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Drama Casting & News
The three ajumma musketeers for Go So-young’s Perfect Wife
by | February 8, 2017 | 7 Comments
Kim Jung-nan, Go So-young, Jung Soo-young Ajumma bestie trio Go So-young (Beat, Gumiho), Kim Jung-nan (Fantastic), and Jung Soo-young (Second to Last Love) in KBS’s upcoming drama Perfect Wife is a group of friends I’d like to have when I’m forty. Through thick and thin, they’ve stayed loyal friends since junior high, despite the divergent... More »

Drama Casting & News
Jeon Woo-chi beefs up its comic lineup
by | October 11, 2012 | 28 Comments
Here’s another wave of casting news for Jeon Woo-chi, and it looks like since the production has done its leading role pass and its villain pass, it’s time for the comic sidekick pass. First up is one of my favorite scene-stealers, Jung Soo-young, who never fails to make me laugh out loud with her eccentric... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
48th Grand Bell Awards
by | October 17, 2011 | 102 Comments
October 17 was the night of the 48th Grand Bell Awards (or, per its Korean name, Daejong Awards), and it was a big event for a few films in particular. And while the Joseon-era David-versus-Goliath action sageuk Bow: The Ultimate Weapon didn’t sweep the categories, it did take home a nice chunk of them. But... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
2010 Blue Dragon Film Awards
by | November 26, 2010 | 92 Comments
More awards! The Blue Dragon Film Awards took place on November 26, and the many of the same films that have been winning lately were rewarded once again: Some of the big winners were for films such as crime drama Moss, dark thriller I Saw the Devil, romantic comedy Cyrano Dating Agency, stark action movie... More »

Celebrity News
Jung Soo-young transforms into a blushing bride
by | July 5, 2010 | 33 Comments
As announced last week, actress Jung Soo-young, currently acting as Park Shi-yeon‘s employee in Coffee House, got married on Friday. A representative from Jung’s management stated that they felt rather sorry because the news was released so last-minute (the couple preferred to keep the news quiet) and the wedding itself was closed to the public;... More »

Celebrity News
Jung Soo-young to marry on Friday
by | July 1, 2010 | 41 Comments
Comic actress Jung Soo-young (Coffee House) has announced her upcoming wedding just a day in advance. Jung also announced that she is currently two months pregnant; the couple kept their plans under wraps to keep the affair low-key. The groom is her boyfriend of six years, who is a stage actor the same age as... More »

Drama Casting & News
Jung Soo-young adds comic flair to Hero
by | September 29, 2009 | 20 Comments
Jung Soo-young is a hoot, so news that she is joining Lee Junki‘s upcoming drama Hero is a welcome one — although it does make me wonder what kind of tone the drama will strike. Jung, originally a musical actress, has been steadily making a name for herself in dramas as a scene-stealer by playing... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
17th Chunsa Film Festival
by | September 5, 2009 | 29 Comments
Aw, isn’t little Wang Seok-hyun cute? September 5 saw the end of the 17th Chunsa Film Festival and its closing-night awards ceremony, which was held in Icheon, Kyunggi-do. The winners list was dominated by the popular, recently released sports film Take Off [국가대표, or National Athlete], although vampire film Thirst did well, as did lush... More »