‘Jeon Hye-jin’

Chungmuro/Film News
2015 Blue Dragon Awards
by | November 26, 2015 | 96 Comments
The Blue Dragon Film Awards are one of the biggest awards ceremonies of the year in Korean film, but this time the red carpet seemed more star-studded than usual, perhaps because it’s such a direct contrast to the Daejong Film Awards, which were held last week amidst great controversy. Already the day before the Blue... More »

Drama Casting & News
What’s Up completes first round of auditions
by | February 12, 2010 | 31 Comments
The first round of open auditions have been completed for writer Song Ji-nah‘s anticipated new campus drama What’s Up, and a list of the lucky applicants who passed to the next round has been revealed online on the audition webpage. The production still has a ways to go because there were 200 hopefuls who survived... More »

Drama Casting & News
What’s Up casts third lead actor
by | January 12, 2010 | 18 Comments
Following Daesung and Im Joo-eun, a third actor, Jeon Hye-jin, has been named as one of the leads of the upcoming campus drama What’s Up. The drama focuses on students at the musical department of a university and is written by Story of a Man and Sandglass scribe Song Ji-nah. Jeon Hye-jin — not to... More »

Celebrity News
Lee Seon-kyun films CF with wife
by | November 29, 2009 | 21 Comments
Lee Seon-kyun (Paju, Coffee Prince) and his new wife, Jeon Hye-jin, became parents last week when their first child, a son, was born. The happy couple is now also getting a chance to work as a team, as they’ve both been chosen to endorse Sempio Foods and appear in a commercial together.... More »

Celebrity News
Lee Seon-kyun becomes a father
by | November 25, 2009 | 20 Comments
Congratulations to Mr. Voice, Lee Seon-kyun (Coffee Prince, White Tower), and his new bride Jeon Hye-jin! The two are now parents, and welcomed their first son on November 25. Both mother and child are healthy. The couple married six months ago after being together for six years. At the time of his April wedding announcements,... More »

Celebrity News
Lee Seon-kyun off for a belated honeymoon
by | August 5, 2009 | 17 Comments
Lee Seon-kyun (White Tower, Coffee Prince) married his longtime girlfriend, actress Jeon Hye-jin, in a May ceremony, but due to immediate filming of his drama Triple, he put off the honeymoon till later. Now it’s later, and with Triple off the air, the newlywed couple set off for Thailand on August 2 for a ten-day... More »

Celebrity News
Lee Seon-kyun serenades his bride
by | May 23, 2009 | 65 Comments
Lee Seon-kyun (34) married his 33-year-old bride Jeon Hye-jin on May 23; the event was closed to the media but the couple has released official photos of the ceremony. The day was emceed by Lee’s good friends, actor Oh Man-seok and Hong Sung-bo, and featured a serenade by the groom himself, as well as songs... More »

Celebrity News
Lee Seon-kyun’s wedding photos
by | May 18, 2009 | 64 Comments
So. Cute. That’s White Tower and Coffee Prince actor Lee Seon-kyun (or as some of us like to call him, The Voice) with his fiancée, The Naked Kitchen and Romance Hunter actress Jeon Hye-jin. These newly released photos precede the ceremony by only a few days; the couple weds this Saturday, May 23.... More »

Celebrity News
Wedding announcements for Lee Seon-kyun, Ricky Kim
by | April 7, 2009 | 54 Comments
Is love in the air, or what? (Well, it IS spring…) Well, Mr. Voice is off the market — Lee Seon-kyun of dramas Coffee Prince, White Tower, and My Sweet Seoul is getting married to his longtime girlfriend, Jeon Hye-jin. The couple has been dating for six years, and is looking to marry next month... More »

Drama Recaps
Romance Hunter: Episodes 1-5
by | August 26, 2007 | 34 Comments
When I first started watching cable drama Romance Hunter, it was mainly out of curiosity, since I hadn’t heard anything about it. (I was surfing clubboxes for something else, and the title caught my eye, so I downloaded it. I stumble across lots of things serendipitously like that, and it’s always a nice feeling when... More »