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Kim So-yeon returns to IRIS franchise with another cameo
by | April 16, 2013 | 47 Comments
Kim So-yeon was one of the original cast members of IRIS and returned to the franchise for a cameo in Athena, so it’s no surprise to hear she’s coming back again for IRIS 2. She’ll have played the same character across all three series — Kim Sun-hwa, the North Korean spy who (Athena spoiler?) then... More »

Drama Recaps
IRIS 2: Episode 1
by | February 15, 2013 | 102 Comments
It’s a new era at NSS! I started with IRIS over three years ago, moved on to Athena, and now here is IRIS 2. It’s a full circle… unless of course they decide to make an IRIS 3, and an Artemis, or ARES, or Hercules… Then my circle won’t ever complete. A quick note that I haven’t decided to fully recap this series,... More »

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Badassery and hijinks on the set of IRIS 2
by | February 4, 2013 | 91 Comments
Time to check back in with spy sequel IRIS 2, getting ready to premiere in just about a week. I have to say, I’m back to being a little excited for this show, against my better judgment. I can’t help it — action spy thrills just make me happy. I inevitably get suckered in by... More »

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Jung Seok-won and Yoon So-yi join IRIS 2
by | January 24, 2013 | 41 Comments
This drama keeps adding people I like, in the eleventh hour. Is this your ploy to suck me back in, IRISverse? I was sort of planning to boycott when Kim Min-jong dropped out, but damnit, they’re trying to reel me back in. We’ve got new additions to the cast of upcoming spy action drama IRIS... More »

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7 new character posters for IRIS 2
by | January 13, 2013 | 57 Comments
New character posters are out for the main cast of IRIS 2!… and they look just like the main poster released a few weeks ago. Which happen to look just like the Athena and IRIS 1 posters that came before it. The character posters, starting with the top row, feature our heroes and heroines of... More »

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IRIS 2’s main promo poster
by | December 26, 2012 | 68 Comments
The main poster is out for upcoming blockbuster sequel IRIS 2, and I’ll say this for the franchise: It sure knows its brand, ’cause it’s clinging to that concept like a second lead clings to his unrequited love, with little deviation. This isn’t anything we haven’t already seen before, from both the original IRIS and... More »

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Baek Sung-hyun joins IRIS 2 as genius hacker
by | December 11, 2012 | 45 Comments
I was wondering when this spy unit was gonna get some brains. Now that action spy sequel IRIS 2 has cast all its field agents and enemy spies and possibly-maybe-doubling-crossing-agents, it finally adds an analyst to the roster: Baek Sung-hyun has joined the cast as a young genius hacker without whom NSS wouldn’t go ’round.... More »

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IRIS 2 begins shooting
by | November 19, 2012 | 106 Comments
…film AND guns, as the case may be. Here’s a teensy taste of the first promo images from spy action sequel IRIS 2, with everyone in the cast doing their best action figure poses. They’re gearing up for a big international shoot starting next week, as per the franchise’s usual procedure, and this time they’ll... More »

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Lee Beom-soo and Yoon Doo-joon join IRIS 2
by | October 20, 2012 | 50 Comments
More casting additions for the spy franchise sequel IRIS 2, due out early next year. Lee Beom-soo (Dr. Jin, History of the Salaryman) will be joining the new cast of secret agents, headlined by Jang Hyuk and Lee Da-hae. There’s also a confirmation on Yoon Doo-joon (of idol group Beast), who has been attached to... More »

Drama Casting & News
IRIS 2 secures cast and crew
by | September 24, 2012 | 92 Comments
It’s full speed ahead for blockbuster spy sequel IRIS 2, which will really be the third installment in the IRIS / Athena franchise. Leads Jang Hyuk and Lee Da-hae have signed on to headline the drama, which means this will be their third time as costars. The production has put two directors on the project... More »