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Drama Casting & News
News bites: June 11, 2016
by | June 11, 2016 | 51 Comments
Rain, Victoria Ummm, did he not learn from his first experiment with an f(x) member? Rain and f(x)’s Victoria have been cast as the leads in Chinese drama Endless August, and filming will begin soon. [Joongang] With a budget of over 24.6 billion won (roughly 21 million USD) greenlit by global entertainment company DMG, the... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Cheese in the Trap reboot film secures Park Hae-jin to reprise lead role
by | May 23, 2016 | 151 Comments
Wow, so this is really happening, is it? They’re actually doing a Cheese in the Trap reboot movie, and Park Hae-jin is returning to play the leading man once again? I’m a little apprehensive, a little surprised, and also a little intrigued at how a movie can retell the story and (1) do the webtoon... More »

Drama Casting & News
Confirmed: Park Hae-jin returns to dramaland for Man to Man
by | March 28, 2016 | 76 Comments
Are we tired of Park Hae-jin (Cheese in the Trap) news yet, or is that not possible? He’s certainly been in a lot of headlines lately. At least time it comes with a confirmation: He will be tackling the lead in Man to Man, a drama in the works for cable channel JTBC, in which... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Park Hae-jin up to reprise Yoo Jung role in Cheese in the Trap movie
by | March 27, 2016 | 194 Comments
Is this the Best Idea Ever, or a disaster in the making? I honestly couldn’t tell you. A movie adaptation has been announced for Cheese in the Trap, with an offer out to Park Hae-jin to return in the Yoo Jung role. Does this mean we’re going to get the reboot that could salvage the... More »

Drama Casting & News
News bites: March 26, 2016
by | March 26, 2016 | 33 Comments
Yoo Yeon-seok, Yoon Shi-yoon Here are more casting updates for Jang Ryul’s Chunmong, which has cast three actor-directors as men in love with the same girl (Han Yeri): Yoo Yeon-seok (Warm and Cozy) joins as a man with a mysterious aura and cold eyes. Those very same eyes draw Han Yeri in, and because of her... More »

Drama Casting & News
Descended writer attached to Man to Man, Park Hae-jin in talks to star
by | March 24, 2016 | 62 Comments
Before we get too excited: No, not writer Kim Eun-sook, and no, Park Hae-jin has not confirmed yet. What we do know is that Park Hae-jin is still in contention to headline JTBC’s Man to Man, which has brought on Descended From the Sun’s second writer, Kim Won-seok, whose other drama credits are Queen’s Classroom... More »

Drama Casting & News
Park Hae-jin eyes an immediate return to dramaland in JTBC’s Man to Man
by | March 3, 2016 | 124 Comments
Glad to see Park Hae-jin is ready to jump back to work after his last drama kind of imploded, and so far the fan reaction to this latest news is pretty much mine, in hoping he’ll have better luck this time. He is currently considering a drama for JTBC called Man to Man, and it’ll... More »

Drama Recaps
Cheese in the Trap: Episode 16 (Final)
by | March 1, 2016 | 959 Comments
Well, it’s over. After all that furor, we’re finally at the end of Cheese in the Trap, and it’s a decidedly muted affair. Is it a terrible finale? I don’t think it’s quite that. But I also don’t think it’s the kind of finale that’ll satisfy anybody, no matter which ship you’re on or whether... More »

Drama Recaps
Cheese in the Trap: Episode 15
by | February 29, 2016 | 513 Comments
Man, I go away for one week and Cheese implodes. I don’t know if it’s due to recent controversy over Park Hae-jin’s airtime, but at least the focus is back on Jung in this episode. Perhaps it’s too little, too late, but at this point with one more episode left to wrap up our story,... More »

Drama Casting & News
The rise and fall of Cheese in the Trap
by | February 25, 2016 | 1,392 Comments
By now, you’ve probably already heard plenty about the brouhaha surrounding Cheese in the Trap, which we haven’t commented on too much here—mostly because the controversy started off at a relatively low rumble with claims that were, for the large part, difficult to substantiate or confirm. But I’ve been keeping an eye on the developing... More »

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