or man kimchi. Prior to the launching of the Namja Kimchi brand, the product has been market tested... More »
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Jang Hyuk and Chun Jung-myung’s Eider ads
by | August 24, 2010 | 39 Comments
Remember the rock-climbing shoot that actors Jang Hyuk and Chun Jung-myung did for outdoor apparel brand Eider? Here are more photos that they shot for Eider’s fall-winter line, alongside actress Yoo In-young (A Man Called God). To be honest, I think the photo spread is kinda on the ugly side (the colors are very… Electric... More »

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So Ji-sub and Little So Ji-sub in CF together
by | August 12, 2010 | 70 Comments
That is just adorable. Ever since almost-17-year-old Yoo Seung-ho came on the scene, he has been called “Little So Ji-sub” because of his physical resemblance to the 32-year-old film and drama actor. Now Yoo and So Ji-sub are appearing together in a CF, two years after first appearing in a music video together. (That MV... More »