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Our love-hate relationship with drama remakes and adaptations
by | November 10, 2014 | 241 Comments
“They’re remaking another drama?” *Boo, hiss, wails.* I’m pretty sure that’s a familiar script for most of us who’ve been following dramaland for a while, and one that’s cropped up with particular frequency in recent months and years. Adaptations and remakes are nothing new—people will retell new versions of old stories until the end of... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
Santa Strikes Back! [Year In Review, Part 6]
by | December 25, 2011 | 101 Comments
What the ever-lovin’ reindeer feculence? I get home from my overnight trans-earthian sleigh odyssey, settle back with my hard-earned fifths of whiskey to read up on what I’ve missed in dramaland, and find that they’ve finished the year-end reviews without me? This is an outrage! I know who’s getting their presents revoked this year! Goddamn... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
2011 Editors’ Picks [Year In Review, Part 5]
by | December 24, 2011 | 387 Comments
Part 5 is here! As in past years, we here at Dramabeans owe huge thanks to guest bloggers — thank you, kaedejun and Dahee Fanel! — for participating in the review series, as well as HeadsNo2 for contributing to our Picks. You guys are awesome and make this time of year extra-special, providing lots of... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
The DramaMeter: highly scientific and foolproof [Year in Review, Part 4]
by | December 21, 2011 | 181 Comments
  Wow, another year of dramas, come and gone. Where does the sanity go? I decided that for this year’s review, I would learn to be impartial and precise, and give systematic mathematical ratings for every show. Because numbers are fun. But then, I found that trying to rate a year’s worth of dramas was... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
Measuring 2011 on the Sticky Scale [Year In Review, Part 1]
by | December 13, 2011 | 202 Comments
Time for another Year In Review series! How did a year pass by so quickly? I guess when you’re busy watching dramas, time flies. This is my fifth year (eek) doing this series, which means you basically know the drill by now. (You can refer to the year-ender tag to catch up on past posts.)... More »

Celebrity News
Park Min-young: Over her slump and keeping busy
by | August 28, 2011 | 73 Comments
This interview came out before the big news that Park Min-young was in fact dating her City Hunter co-star Lee Min-ho, but maybe that’s a good thing; anything published after that is bound to be overshadowed by questions of her relationship. But since that romance IS bound to attract the most interest, let’s get some... More »

Drama Recaps
City Hunter: Episode 20 (Final)
by | July 28, 2011 | 1,104 Comments
Am I dead? I think I might be dead. City Hunter may have gone killed me dead. This finale hits all the right notes for me, wrapping up the plot and giving us some emotional payoffs along with the narrative resolutions, and doing it with suspense, tension (my blood pressure is still spiked, I swear),... More »

Drama Recaps
City Hunter: Episode 19
by | July 27, 2011 | 759 Comments
Not like you didn’t own me before, Show, but this finale-lead-in? Kicks so much ass. I honestly didn’t think City Hunter was going to go out as strong as it came in, but I’m happy to be wrong. So giddy. I knew my love was not for naught. Tags: City Hunter, featured, Lee Jun-hyuk, Lee... More »

Dramabeans Podcast #7, Part 3
by | July 22, 2011 | 66 Comments
And now we conclude this drunken experiment. The casualty count? Two and a half bottles of wine, two shots of soju, one glass of scotch, half a beer. The results? Unclear. You be the judge. Podcast #7, Part 3: Running time: 51:59 [ Download Part 3 ] In which we: discuss Miss Ripley, family names... More »

Drama Recaps
City Hunter: Episode 18
by | July 21, 2011 | 1,209 Comments
Woo, final stretch ahead! Yoon-sung says it in this episode, and as I viewer I can feel it: The end is in sight. The romance is a little less prevalent, but for the best possible reason, which is a return of our crusading hero and his action-packed missions to take down baddies. Phew. For some... More »

Drama Recaps
City Hunter: Episode 17
by | July 20, 2011 | 437 Comments
This show? It’s like Shakespeare on acid. Or watching Confucius kick Shakespeare’s ass. Or if Confucius and Shakespeare had a lovechild, it’d be City Hunter. Is anyone else’s head hurty with the daddy issues? Somebody please give this boy a hug. I’m scared for what’s around the corner. Tags: City Hunter, featured, Lee Jun-hyuk, Lee... More »