Drama Casting & News
Western actors becoming more visible on Korean TV
by | August 14, 2009 | 83 Comments
Here’s an article that takes a look at the growing trend of non-Korean actors being featured on television, which caught my eye because it talks about one of the leads in the new weekend comic drama Tamra the Island, which I’m enjoying. “Foreigners on television are no longer unfamiliar” On the 8th, viewers watching MBC’s... More »

Sitcoms/Variety Shows
Global Talk Show not quite as global as it thinks
by | April 18, 2008 | 27 Comments
Interesting. Another Misuda panelist in the harsh glare of the media spotlight. I don’t really follow Misuda (Chatting with Beautiful Women, aka Global Talk Show), for various reasons which I’ve mentioned before. But it’s a pretty popular talk show, and has managed to springboard its foreigners-in-Korea panelists to visibility, some even to acting roles or... More »

Celebrity News
News bites: March 4, 2008
by | March 4, 2008 | 13 Comments
Boa, Jamilya Actor-cum-director Yoo Ji Tae‘s third directorial endeavor (and first theater release, more here), short film Out of My Intention, held its press conference on the 4th. Though it’s unusual for a short to get a theatrical run, Out of My Intention will open on the 20th and screen for a week at Seoul’s... More »

Sitcoms/Variety Shows
Maybe not such a great idea
by | September 27, 2007 | 28 Comments
(Emcee and actress Hyun Young with Canadian panel participant Julien Kang)  With the success of the talk/variety show Chatting with Beautiful Women, which I briefly mentioned here, producers were quick to jump on the money train and slap together a male counterpart for a Chuseok special program called (what else?) Chatting with Beautiful Men. But... More »